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The way your brain combines visual and auditory input is fascinating. I know the (actual) lyrics to O Fortuna pretty well, but when watching this video damned if I wasn't hearing "Gopher Tuna! Bring more tuna!"
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Just freakin' hilarious...  I was ROFL... Carl Orff is rolling in his grave. =P
Could NOT stop laughing. I know the lyrics pretty well too, but couldn't remember them as the "new" ones went by.
That is at least six hilarities! It is seriously messed up how a shift in cues totally changes how our brain interprets things. Thanks for sharing!
Crap, I can never listen to this piece the same way again.  Damn you memes.
+David Tesler Hey, good to see you! You're now in my circles. :)

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potato chicken!! lollolololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuna, cookies, pizza, cake! He must have been hungry while he was listening!
It doesn't even require visual input per se.  Any time you present people with audible words that they can't clearly understand in the first place, they will tend to lock in on suggested text in any form.  This is how the "reverse speech" proponents operate -- they always make sure they tell you what you're supposed to hear, before they play the audio for you.  I learned something similar in my early voice synthesis work at UCLA many years ago.  The early Votrax units generated fairly low quality speech, and it helped enormously in demos if people knew ahead of time what it was going to say.  This worked out just great for my text to speech demos, since I would invite people to type in what they wanted (often they'd choose obscenities) and since they knew what was about to be said, they'd always hear it just fine!
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