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Forget view counts. We know what really drives engagement on Google+: Photos. And we've always worked hard to make your photos awesome. But today, we can truly say that we're doing better than that: We can make your photos Hoffsome.

Starting today, the power of Google+ will allow internationally renowned actor +David Hasselhoff to photo-bomb any one of your pictures. Why share a mere image of yourself with your spouse, your children, the President of the United States, when you can share one with the famed Baywatch star?

And as an added bonus, when you tag +David Hasselhoff into your conversations, he will now show up with some words of wisdom.

Google+: providing you the features that other social networks can only dream of.

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Yes!  Just what I've always wanted.
I can only hope that this yields many a photo honeypot.
Oooo..   Time to go upload some new photos!   ;-)
Another great stride forward for digital technology. Happy 140401 everybody! 
Man, I almost wish this was true. :-)
I'm disappointed to discover that +David Hasselhoff only contributes to public posts. I wanted to test the response pool, but private posts failed. I can't justify testing it against a public post - I couldn't do that to people.
It's like Google's version of the Rick Roll
I have always hated everything about April Fool's. Until now. This is, without exaggeration, the best thing you folks at Google have ever done.
"famed Baywatch star"? Are you kidding me? This is the way you reference The Hoff with, and not the "guy with the talking car"? pah-leeeeeze
Please populate the network with witty AI bots with impeccable comedic timing kthx
Weird, +David Hasselhoff is showing up as someone without a last name in some views. When +mentioning him in a comment on one of my own posts, I clearly saw a '.' after his name, just like it sometimes does for mononym accounts.

Also in comments view here, for posts by +David Hasselhoff, the space+period at the end is showing.
AHA I almost forgot.  Today is the day not to be online anywhere.  Thanks for the reminder.
This is kind of a tasteless April fools joke considering how rude and condescending auto awesome already is, the snow thing was really bad, some people work hard on their photos and offer them up for this social experiment, without expectation of any compensation, I see no reason to continue to insult them for it.
I wish you could provide me with the ability to have Rust Cohle (from True Detective) photobomb people.
Will have to incorporate a Baywatch music soundtrack next year. Clever.
;- ) 
Nah, +Sarah Hill... It has to be the Knight Rider theme  - it'd be much, much easier to obtain a recognizable clip from that.
Bah, the correct music is Hooked on a Feeling, recorded by the Hoff.
Next year, autohofstadter. Douglas Hofstadter, that is. But as the name implies, he'll only be able to photobomb pictures of himself.
I was thinking this was an April Fools joke, I am still waiting to figure out if it is....not sure my joke meter is properly tuned today. 
Careful. He'll take your souls!!! (If you have 'em).
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