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I feel the recent failure in the search for the missing MH370 has made a strong case for my PhD research. Our work has focused on making such search and exploration missions much more autonomous, requiring much less human supervision. The algorithms we have developed try the understand what is being observed by a robot in the context of its surroundings, and identify any surprising observations. Using this understanding, another algorithm developed by us then guides the robot towards what is surprising, and report back only these key findings, instead of bombarding humans with hundreds of hours of videos. In future this will allow deployment of of 100s of vehicles simultaneously without getting drowned in the information collected by them.
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An underwater drone is to be deployed into the Indian Ocean as the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues.
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Or those jobs just became much more productive. 
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"We will find the aircraft ... in the not-too-distant future," says the co-ordinator of the search for Flight 370.

Planes and ships hunting for the missing Malaysian jetliner zeroed in on a targeted patch of the Indian Ocean on Thursday, after a navy ship picked up underwater signals that are consistent with a plane's black box.

(Photo: A submarine built by Bluefin Robotics is lowered into the water on Wednesday. Bluefin Robotics shipped a version of their submarine to help locate the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, by using its side-scan sonar. Scott Eisen/Associated Press)
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4.5 km deep.  That's some challenge.  I think WHOI is one of the few places that has the requisite technologies.
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Yogesh Girdhar

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#Apple  has the most unique capability of producing software which becomes decreasingly less useful with each new version. Stories of Final Cut Pro are well known, however in their recent feat Apple has managed to make Keynote completely unusable for me. I frequently used to draw diagrams in #Keynote and paste them into preview and save it as a PDF. In the new Keynote all the pasting into preview is low resolution raster graphics, rather than vector graphics, as it used to be. Why would Apple do this?

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Yogesh Girdhar

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Related to this, this winter is the first time I have seen St. Lawrence river completely frozen over. 
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This  vehicle can explore the deepest oceans on this planet, autonomously. It uses hollow ceramic balls for buoyancy, which I found quite interesting. If you want to make hollow spheres which are strong enough to withstand pressure of 11kms of water, while still being super light, ceramics is what you turn to, not foam,  not aluminum, and not titanium. 

Saw this during my recent visit to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
#marine #robotics
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Cule, underwater vehicle though ☺
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Yogesh Girdhar

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My friend Misha is raising his precious #plants on #YouTube videos.  Check it out, and see if your videos are photosynthetic enough.
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Yogesh Girdhar

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David Blei wins the ACM Infosys award for Topic Modeling.  This is thrilling news for machine learning!  I'm also proud to have co-authored papers with 3 of the 8 ACM Infosys recipients so far. :) 
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Some simple tips on how to read a rapid while canoeing. 
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That is so cool!
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Briskets and pulled pork sandwiches are just great. I love the spicy sauce they have. Its thin and lets the flavors penetrate deep into the meat. Simply delicious. I just wish they also served beers.
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Close to the center and the food market. Good for the price. No terrase.
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