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How to use Google Analytics in order to understand Google+ in-site interactions (e.g. +1 button clicks) and off-site interactions (e.g. comments, posts, shares that happened on Google+)

Google Analytics has created a robust tracking and analysis platform for Google+, which puts Google+ in an excellent position when it comes to other Social Networks. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are provide very few data about what happens inside their walls, which makes investments less measurable.

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mmmm...some yummy stuff to put in my brain. Nom Nom Nom.

It's Friday, I'm feeling silly but I've been looking for this since they released the newest version of Google Analytics.
As Daniel says on the original post, some of these features are slowly rolling out over the coming 2 weeks.. so the links in the article may not work for you just yet :) It'll be the bizz when they do.
+Yifat Cohen Yea, I'm looking forward to these all being implemented! Thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing the post +Yifat Cohen. Hopefully we will start seeing a deeper and deeper integration... But this is a great start :-)
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