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"making Yoga fun"
"making Yoga fun"
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YOGA with Cia! at the 2016 Run for the Cure in Halifax

Even though it was a rainy day, the participants’ spirits were sunny, for the 2016 Run for the Cure in Halifax.
Cia donated her signature, Fun Fitness Warm-Up to get the runners and walkers prepared and excited to begin the event. After the run, Cia treated the runners to a POP-UP YOGA with Cia! session. The team from Dalhousie’s School of Occupational Therapy were happy and excited to join Cia in some relaxing, yet invigorating, yoga stretching in the soft rain.
Despite the weather, a great day was had by all.

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2016 CBCF, CIBC Run for the Cure, Halifax

Come join Cia Tweel for a Fun Fitness Warm-Up and a fun Yoga with Cia! Cool-Down for runners, after the run, at the CBCF CIBC Run for the Cure in Halifax, at 9:30am Sunday, October 2nd. Don’t worry if you’ve never experienced Cia’s Warm-Up or Yoga, both are super easy to follow and fun. So come start October the right way, by supporting a shared goal of a future without breast cancer!

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2016 Terry Fox Run, Halifax
It was a nice, sunny day for the 2016 Terry Fox Run in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax. Cia Tweel gave another lively, Fun Fitness Warm-Up, which excited the crowd, to get the Run started... and a fun Yoga with Cia! Cool-Down for runners, after their race. The Terry Fox Run has such a warm, inclusive, caring atmosphere and Cia was thrilled to be a part of it again for her 8th year. The volunteer organizers and the participants were lovely. There were even free hamburgers, hotdogs, face painting, a DJ and a bouncy castle to add to the festive time. Thanks for helping to continue Terry’s cause and support cancer research. 
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Join us on Sunday, September 18th. 2016.
The Terry Fox Run is a non-competitive event, with no entry fee or minimum pledge, where participants run, walk, bike or roll, 1, 5 or 10km and most of all, have fun while raising funds for cancer research and celebrating Terry’s legacy of finding a cure for cancer. More info at

Halifax Run Day Details
Registration: 10am.
Cia’s fun Fitness Warm-Up: 10:50am.
Run start: 11am.
Location: Point Pleasant Park, at the lower parking lot.

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Free, POP-UP YOGA with Cia! Classes.

We are adding some Free opportunities for you to try out some fun YOGA with Cia!
POP-UP classes are non-regularly scheduled and offer random times and locations; you don’t know when, you don’t know where, until a few days before... yet change and variety can be exciting!

Our next POP-UP class will be September 4th. 3pm. Public Gardens, Halifax! It will be Standing YOGA with Cia! so it is easy to follow... no mat, no money, no previous experience needed. You just need a desire to have fun.
Please feel free to ‘post’ or ‘share’ that you are going to a POP-UP YOGA with Cia! event. The more the merrier. We’ll update with details of the next POP-UP YOGA with Cia! or if you wish to contact us, we’ll let you know!

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Results of The 2016 YOGA with Cia! CHALLENGE were revealed on July 7th.
It was a very close challenge, with two people standing out with great results, Helen M. and Jan O. In addition to having received a tasty treat from le Bistro, just for taking the CHALLENGE, both ladies were rewarded with 2 additional YOGA with Cia! Guest Passes, as well as a special 5 Class YOGA with Cia! Winner's Pass-card for completing the CHALLENGE!
It was time for the random draw, where one lucky participant, that successfully completed The CHALLENGE, would win a PERSONAL YOGA TRAINING session for herself (and a few friends), in the comfort of her own home. Anila made a draw from a 'mini yoga bag' and when the winner's name was revealed, it was... both! Helen and Jan were both chosen to receive an In-home Personal Yoga Training Session for themselves (and a few friends, if they wish).
Congratulations to all the participants that took part in the CHALLENGE, as well as everyone that helped to make this 2016 YOGA with Cia! CHALLENGE a success!

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Q: What’s very large... purple... and has many legs... oh, and wears a tutu?

A: 3,000 Sole Sisters! A women’s only 5K walk/run, un-timed & designed for fun.

On June 11th., 2016, Cia Tweel, dressed in the look of the 1980’s, got her groove on and provided a fun Fitness Warm-Up, to an eager crowd of 3000 women, that came out to walk/run the Sole Sisters 5K and have some fun. What a sight to behold; 3000 women, clad in purple t-shirts and tutus, many others dressed in fun costumes, all here to walk, run and have some fun.
Once the 'sea of purple' crossed the start line, Cia made her way to the Terry Fox cheer/water station and joined a lovely group of volunteers, dressed in an 80’s look, with great tunes blaring, then helped to hydrate, cheer and motivate the runners, along their way! 
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Celebrate | Remember | Fight Back

There was quite a chill in the air, for an early June 2016 evening, as the fog rolled in from the harbour and appeared to hover over, then settle into the Halifax Citadel Fort.  It called for something special, to help warm the crowd... and Cia brought it!  An energetic and fun Fitness Warm-Up, took the chill off an appreciative group.  Later in the evening, a relaxing, Standing Yoga with Cia! session got the participant’s blood flowing, once again.  
Providing professional Fitness Warm-ups and more, at 18 Relay for Life events over the past 12 years, Cia knows how to get the Relay participants warmed-up!
Thanks to all the special people and teams that come together to Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back... to Relay for Life!
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Take Back The Fort!

Over the years the Halifax Relay for Life has been held in a few venues, most recently St. Mary’s University 2015, the Emera Oval ’14 ’13, the Halifax Common(s) ’12 ’11 ’10, Citadel Hill ’09 ’08 ’07 ’06... and when I started providing the Fitness Warm-Up for the Relay For Life, in 2004, we were at the location currently occupied by Xavier High School (a.k.a. Citadel High).  The most special location to me, has been inside the Citadel Hill Fort.  There is a certain feeling one gets, as you walk through the historic front gates and are almost transported back to another era.  The fort’s stone walls, the old military buildings, the cobblestone and gravel walkways underfoot, all add to the mystique.  This year we are coming back!

On Friday, June 3rd at 7pm-1am, come join us at the Citadel to ‘Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back’ as we Take Back the Fort!

Be there early to enjoy the evening including 3 fun sessions with Cia!  Starting the Relay off with a fun Fitness Warm-Up with Cia at 7pm, then Zumba with Cia a little later and Yoga with Cia even later!

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Best Way to De-Stress Your Workday

There is no doubt that our lives seem to have become more stressful and we're being pulled in all directions, with many things vying for our time and attention. It leads to us becoming very 'busy'. How do we cope?

I find one of the best ways to handle the stress, is to have an outlet, or escape from your day; something to look forward to. Wouldn't it be great if you could just slip away for 30 or 45 minutes at lunchtime… or right after work, before supper… an hour of peace and tranquility, with peaceful music, a calm voice and guided movements? A time just for you.

We've all heard the multiple benefits from regular exercise and I feel that a nice peaceful Yoga class fits the bill when it comes to de-stressing! I encourage you to seek out a yoga class that fits your needs. Many have trials or a drop-in class, for you to try and see if it's right for you. Go ahead and do it; it may be the most productive thing you have done for your self today! has details of the de-stressing yoga classes Cia will be leading through-out the summer, in Halifax.

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