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I'm not an expert on sales or advertising. But I think that this post brings up a key insight about how people interact on G+ (versus elsewhere in the internet) which is essential for people who want to get other people interested in something, or do business with people, or otherwise use G+ to raise their profile.

My favorite line from this post: "Your media people are boring in this intimate place. I don't want to talk to your PR guys about what exciting new can Pepsi is bringing out. I do want to talk to the guy who makes the syrup, cause he is really gonna take my mind to a new place." That's the point, and it's why I spend so much time myself on the service.
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The Philosophical guide
The three eyes of G+

So I'm sick of people trying to figure out how to make money on here, so I thought I'd just tell you so we can move back to the good stuff, like cat gifs and boobs. Here's the first part - the Zen.

The key to making money on G+ is to realise that this place has three distinguising features - intimacy, immediecy and interest.

You cant really get much exchanged in a tweet. You can't hangout on facebook. Here, you can really be a in room with someone. So G+ Is not like TV, it is like a sales meeting. Say that ten times to yourself. It is the biggest error made by those monetizing this space, and why +steve ward really knows how to use this place.

You are in the room, you are in the room with people. Even on your plusspage, you are in the room, not broadcasting. You need to respond to the person you are in the room with, you need to treat it as sales, not advertising.

Which is where immediecy comes in. You have to respond in almost real time. The stream is flowing. It is capturing souls in it. The best thing about this is that you can really quickly turn interaction on G+ into money. Imagine a person turns up in your shop, you can approach her and take her money, or you can sit back while she browses and then walks out.

If you strike quickly, jump in and post responses, really interact, then you will make money.

This one will piss off the marketing/PR/media peeps. Your media people are Boring in this intimate place. I don't want to talk to your PR guys about what exciting new can pepsi is bringing out. I do want to talk to the guy who makes the syrup, cause he is really gonna take my mind to a new place. It's not TV, its a sales meeting, a discussion, a place to learn, whatever, not a place to dissimulate with your PR guy.

I went and looked at Dell products after hanging with +Michael Dell

It's why the small/medium business will do better here. If you are a small retailer, shut your doors and hang out for a day with your plusspage. You will make a motza.

Stay tuned for part two... the practical guide.
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The marketing types are usually the first to get bounced out. They are still stuck with the notion of pageviews and followers number games carried from SEO strategies.
Gplus is all about engaging with others, collaboration, sharing content, helping out (quid pro quo), and building not broadcasting.
I'll take quality over quantity any day.
Thanks to you both +John Fanavans and +Yonatan Zunger
Great. The death of yet another open social discussion tool, by those who must monetize everything.

Why must everything that we use to connect and discuss be turned into a money making tool?

Pathetic greed ruins everything.
Google destroyed Google Reader because it's easier to monetize click-throughs than content sharing.
Here is an idea: DON'T try to monetize Google+. Don't try to make it yet another marketing tool. Next thing you people will do is go down to Wall St and put up billboards on how to reach thousands of protesters and make money with your product.

How about we just have a site where folks gather and discuss without the need to try and make money from it?

Things are slowly changing. I will be glad when the money-monger has gone the way of the dinosaur so we can become a strong nation/planet again.
+Randy Devlin unfortunately even Google with their deep pockets can't run a site as complex as Google+ in terms of hardware and software for free indefinitely. They either need to find a way to make money off of it or charge you to use it.
You should let +Vic Gundotra hear that. I am tired of random pr spam from someone who brands himself as an engineer.
No greener words have ever been said. On the money!
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