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OK, I lied, one really last thing to round out the night. Since I couldn't find a recording of Ochi Chornye that I liked, I will instead give you what happens when Russian folk music meets surf-punk, in the form of the Red Elvises singing Scorchie Chornye. This is just an absurdly awesome track to end the night on.

до свидания и спокойной ночи, всем!

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Interesting... I don't know why, but it sort of reminds me of that Heineken commercial. :o)
I usually very much enjoy your posts and I do like music, but this was a lot to scroll through. Maybe there could be a separate stream of public posts.
Six string samurai is an absolutely awesome movie!
+Philip Durbin Yeah, I think I'm going to join up with the Friday Night Sessions crew and do stuff via their page in the future. This was a lot of stuff to dump into an ordinary stream. :)
No worries. Sorry to be off topic and a spoil sport.
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