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The social networking wars have dialed it up to 11 this week, with Google unleashing its highly anticipated (and highly leaked) Google+ social initiative upon the world on Tuesday -- to not a bad resp...
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The Google+ snozeberries taste like Facebook snozeberries!
I actually want the opposite. Turn facebook into Google+ style, since it's bright and shiny.
... apparently to a place where strangers comment on my posts, which doesn't happen in Facebook.
Excellent post on Quora... problem is, now you'll have a ton of strangers, such as my self, commenting on this public status. :)
I think that random person who changed his Google+ picture and then had random people comment is a better example of invasion of privacy (though I can understand that you might not want to link to it as that will just cause more random people to comment on his post). There were even a few posts first by people who knew him, of a fairly personal nature. On your other post, you asked "who are all these strangers?", so it seems reasonable for some of those strangers to reply. Here, you are simply linking to a webpage about Google+, so it isn't particularly personal, and is likely to be relevant to random people on Google+.

I would have posted this in Quora instead but you don't allow comments.
I'm a stranger commenting on your post. If you don't want stranger commenting on your posts, perhaps you shouldn't make a public post? You can choose who you share with, and easier to do than in Facebook too.

Matter of fact, no one forced you to join Google+. And here you are, posting in public, always whining about how Facebook is better. Good for you. Why, then, don't you just stay in Facebook?
Google+ can protect your privacy better
We used to enjoy mocking users like that when I worked at Facebook; it's not a very productive attitude.
Perhaps it's just a problem of terminology. If you want only Facebook style replying, you can share the post with your (extended) Circles, which then guarantees that no strangers will be commenting on it. Perhaps the public post feature should be considered more like a blog, there random strangers are expected to comment, no?

PS: you can click the triangle at the top of the post and remove comments if they really bother you.
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