A Method for Investigation - Victim, Suspects, Means, Motive and Method

+H. Richard Loeb​ proposed this scheme to investigate the murder of Ken Owens, the former spin doctor of NIA. (https://goo.gl/dkx1xa)

I held out for a long time the idea Owens faked his own death, but reliable sources confirmed he was indeed murdered.

I've no choice now, but to conclude that the victim was indeed Owens.

+Hank Johnson​ offered a list of suspects. https://goo.gl/NwW32y Lorazon, Smith, Glas, Phillips, Hubert, and 855. The first four are linked to XM corporations and agencies struggling to maintain their hold and position in the XM economy. If Owens was offering his expertise to the highest bidder, all four would be interested to take out an order to prevent their competitors from getting what he had to offer.

Hubert and 855 are professionals who could definitely do the job, but I don't see an obvious reason. 855 has a single objective of getting his revenge on ADA, but he had been incapacitated by Henry and probably under his control rather than the AI. Hubert also has one goal in mind. Protecting the person he was ordered to kill. +Devra Bogdanovich​. If he did it, it definitely involved Devra. Personally, I think it's possible, but unlikely.

Five other suspects are missing from the list. Akira, Calvin, ADA, the Acolyte and Jahan. If my theory holds, the victim was murdered in a power struggle between Lorazon and Akira, then she is definitely on my list of suspects. Also Calvin felt that his lift was in danger. Could the impending arrival of Owens at IQTech caused it?

I think the person of interest can be greatly narrowed down if we can deduce the motive. The key question to this investigation should be what's the motive?

To answer this question, I look to the context. I think both Richard and Hank think that Owens' murder was a warning message given the place when his body was dumped. (https://goo.gl/S1Md3A)

If true, then this warning message could read something like this. "Don't try to steal from us and be your own boss somewhere else. We will not let that happen." Again, if this is right, then Owens was betrayed while he was meeting someone he knew that would have allowed his objective to be achieved. This reminds me of Jarvis and Marla. They thought they were meeting friendlies with a certain objective in mind, but both were betrayed to their death by ADA.

This speculation might help Richard to answer the means and method part. (https://goo.gl/L8nVtv)

But everything is tied back to motive.

If the context was indeed Owens stealing NIA secrets from Phillips and bringing it over to IQTech, then Phillips, Claudia and Smith would definitely want to stop it. Killing him if necessary.

Let me speculate further. If what Owens would have brought to IQTech jeopardized either Lorazon, Akira or Calvin, then any of these three would have a reason to kill him. Lorazon or Akira does not want either of them to get hold of what Owens would be bringing over from NIA. Secrets that could would possibly enhance greatly the NL1331 Tecthulhu Project. Calvin would be deemed a liability if Owens could bring over the secrets of the Niantic Project held in the archives of NIA. Calvin might have taken the gamble to protect himself.

So, currently, this is where I'm at in the investigation. The victim, the suspects, the means and the method. But I think the most important question is what is the motive?. Answer this and the rest will fall in place.

+Edgar Allan Wright+flint dille#investigateingress
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