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Oh, this is so, so true. We have so much coolness in the pipeline... and it's frustrating not to be able to tell all of you about it right now. 'Specially when people are making great suggestions in threads and I want to say "Yes! We've been thinking that too, and we've figured out an even cooler version of it, but it's going to take a few weeks!"

You'll just have to wait until we show it to you, instead. :)
Trey Harris originally shared:
It's kind of frustrating when responding to people about how best to use Google+ now, that if they unknowingly request a feature that's upcoming or being discussed, I and other Googlers have to stay mum. I hope you'll understand the necessity, though; there are lots of levels of testing and iteration to go through before you get to see a feature, and we never know quite how, or whether, it will show up in public form.

I don't think I'm letting anything slip to say things will be changing rapidly and lots of frequently-requested and very cool features are in the pipeline. Those of you who have been on here several days now (the real veterans!) will have already seen some iteration; it'll just continue.

Must... fight... temptation... to... discuss... upcoming... features....
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Do you already use further iterations internally?
Amy Dai
Any hints? :). Just wondering, how long will the testing period last and could you give an estimate of about how long Google+ stay as a trial version and then become public use for everyone?
+Yonatan Zunger
I've made it through buz camp, I'll be here through all the G+ changes. Thanks for the update! :)
But why wouldn't you tell what you're working on?
A changelog sounds like a good idea :) It would help us see how our feedback is possibly affecting G+
I think that summarizes how everyone who works on G+ feels. I see tons of threads I want to comment on but I feel compelled to completely ignore them since the temptation to say too much is so great.
Yonatan is 100% correct. I'm working on a ... very large but undisclosed number of pieces of new awesomeness and we've launched <10 of them so far. I cannot wait, both because I want to use them and because I want to share them.
It's Google. Eventually there will be ads somewhere. Unobtrusive, but there will be ads.
+Yonatan Zunger do you know anything regarding the android app? As of my latest version (1.0.2), the 'logoff' completely disappeared. I've had to resort to 'settings > apps > g+ > force stop/clear data' just to get my phone battery time back to usable levels... :(
Is one of the brand new thingamabobs a way to search for Public Hangouts? I know you can not tell just nod once for yes .....Also, please buy and work it into Hangout...that would be, as the kids say these days, wicked cool. +Yonatan Zunger Adam Prato
calendar sharing with circles
Google Reader sharing, with some circles.
Ingregation of other google services.
fix picasa desktop to picasaweb name tag issue
The G+ API.
Google plus so far is awesome, I love it so much I bought extra storage
Would it be possible to set up some kind of UserVoice style board where people can see commonly reported issues ? I think you can easily reduce the number of superfluous feedback posts. I know atleast 3 people who have reported that hitting the enter key doesn't post :)
Since it's not a G+ feature, specifically, maybe it's worth asking. ;)

Is there, or will there be, a G+ blog akin to other official Google blogs?
Those feedback posts aren't superfluous – they help us know what users are most interested in. I don't know if there's going to be a G+ blog; it might instead be something on G+ itself.

+Dominik Mayer, while we do use newer iterations internally, you'd be surprised how short the iteration cycle is between "new version internally" and "launched to the public" for most features. (Of course, newer iterations also means more buggy iterations, since that's how we find a lot of the bugs... there's a reason we don't expose users to that)

Expect stuff to just keep showing up. Regularly. :)
Amy Dai
What about adding live chats & Hangouts that allow more people?

What about chats based on Sparks?

Creating a calendar with a feature would also be cool, like a calendar that shows posts from other people, Birthdays(Facebook-ish)?, events, etc.

Also adding things like Question of the Day, Poll of the day, word of the day, most popular/featured articles etc.
Well, one thing I can say about live chats – in addition to the ordinary chats you can use from the LHS of your screen, I've found that just sending a post at a few people and using the realtime updating of each post as people comment is actually a pretty good way to have a large chat session. :) Sort of like IRC....
Amy Dai
+Yonatan Zunger True, but I'm thinking more about video chats with several people commenting rather than all chats based on text.
I have made several suggestions but every time I do I always think somebody at Google must be thinking about this. Its too obvious.
Doesn't matter, feedback is good, if it's obvious then it means they're designing it with us in mind!
Circles are great, but when common people in a circle want to all follow each other, the result is cumbersome and rendundant! Make a way to share circles!
ur right of course +Philip Weiss regarding ads: i just hope they don't become a focal reality where [social/interest] graphs becomes 2ndary 2 moolah generation.
Google is keeping things and future plans secret.
Otherwise they would have made a Google Moderator, so early adopters could vote.
I'm glad to hear about the excessive coolness. I was going on and on about G+ yesterday and was surprised to hear a few people ask what it was. I'm eager to get more people over here, but a lot of friends are very entrenched in their current social network and think a Google product is going to be "too techie."
Photos on Google Plus looks really slick. But a few things seem to missing. One of my wife's biggest complaints is that there seems to be no way to add comments to a photo album (as opposed to to the post that uploaded the album). Also, no +1 for individual pictures. Is there more work being done on the photo sharing side of things?
The beginning of something strange: hi Yonatan, I just got an alert from Google + telling me that I had been mentioned on a post by you. Since I didn't know you, I was curious about this, and found out that this was another Philip Weiss (namesake) who seem to have made a comment on your post. Does this mean Google + get's confused about people and will 'ping' me if there is a note from a Philip Weiss? Surely there must be more ways to identify which Philip Weiss is which... Poor John Smith - what will happen to him?
It looks like one poster tried to +add a different philip weiss who had posted earlier, but instead of autocompleting to him it autocompleted to you instead. This caused you to get notified.
Strange.. But how did my name end up being 'autocompleted'? Was I on that person's list or did google choose me through some random algorithm?
Guessinb that person follows you. The @ sharing seems to work off who you follow, not who has already commented on a thread. 
Jess L
The ability to view photos from our circles we have but to view only photos of certain circles, to sort photos by circles would be great please! Also a way to share our posts from our wordpress blogs to here would be good, a wordpress plugin for Google+ not just the 1+ bttn.
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