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I'm writing a book!

And if you're like me and you struggle with writer's block, this post might be the direction you need.

If if it's not, +Shira Gal is the person you need to talk to.
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ah cool, any target publish date?
With +Shira Gal's help, hopefully soon... :)

BTW, if you have any questions that you need research on - send them my way :)
Hey +Yifat Cohen , thanks for the mention :) I wouldn't actually recommend on turning your blog into a book unless you are going to do a major edit and that can take more time than to write a book from scratch. If you want to sell subscriptions to your blog you can submit it to Amazon Kindle Blog subscriptions relatively easily... You can see a relatively successful
example in Mark Cuban's Book (from Shark Tank) -
I was wondering about that too +Shira Gal. I knew you'd give the best advice :)
+Yifat Cohen i wonder if there's a riff on this book?

How To Turn Your Google+ Into A Book?


Let me know when your book is done. And I hope you sell many at a great price to ensure high volume. As margin is a killer. ;-)

I always said bring many people to my store as they will tell many other people of the good things. I like volume.

Good luck.
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