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For those of you who wonder what I do all day at work -- here at Google+, we're defending the universe from the Wombat's nefarious plans.

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i absolutely love this!!! 
You cannot stop the Wombat. Even with SCIENCE!
Wombats are tough and wily.  You cannot stop them.  Their pouches are reversed so they don't fill up with dirt while it burrows.  You can't stop a creature that's ancestors thought ahead.
+Michael Vaughan You think so, at first. They burrow around, they're tough and compact and robust... but we have Science! And lasers! Really big lasers!
And there I thought you were still busy shaving yaks ;)
Well, they can also run 40 km/h when spooked.  Nothing on the speed of light, but you try hitting them at that speed! :P
And now, when people ask me why I love Google+, I need only show them this post. 
Wombats also have a bony plate over their arse with which they crush their enemies. Their poos are square. Fear them.
There is, imho, huge value in studying the esthetic of really old pulp science fiction. I agree completely with Nassim Taleb (and got the idea before he did) that predictive fiction is a beautiful demonstration of how bad other kinds of predictions are, too. Predictions that are taken far more seriously than Robots of Mars. But should not be. 
Wombat was also the name of the show where Agro got his start!
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