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‘Your Money or Your Life’ pages impact the health, happiness or wealth of users.
‘Your Money or Your Life’ pages impact the health, happiness or wealth of users.


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Indeed, AI is been around a while now, it's only the beginning
Artificial Intelligence in Search Impacts Your Marketing

There is an inevitable change coming in the marketing arena and it is in direct response to the use of artificial intelligence in search.
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The Schema Markup Plugin by YMYL Themes simplifies the process of adding structured data to content published with WordPress.

If you are a business owner (or just in charge of your business’ website) and you want to dramatically increase your traffic from search engines like Google and Bing, then your first step should be to integrate structured data into your website.

Plugin functionality
• Automatically creates and adds properly formatted structured data.
• WooCommerce enabled with Schema Markup styled elements for each product you sell – A HUGE Rankings Boost!
• Uses WordPress shortcode to keep the schema data from breaking in the Visual editor.
• Enables you to easily edit schemas you’ve already created.
• Provides unique CSS classes and IDs to enable you to customize the style of the microdata.
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