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Gahhhh, who are all these strangers adding me to their circles on G+??? This is far more stranger-spam than on FB! This is Google's notion of "better privacy??" Who are all you people??
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I've seen that you work for facebook
Just wanted to listen what you have to say about the WAR (G+ vs FB)
Yup, I thought it was strange at first but I realised it's more like a 'twitter-follow' than an 'FB-friend' arrangement. I'm kinda liking it, though I wish I could filter the stream better. FWIW I enjoyed your posts on engineering management at FB and when I found you on G+ I 'followed' you.
They are just "following" you, like someone would follow someone on "twitter".

I'm not entirely sure I like that feature. But I have Scoble, Matt Cutts, Vic Gundotra, Sacca, McClure, etc on my "following" circle.

I'd take it as a compliment. :)
Sorry, treated it as a Twitter-follow. Visited Sunfire a few times on invite of Ming
June Lin
I figured it out last night. Google+ is a broadcast network. You control what you send out, and who you send it to. As for getting stuff from strangers, they're broadcasting to you one-way, so you block them. I think this method has a high capacity for spam abuse. Also, the stuff you send out can be shared, I suppose, so you lose control of your posts once they extend out of your circles. So I don't really know if Google+ is built for keeping things private. I dunno.
su w
I'm the president of the French chapter of your fan club.
I was on a bbs with you in the later half of the 90s.
Yeah, I don't want people applying the "twitter follow" semantic to "friending" me on G+. This makes it less private. If you don't know me in real life you are unwelcome let me make that clear you are bugging me. Ugh, Google has combined the worst aspects of Twitter with the worst aspects of Facebook. Sammy, June, Hot Soup, Dave, you are fine.
"Following" is a default circle category meant for people one hasn't met but is interesting because of their public content--but as a followee you don't know that was the circle the follower put you in. All you know is that you were added to a circle (friend?), so it seems kinda weird/invasive. Anyway, if you don't put the new follower in a circle they can only see your public posts, not limited posts. So yah, this FB/Twitter mashup will take some getting used to.
Your streams are populated by people you follow. You are completely in control. If you plan to convince people to use google+ differently for you then you should find a way make a mouseover show your lack of desire to be followed. At this time it can only be accomplished by changing your name/occupation to "don't follow" Otherwise just block all people who follow you or share a post periodically stating your desire not to be followed and hope people care.

Bear in mind the current configuration causes no spam, by following you, people receive info from you shared publicly but you do not receive from them unless you follow them.
Thanks for explaining it to me, Ru. Why, now I understand the nuances of social networking that I have been ignorant of all along! It's not the fault of the product being poorly-designed at all, I'm just using it wrong!
Hey Yishan....When I "share" something on g+, I use "your circles", and the "share" defaults to what you use last. So, I never "publicly" share anything, thus don't have random people on my post.

I actually have a "sunfire" circle. So if I wanted to post something to only sunfirers (basically to save any other friends from a random technical article or something)
Yeah, I'm aware of how to share into specific circles, but I'm using the default (which is how 99% of people will use it) since that's what people will be familiar with from Facebook - on Facebook, you can also share into friend lists, but no one does it (even people who have gone to the trouble of making them).

Another interesting thing is that on FB, if you share publicly, people who are "following" you (friended you but you haven't friended back) can't comment on your posts. Here, they can. It's like letting an unwelcome stranger intrude upon a conversation between friends just because it's happening on a "public" street.
Hmmm, that makes sense. Seems like a privacy setting, you and I would like them to build out.
If a person just ignores the sarcasm, your words seem to be literally correct in relation to this social network. It appears you have not gotten that it allows you to share to no people through all intermediaries to public posting with comments. That is how it is designed. The fact that +Larry Page is letting average joes follow him is confirmation that he wants it to be used in the broadcast(twitter follow) style.

BTW It is not people who have followed you that can comment on a public post. It is absolutely everyone on google +, even someone who is not a follower, but followers will be more likely to comment because they are following you.
Ru, get out of here. I don't know you, and you're not welcome.
Ok, I will unfollow you too. Did not mean to be invasive though, I just followed people I found interesting and then commented here because I was interested and joined in. Ciao
This thread makes me want to follow just to annoy you.
If that's somehow ok with you, please let me know and I'll unfollow.
The point is not a technological one, but a social one. Some people are treating G+ like Twitter (follow random strangers!), whereas Yishan feels it is more like Facebook (interact with your friends!), so when people follow Twitter social conventions, he finds it out of place.
I've had no strangers add me to their circles. You must be far more interesting than I am ;-) To your other post thought (about names): It pulled my gmail name and I can't figure out how to switch Kane to Akhter (not that I've tried very hard)
That's why I have a 'Who?' Circle. I want them to engage but may not know them personally yet. Some of my closest friends today where a random follow, then we met at some conference, and bam.... just sayin... don't kick all of us to the curb just yet. ;)
+Yishan Wong Mostly people like me who follow you on Twitter or Quora too. Adding to a circle is literally following with no expectation to be added back. You do not get to see what we write either. So why so serious?
+Yishan Wong, you seem to have the expectation that public posts should behave like Facebook posts when they could well just as well be like blog posts that the entire internet can comment on.

