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Hey, a Yoast Google+ page! Let's start this page of by doing a Q&A: ask questions here over the weekend and I'll answer at least 10 of them in a blog post on monday!
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Your SEO wordpress plugin is renowned as a simple way to get WP up and running SEO wise, but the need for it raises this question - do you think the increased number of metatags released by Google are good for webmasters and the web, or just making things more complicated for the amateur so only those that can afford SEO consultancy will benefit?
If you were to write the 10 commandments of WordPress & SEO, what would they be?
According to you, what is the optimal way to use pagination in web shop pages (categories, filters) to prevent duplicate content issues and crawling issues?
How do you think G+ will help SEO for your website?
+Yoast what is the best html5 resource you recommend (book or site) so I can point some of our programmers in that direction?
Any Wordpress PlugIn you recommend to manage Schema microformats?
Does plugins affect page Speed, how many plugins you are using on, my site Google Page Speed Score is 91 then is there any necessary to minimize use of plugins.
Why does adding more content doesn't automatically lead to more visitors anymore? Do you really need links to every post to get the traffic?
How do you train your kids to use the interwebs and do they have a blog? :)
I would like to hear answers to Ronen Bekerman and Frank Daelman's questions. Erik van Erp's question is interesting too.
Q: Any plans to create an Adobe SiteCatalyst / Omniture plugin for the paid analytics community?
Q: Hi, How did you get clients when you first started out? Thanks
Q: Thanks for doing this, your opinion is highly valued! So, my question is, WP-eCommerce aside what wordpress ecommerce plugins do you feel are really solid and worth trying (both free and paid)? I am particularly interested in plugins and not necessarily the many ecommerce themes we see in this space.
Good luck..Facebook is where people play--Google+ is where you go to work.-hope to see some Yoast plugins for Google+ coming from you! Fan..keep up the great work.
I'm looking for a great guide on debugging xmlrpc.php for wordpress.
For instance I've set $xmlrpc_logging = 1 and the fopen to /tmp/xmlrpc.log I now get a 0 length log file. What is the syntax for error reporting I have error_reporting(0); currently set for none, can't seem to google or bing correctly to find the syntax to put it in a verbose logging mode.

There are settings in wordpress. There is the /etc/php.ini. And I don't know what else...

I do have WP-ServoInfo plugin enabled, it provides a lot of data on server and extensions versions.

I have a test wordpress installation on my intranet that works fine. It does not exhibit this problem that occurs on my production blog hosted at

The problem I am having is with WLW and image ?size?
Ahh that's all it took. Asking in public. Finally found what solved it for me. I added

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M'); to wp-config.php That fixed it.
In my website I am Using the WordPress SEO Plugin . I used the sitemap tool in that . I included the Tags and categories in the Sitemap . So that my posts are not indexed correctly for 100 posts only 30 posts are indexed whereas Tags and categories are indexed 100% . What i have to do now make my Posts to be indexed ? how to increase the priority of the posts and how to decrease the priority of the TAGS and Categories ?
Are you planning to extend your SEO plugin functionality to buddypress and its components ?
How to spread G+ Page?
Hello Joost.

I have found that I'm getting this error on wp-admin/edit.php:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home6/falseone/public_html/7cantonas/wp-includes/meta.php on line 344

when your Google Analytics for WordPress plugin is active.

This only happens for users in my custom role (with the edit_posts capability checked) Administrators can see the list fine...

But when I disable the google analytics plugin, my custom role-people can see the post-list fine too. :)

Can I send you any more info for debugging? It may be a coincidence of course, but I have tried disabling and activating it three times now with the same result.
Just had Yoast SEO installed on my WP site and it looks like I have to be able to write HTML to use it. Your website says, Hey, you can make templates! but I don't know what that means. Is there a more basic how-to somewhere? Here's what I'm struggling with:
Hi Yoast

Love your plugins and have used them for ages but have a problem. Just changed to a new theme: curtail on genesis and every time i try to install or activate your plugin i get a 503 server error and cannot access the dashboard. I have to delete the wordpress seo plugin on the server to get the dashboard back.

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue? I love this plugin and really want to carry on using it.

Would appreciate anyone's help on this, i am tearing my hair out.
Shelli :(
I've got one burning question - how do you deal with your site logo? Do you wrap it in H1 tags and use text-indent to offset the actual text, or do you just use the alt tag? How can you optimize your header for SEO without compromising your design?
I have one question: how to make your wp seo plugin not conflict with my style.css? Pleaseeeee, answer this one. I love your plugin but it's messing up my site css.
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