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Ladies and gentlemen - AMANDA BLAIN!


Here's what I know about +Amanda Blain:

- She created a company in 72 hours on the Startup bus heading to SXSW
- Her site Http:// won the readers choice contest of
- Her posts often appear on the What's Hot list
- She HangsOut with more than 100 people at a time (I want to find out just how)

But what I don't know is her life story and what she learned a long the way to bring all this about.

Join me Tomorrow, as I uncover what moves and shakes this UberGeekGirl

#onairhangouts #hangoutsonair #interview #yifatcohen #GPlusGoToGal #entrepreneur #startup
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I'll do my best to be there! Thanks +Yifat Cohen for the invite! :D have a wonderful day to all!

+Yifat Cohen Its great to see Google+ Users helping each other and giving how to infos to the community. +Amanda Blain s Hangout participants posts often look like a picture wall of people, showing a lot of engaged and interesting G+ Users:)
Time to work on schedule changes to catch this one. Even with nearly 1M circlers, she's the same +Amanda Blain.
Would love to have you +Bob Dunmyer! AND - it's wonderful to see your face. Much better looking than a tree ;)
haha. Thanks +Yifat Cohen. The tree is my logo, but it hung around too long. Down at the beach with the family for the week, but they may allow me to fit in at least a viewing.
If not, there's always the replay...
Though - I'll be taking questions during the Hangout, so you might still want to be there.

Where are you vacationing?
Getting 100+ people to be in a hangout is easy if you have the following and a good topic. They just can't all be in at once and have to switch off for others to join. The ones I've been in have been good about revolving who's in.
Yup... first real 'g+ interview'... We'll see how i do :)

And its not 100 at one time.. its over the course of the hangout... its only ever 10 max at one time :)

and going to have to disagree... 100 people hangouts are never easy... takes a lot to manage a room of that many strangers coming in and out :D
Down at Sunset Beach, NC. It's just north of Myrtle so we end up down there most evenings. Perfect weather this time of year, but the water is still on the cold side.
+Amanda Blain I agree not easy to maintain, but easy to get to if you do it and have people that actually care and let others join. Always need a dedicated person to mute people though.
Thank you for letting me know about this. I will have to catch the recorded version after work. appreciate it
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