Oh, this is so, so true. We have so much coolness in the pipeline... and it's frustrating not to be able to tell all of you about it right now. 'Specially when people are making great suggestions in threads and I want to say "Yes! We've been thinking that too, and we've figured out an even cooler version of it, but it's going to take a few weeks!"

You'll just have to wait until we show it to you, instead. :)
It's kind of frustrating when responding to people about how best to use Google+ now, that if they unknowingly request a feature that's upcoming or being discussed, I and other Googlers have to stay mum. I hope you'll understand the necessity, though; there are lots of levels of testing and iteration to go through before you get to see a feature, and we never know quite how, or whether, it will show up in public form.

I don't think I'm letting anything slip to say things will be changing rapidly and lots of frequently-requested and very cool features are in the pipeline. Those of you who have been on here several days now (the real veterans!) will have already seen some iteration; it'll just continue.

Must... fight... temptation... to... discuss... upcoming... features....
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