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Ever wondered which social media avenue will bring you the most return on investment (ROI)?

+Doc Harvard did too. And so he tested it and has the proof that if you're reading this you're in the right place.
Join us this Tue. as we present you with the testing, the results and the conclusion.

There are 7 spots left on this Hangout. Comment and share if you want a seat.

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Yep.. I'll be a bit late though
Hey +Johnny Rice check this out! Like you, I'm really interested to learn more about social media and hear what experts like +Yifat Cohen have to say! ROI is important, but I often find myself stretched thin between "doing" and "analyzing" social media. I'm open for advice and answers!
Err. Who are you and why do you show up in my notifications?
Interesting topic. Is this evaluating ROI from a personal/social perspective or as a business/networking investment?
It's from a business point of view.
Looks like I picked the right social networking to use:)
Will definitely be all ears to hear more on this one, be great to know for our experience with the +Cadbury UK page! Not quite sure what that time is in GMT though now we've switched to summertime this weekend...
Thank's for the tip +Nadra Angerman . My favorite social network that's already worth a ton is +Alaska Seafood However, they need help with the social networking thing so it's time for us to put on a real toolbelt and fix things there so we can get everyone eating more +Alaska Seafood on +Google+ . Do you think the folks on this thread can help?
I believe that if you're here or able to help people one way or another and have a good business or affiliation with one then social media will be a valued key for anyones success!
whenever I see the statement 'scientific proof' it automatically makes me question the validity of anything to do with the statement.
that is THE coolest logo for G+ I've seen yet!
+Yifat Cohen In science there is no proof, there is only better evidence. And even the best evidence is just waiting to be proven wrong. So although you can have proof that a theory is incorrect, you can never have proof that a theory is absolutely correct.
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