It seems like Google is trying to build a very versatile tool, and while I don't think it's good design, I'm not sure why you're so offended.
At +Yishan Wong it's actually a bit like Twitter. technically anyone can add you :) Still the sharing model seems a bit hard to grok. In my case, it's going to be simple I am going to simply set my sharing to public :)
Have you set the privacy setting for your posts to something other than "Public"? Does it help?

EDIT: I just read through the 30+ hidden comments and see that's not your point. The devil's in the defaults!
why did you post it public if you dont want other people to comment and read it? this is the great thing about google+, its like a mashup between FB and twitter.

your on my "follow circle" now :P
Just as working at Google wouldn't make you an expert in all types of search, working at Facebook doesn't automatically make you an expert in all types of social interaction -- you're just an expert in the model chosen. For better or worse, G+ is a variation on what's already out there. If you want something that works exactly like FB, the world already has that.

Perhaps the FB model is what everybody wants, and we'll soon find out. At least for me, the lack of asymmetric friendships is a major factor in why I didn't use FB more. Here people can follow me if they like, but I don't feel compelled to return the favor and sign up to see pictures of their cats.
don't want comments from all and sundry - post to your circles rather than public. Or disable comments. Whining that it doesn't work like Facebook on the default settings then complaining when other users take an interest is pretty childish. Also you block people, not tell them to GTFO.
You can achieve the results you want simply by never publishing any public comments.
Trolling. If this is all such an issue, stop posting publicly!
An idea I've been pondering: share something publicly, disabling comments, and reshare it privately to friends for soliciting comments. Unsure where I'd use this though. I have already shared something to e.g. friends and reshared to family, as a way of keeping the two comment threads separate.

Anyway, Yishan, pardon me dropping by uninvited on your posting, but I'm mostly meaning to have a conversation with the other uninvited commenters here. ;-) I'll refrain from posting a follow-up.
It's the same default model as Quora.
This is fun and all, but you guys do realize Yishan hasn't worked at Facebook for like, a year and a half, yes?
Your point falls apart when you realise you want public posts that the public cant comment on. What you want and what you are asking for are not the same thing.

If you share something with everyone, everyone can comment. If you want only people in your circle to comment, only share within your circle. Disable reshare if its something you only want within those circles, and disable commenting if you dont want people commenting on public posts, otherwise what's to stop you making a libellous statement about me then removing me from your circle so I cant defend myself? Then having your friends support your libellous claim? This is a social networking site, and plenty of bad horrible nasty things happen on a daily basis when you throw social into the mix
The fact that you are aware that we are reading you because you explicitly marked this post as public is the evidence that this place has "better privacy".
G+ is enabling you reaching wider audience right now, just because you wish it.
Now, again if you wish, block comments on this post and gain back your privacy control with one click.
I bet facebook will implement the same type of privacy control in no more then 1 month.
I can't believe facebookers attitudes online are if I don't know you personally I don't want to know you. I think its an awful attitude.
This is kind of amazing. Someone makes a public post on the Internet, then they're shocked and angry when people come along to comment on said public post. It's akin to putting something on a blog then getting riled up when strangers comment. But... it's the Internet. And you chose to make it public. And Google+ makes it easy to decide if posts should be public. I don't think the tool is confusing, I think you are confused, dude.
The massive prevalence of stranger-commenting here is exactly the object example that shows that G+ made a product that looks like Facebook but acts like Twitter. It's not that I don't know how to use the product, it's that most normal users won't, so I'm simulating the "just post via the default privacy setting" case, which on Facebook is the must-decried "Everyone" default. But on Facebook, you still don't have strangers jumping into your "Everyone" threads (they can't), whereas on G+ and Twitter, the presence of strangers here demonstrates how the social norm has been subtly altered so that the experience is much more public, and hardly a more "private" one. It's not the tools available that matter, but the default experience.

This isn't a Facebook-killer, it's a Twitter-killer.