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We're alive and kicking!
Hi there! Our website will be launching very shortly - in fact, we're expecting a launch date announcement from the top office within the next hour. We're all about quality, dynamic web design processes, and we're looking forward to sharing it all with you.

Our topic for our first series will be writing & content creation - such a huge issue for so many businesses trying to maintain a solid presence on the web. We've got some fantastic examples of the small guys leading the way with great ideas (and some examples of how not to do things).

We're offering limited promotional or advertising space on our site - to find out more, get in touch here or via Twitter

Can't wait to share what's happening behind the scenes! ^AN

#WebDesign #Website #Design #SEO
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Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. +Ashlan Nathens​...guess where I'll be once it's open!

+Dryade Geo​

Happy birthday +Kent Oldhøj​! Wishing you lots of laughter, joy and cake! 

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#MerryChristmas attempt at a bit of Christmas normalcy in this wretched heat - lovely, #homemade #mulledwine. Quite delightful if I do say so myself :) Sláinte +Ashlan Nathens!

#PerthisHot #XmasShouldBeCold #mulledwinemakeseverythingbetter

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Love this shot by the gorgeous +Ashlan Nathens
Bee & Sunflower #Photography

I'm predicting a very hot Christmas day in #Perth - Are you all ready for the holidays? Are all your presents wrapped?

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Aubin & Anais! What story would YOU write?

So much I love about this image: The carrot walking stick, the cute little door, the candlesticks (it makes their abode feel so quaint)... the worm getting his mail! I feel like many a good stories could come from this image! 
Aubin & AnaÏs • I was going to stay up and write something to go with this tonight, but I think I just want to crawl into bed. So, if you like to write, feel free to share the story you see in this scribble. Tag it #RabbitsTail  so everyone can find & enjoy it =)

Hope you like it =) #illustration   #scribblegraph  

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Whilst +scribblegraph is known for his whimsical & adorable drawings, his writing is just as good. Get to know him by reading his website and slip into a world of humour and even pick up an odd fact or two :)
Alpha Fleet Mk DH-8 Rep Class Support Droid •

This was illustrated for the +DreamHost team to say thanks for featuring me in their Customer Spotlight  » - There might be a wallpaper coming, I'll let you know what happens!

The DH-8 Support Class Rep Droid Alpha Fleet is a premium solution offering from DreamHost that directly addresses the needs of the modern website. Technology has come along rapidly and, with the advent of the fully self-aware website, there is a need for a full suite of services available to them at any time. More:

#illustration #droid  

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How luverly of +scribblegraph to create this charming Christmas card for Bright Blue!  Follow his link for instructions on how to buy them :)

Bright Blue works towards improving three key areas of work. These include:
• Supporting new drug discoveries into childhood cancer research at the Children’s Cancer Institute in Sydney;
• Funding the prevention, treatment and necessary therapies for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in regional Western Australia;
• Working with Interplast; an Australian charity in Melbourne, to assist with sustainable surgeries for kids living with burn contractures and cleft lip and palette in Mongolia.
Read more here:

A very Bright Blue Christmas •

This year’s Christmas card was illustrated for Bright Blue, The Police Commissioner’s Fund for Sick Kids. Being asked to create this card for Bright Blue was an honour and an absolute pleasure – all proceeds from sale of this card go towards Bright Blue. Yes, 100%.

Bright Blue does incredibly valuable work in so many areas: funding research, creating awareness, providing access to services and support in remote areas. In particular, their efforts in regional Western Australia with FASD are very close to my heart.

Please, if you’re not in a position to support this year, you could share the scribblegraph blog - - on social media with the tag #BrightBlueXMAS – that’s free, and it helps enormously!

If you're in #Perth you can also drop into Police HQ and purchase cards in person - important information on how to do that is in the post. 

Purchase card packs here:
Please share this page: tag #BrightBlueXMAS

♥ Thank you

#BrightBlueXMAS   #Christmas   #scribblegraph   #charity  

Work has asked me to look into putting our Charity Bear into space similar to the Lego Man in space. I have no idea how to go about this, can anyone point me in the right direction??

Tagging sciency people +Chad Haney +Lacerant Plainer +Gita Jaisinghani +Rajini Rao 

p.s. love how varied my job is!

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You can now read this awesome comic for free! Released in biweekly installments on tapastic. Highly recommend!

By the by... <____<

The Dragon Tutor is now on Tapastic for all the world to read for free.
In bi-weekly increments of course.
If you have friend/s that you know would enjoy an adventure featuring dragons, elves and crazy princesses, show them this because BOY OH BOY do we got you covered! ^__^

It's free but you can buy it now on the Amazons if you're impatient ;)  --
#MarMaiArts   #TicTokBooks  

Subscribe today and click them ads, we get moolah for it! hehe

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