Since several people have been asking me about this, I just want to mention: At Bradley's instigation, I spent a few hours chatting with Chris Poole a few years ago. What I discovered was a man who was quite thoughtful about issues of social dynamics and interactions. 

The things that 4chan became (in)famous for grew rather organically out of the system, out of the people who ended up congregating there and the ways they used the tools. Poole is by no means a troll or a troll-curator, and I actually think that with the rather different crowd of people who hang out here on G+, he's going to make something really exciting.

(When you ignore the people who came and went quickly, there's actually a pretty awesome culture here on the Plus. I've had more good conversations on this site than I've had, cumulatively, on the entire rest of the Internet. This is a good place to build from.)

So I'm looking forward to seeing what he does. And fear not: we aren't about to become a den of infamy. This isn't that kind of place, and we don't intend for it to be.
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