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Something awesome, via +Adam Lasnik – a Hong Kong architect's 344 sq ft apartment, made amazingly pleasant and livable by turning into a massive sort of transformer.
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Certainly hits all the right "transforming surfaces r kewl" notes, but put more than one person in there and chaos!
I wish i knew this guy when i was a student!!
That's the Library Storage setup.
Many libraries in the UK have a similar setup in the storage room - tons of floor-to-ceiling shelving on rails.

I had to setup a similar storage system in my teens when I started with computers : we included 2 swing walls, drop down work benches, a bank of railed shelves etc.
It made a small space smaller, but about 4 times as usefull :D
This is amazing! I dream of building a very small and smart apartment or house myself... Is there a place on the Web where the know how that people acquire in developing such great ideas and implementing them is saved?
It is certainly amazing, but the idea of moving walls for every single activity shift (from sitting to lying down to making coffee) is unappealing to me. Having said that, I realize in a place like Hong-Kong this is not a choice. :)
Just great! Another great idea for small but great living is tumbleweed houses...Google it & check out this website! My dream home is on that site...I'm very humble and never wanted a big home,this site gave me the idea for what I was looking for....
Love it! There is more challenge in designing small places and making it work.
That is a lesson on efficiency we all can learn from, amazing!:-)
Nice place but where is the toilet...I hope the bathtub doesn't convert to one
Wow, he even made it look better from the outside... So much careful thought and design must be needed to make something like that work. 
Pretty awesome except - what is that? A wall of CDs?  What a waste of space! You could rip those all down onto a TB drive.
Great green space but what about the toilet?  I saw a bath tub but what about the toilet.?  Inquiring minds want to know.
This is a trip! I emailed this2my architect friends..
just wondering is it practical ..?
Can you imagine?:  Damn, I'm going to be late.  Now, where did I leave my glasses?  Crap, I can't find my keys!  Oh shit, now my cell phone is behind those two walls!
Apple will sue for patent infringement. It looks like he slides things to unlock them :0)
Awesome! I want him to design my next house...hell maybe he can transform my current house into my dream house! ;)
Love the concept. The guy is a freaking genius
This is how the buildings in Mumbai/India look like.  One/two bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen.  People are making maximum use of the space (not like shown above), because apartments are very very expensive here too. No doubt this guy is a genius....
Not really, as long as there is another room to retreat to it would be perfect city living. However, Americans are lazy and would find the moving around of walls and furniture too strenuous. I'm sure!
Well, someone can always improve such great ideas, so maybe someone can automatize the house? Voice control? All that is quite possible nowadays.

Also, epic comment +Joe Gename
I will have to include some of these elements when i eventually self build a new home!
I think it's brilliant and would keep one moving about.
I really liked this video it really makes you think about how much do you really need to be comfortable I live in a 1078 sq ft home and now I am really thinking about this concept thanks Kirsten for bring this to the fore front.
Wow, that is really cool for a single person that is pretty much using one function of the house at a time; however, it makes multitasking very difficult for multiple people.  It would be great to see something like that done with a full size house in the U.S.  I really like the use of the mirror to create the illusion of expansive space.  Another thing to consider is that people over there tend to be smaller.  What are the dimensions of the human compared to the space?  The optimum ratio over there may not be suitable for other countries.
Amazing and cool - such a creative design.
I love it thanks for the post it really makes you think about how much you really need to be comfortable :)
That home is really awesome. Really efficient use of space, and amazingly accessible as well. Innovative design – I love it.
Creativity make small space into bigger space.
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DUUUUUUUUUUDDDEEEEE! i TOTALLY wanna live in his house!!! >o<
very nice place and super smart thinking on his part
What you have done Gary is ingenious!! If I ever need an architect I would want you. I live in a very small home and you opened my eyes on how to make a little space very efficient. Brilliant !!!
I'm interested to see what the utility costs would be for an apartment like that, and how the wiring comes into play behind/within/above the moveable walls. Definitely looks cool n' snug!
I have no idea John about cost of utilities or wiring. It was how Gary used the sliding walls and all he did to make the small area he has into a compact apartment. Seems like any new way to do something always has its ups and downs. I would guess this one will have some too.
This just gave me an idea of what to do when I get my apartment..basically buy furniture that can be used for more than one thing. Brilliant!
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