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Google is continuing to expand and add to its Google Art Project, with the latest update allowing museums and galleries to upload 3D objects to the online art-sharing platform. Following the...
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Google Flu Trends gets a brand new engine

We’re launching a new Google Flu Trends ( model in the U.S. that—like many of the best performing methods in the literature—takes official CDC flu data into account as the 2014/2015 flu season progresses. We hope it can help alert health professionals to outbreaks early, and in areas without traditional monitoring, and give us all better odds against the flu. Learn more on the Google Research blog, linked below.
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I knew I had high performing people working for me.  But breaking the sound barrier falling in a space suit from a 135,890 foot high balloon ride this morning?  Thanks +Alan Eustace!
A helium-filled balloon lifted Mr. Eustace to 135,908 feet. Fifteen minutes after he cut himself loose using a small explosive device, he was on the ground.
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It's exciting to see the Israeli Declaration of Independence in high resolution. Launched today celebrating Israel's 66th independence day.
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This Sunday will mark the 161st birthday of Vincent Van Gogh.
To celebrate, we'd like to share his The Starry Night from The Museum of Modern Art's collection, which is available in #Gigapixel technology. Zoom in to see the painter's brushstrokes on one of the most famous paintings in the world: #art #vangogh
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A pretty impactful side project, 25 years ago:

A Practical Project
Here I suggest the practical steps to go to in order to find a real solution at CERN. After a preliminary discussion of the requirements listed above, a survey of what is available from industry is obviously required. At this stage, we will be looking for a systems which are future-proof:
* portable, or supported on many platforms,
* Extendible to new data formats.
We may find that with a little adaptation, pars of the system we need can be combined from various sources: for example, a browser from one source with a database from another.

I imagine that two people for 6 to 12 months would be sufficient for this phase of the project.

A second phase would almost certainly involve some programming in order to set up a real system at CERN on many machines. An important part of this, discussed below, is the integration of a hypertext system with existing data, so as to provide a universal system, and to achieve critical usefulness at an early stage.

(... and yes, this would provide an excellent project with which to try our new object oriented programming techniques!) TBL March 1989, May 1990 "
A hand conversion to HTML of the original MacWord (or Word for Mac?) document written in March 1989 and later redistributed unchanged apart from the date added in May 1990. Provided for historical interest only. The diagrams are a bit dotty, but available in versioins linked below.
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Yossi Matias

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Google's Art Project announced today that it has made 3D imagery of over 200 international artifacts available online. Google has teamed up with six global pilot partners to launch ...
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great progress. very cool
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Yossi Matias

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An inspiring endeavor of +Alan Eustace, reinforcing that the sky is not the limit!
A Leap from the Stratosphere

Earlier today, Google Senior Vice President of Knowledge +Alan Eustace ascended to 135,890 feet (~25 miles) above the surface of the Earth via a helium ballon, breaking the world altitude record for a skydive, previously held by Felix Baumgartner.

To complete the world record hat-trick, during the dive he also broke the world records for vertical speed reached (peak velocity of 822 mph) and total freefall distance (123,414 feet). Learn more in the +The New York Times article, linked below.
A helium-filled balloon lifted Alan Eustace, a Google executive, to more than 25 miles above the earth. Fifteen minutes after he cut himself loose, he was on the ground.
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Yossi Matias

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Some geometry to play with.
Remember what's the area of a pentagon?
Your kid is only in seventh grade and already you’re having trouble helping her prepare for her geometry test? No problem—just ask the #GoogleSearch app to “calculate the volume of a cone” and salvage your reputation as world’s smartest parent. You can ask a host of geometry-related questions, from “What’s the surface of a pyramid?” to "How do you calculate the area of a circle with a diameter of 12 inches?"—helping you keep up as the shapes get more complex! 
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