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This giant fireball exploded in the sky of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee on November 19, 2015 creating a loud bang that baffled residents.
I think it's another staged 9/11 attack... What I find really odd about this is that this shooting occurs at a concert (among other places), EVERYONE films concerts, so where is the footage of the shooters?
ICYMI The Empire has always been in the business of creating its own enemies. Learn the censored history of America's two longest wars on Media Roots #VeteransDay:
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Netanyahu is trying to pass a law if you say anything negative about the Israeli you be thrown in jail!
After speaking at a Freedom Summit Peace Conference, Max Igan was followed, bashed, beaten up and threatened by Israeli Sayanim and told to keep his mouth shut.
Must hear broadcast - TFR EPISODE #487
AIRED: 11-14-2015 Listen for free while it's still available! ♡
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Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International
I think it's another staged 9/11 attack... What I find really odd about this is that this shooting occurs at a concert (among other places), EVERYONE films concerts, so where is the footage of the shooters?
If there is one thing that Islamic fundamentalists and neocon warhawks agree on, it’s that there should be no “grayzone”; only black and white.
This is a testimony to the power that comes with a combination of peaceful resistance and instant social media. Immoral, corporate-backed laws can indeed be fought with knowledge and passion.
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MIT Researcher: Glyphosate Herbicide will Cause Half of All Children to ...

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Mayday, Mayday - Tesla's battery just killed fossil and nuclear power

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30,000 Doctors in Argentina Demand that Glyphosate be Banned

If the millions of regular people who have asked Monsanto to stop selling their toxic chemicals is not enough, more than 30,000 doctors and

My favorite cafeteria in Granada! Fresh, authentic, nice variety. ♡
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Ideal location! Near Barcelona and near Gava main shopping center. Beautiful and well maintained, right off the beach! This campground is great for everyone... tents, travel trailers, it has small dome bungalows, cabins, and small beach homes! The showers and bathrooms are clean, and there is a place to wash your clothes and a section for washing your dishes, also a laundry room, what more can you ask!? A nice front office staff plus good rates! I had a wonderful time here! Thanks Camping 3 estrellas ♡
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The best kept secret, a real gem! Large shaded camp sites, showers, beautiful quiet clean campground close to everything! Love it!
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