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Because recursive dogs are cool.

h/t +Noritoshi Takeuchi for the pic.
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Yo dawg, I heard you like dawgs, so I put a dawg on your dawg.
im still waiting for the blow horn music and are there 4 levels down too?
is printing this image out onto a dog shirt and putting it on a dog the next level??
This is why I want a circle within a circle :), because it would be so cool!
That's cool. Is that natural?
+Griffon Lunar yes, this is natural Dogloop some times also called the Dogloop of Schrodinger ... lol ;)
This is a graphic representation of "Life's a Bitch" sentence!

I think the Rolling Stones had a song regarding this, something about can't get no damn dog satisfaction or something
This is most certainly not a bitch! ;)
yes we must quiet the voices they r telling me things O__o
It's already so deep, I must ponder this.
my pet tommy has heart shape on his trunk :D :P
wow! what a wonderful world!
Yo dawg! I heard you like dogs, so we put a dog in your dog...
now we dyslexsix know, there is a dog!
+Eiji Kumamaru I didn't care to look that closely =| but if it has male genitals like you say.. Then I must change my joke to "Cat in the cat"... o.0 shrug
I do music swèet can anyone pick up me
WOW IT'S NICE..............................................,
very impressive!.......................
wuff wuff!!!
every dog must have a dog within it .but some people have dog within ..........
I have two rescue dogs a rescue cat and a rescue Cockateil, All are great pets !
+Roger Greenwald so buy a cool Photoshopet, simply take care making sure it's a dog not a camel or eel or horny alien or something... you know... lol
very very very interesting!!
=) wow!
I am sure when that dog pees it looks very interesting.
I had nightmares about this pic.
when your mind is in the middle and front to back is side to side which way makes you move forward
my heart and mind ur center in the right direction do you see the point in the tail is directed towards you. do you hear the voice that you know is right your ears are lifted to see both sides stomach the reality of what I see the week please heavy on my back and my mind true savior always move forward and no 1 ever gets

. left behind a true guardian all we seek to find who is left and always and always feel honored to stand at the back
to see in truth and all ways 901 likes 4
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