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We reap only by first sowing and constructive and conscious effort is required every moment as nothing in life is obtained without effort. We must remember to lay the foundations well and “leave no stone unturned” if we truly wish to fulfill our ambitions. Nature goes through phases of seeding, nurturing much before the fruition occurs. We must never forget ancient wisdom that says, “As you sow so shall you reap” . The Yogic concept of SWADHARMA or ‘self responsibility’ and the psychological concept of Self-actualization have many similarities. Self actualization is a term originally introduced by Kurt Goldstein for the motive to realize one's full potential. In his view, it is the organism's master motive, the only real motive. However, the concept was brought most fully to prominence in Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory as the final level of psychological development that can be achieved when all basic and mental needs are fulfilled and the "actualization" of the full personal potential takes place. The great minds of our Indian culture have given us thoughts about responsibility in such a lovely poetic manner. One such example is the Purananuru that is a Tamil poetic work belonging to the Sangam period corresponding to between 200 BCE – 100 CE.
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The Samadhi of the great Guru Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri, is located at Sri Kambaliswamy Madam, an ancient Hindu holy site which is the spiritual base of the ICYER and its work. Pujas and other cultural and religious festivals are held here. The Samadhi is cored by the shrine of Srila Sri Kambliswamigal, an ancient Master of Ashtanga Yoga who left his body in 1873. The Samadhis of eight Gurus of the lineage are also located on this five acre property. They are: Srila Sri Kambliswamy Swamigal Srila Sri Ambalavana Swamigal Srila Sri Manikka Swamigal Srila Sri Shanmuga Swamigal Srila Sri Velu Swamigal Srila Sri Subramaniya Swamigal Srila Sri Shankara Giri Swamigal Srila Sri Gitananda Giri Swamigal The present Guru is Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Giri, the Present Chief of the Samadhi site. Yogacharini Menakshi Devi Bhavanani is the General Secretary and spiritual guide. The Guru Pujas and simple duties have been performed continuously for nearly 150 years without any break by the Swamijis and their disciples.
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