Nice shot by +Sathish Jothikumar
And now for something different

I stood in awe as the Dark Lord rose up and cheered excitedly for the three bees as they held hands in the sky
I felt safe and secure at the arrival of the Wells Fargo chariot, secure from a scary blue shark.
A bottle of Beer tipped me over while the flying cow jumped over the moon.
Smokey the bear reminded me that forest fires are dangerous while a terrifying wasp scouted around for its next victim.
A haunted house appeared from nowhere while a fluttering butterfly set out in the skies...

These were but the many sights of the annual balloon festival in Albuquerque, a wonderous and creative respite from the monotonity of daily life.

This particular scene is that of the Dark Lord balloon catching the morning sun and rising up from behind a set of balloons getting inflated. Shot with a telephoto lens at F9, ISO 800 and 1/200s. A polarizer saturated the colors and gave a nice sky

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