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Finally, a company that gets Google+

I'm impressed with +Scott Monty for understanding Google Plus better than +Robert Scoble does.

In a time when the media is still comparing Google+ to Facebook, when the bigger companies are either sitting on the fence waiting to see what happens to this ghost town, or doing it completely wrong, +Scott Monty, head of global digital communications at Ford, shows that gems can be found even among the suits.

Scott understands that the value of G+ is "tied to search results as Google turns on its social search function." and that comparing Google Plus to Facebook is a mistake - "The platform is very nascent and has a fundamentally different approach to social than Facebook."

via +Gary Weinberg
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+Ford Motor Company definitely gets it: Google+ is a hard wire into search, and those who don't take advantage of it now will have to catch up.
How long is it going to take companies, and individuals for that matter, to realize that the greatest thing about G+ is that it isn't Facebook or twitter or myspce or livejournal...

It is something wholly new. It is actually social. We meet new friends here. We see the world here. We are a community.
Exactly +Zach Harper. We don't need to bring our friends here, we make new friends based on our passions and interests.
Great read. But isn't this what Robert has been saying all along, that it's one of the best ways to get content into search? 
+Yifat Cohen I am starting to get what G+ means... I can mix with artists, historians, musicians, engineers, writers, educators... geeks of all stripes from all four corners of global geekdom... and even an occasional sky-diving-bungee-jumping-Don't-Mess-With-the Zohana-fighter-pilot type that can rejoice in proclaiming without hesitation "May the G+ Force Be With you, Always!" :D
In a nutshell, G+ is THE place where you can let your geek flag fly.
+Robert Scoble has been bashing #googleplus since it came out +Peter du Toit.
On this post - he's talking about how he can't even convince his wife to use G+ and then challenges me to explain why G+ is a platform (like +Scott Monty says) and why comparing it to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is the wrong comparison. I did so in the last comment on this post.

I'm still waiting for him to admit he was wrong...
Maybe today's the day :)
Yes +Rashid Moore - you connect with people based on passions (as +Guy Kawasaki puts it) rather than places you went to together (school, work) or the family you were born into.
IMHO it's a lot better. :)

True that +Jasdeep Singh! :)
Passions - that is what draws people here, clearly +Yifat Cohen and +Guy Kawasaki And unlike the "school & work" draws of other social media which have a past/present orientation, G+ has the feel of a present/future orientation. I find that orientation much more exciting, to be perfectly frank.
I think I must be on another planet because I see him as being on of G+'s great evangelists :) Sure he gives them his views on what features he would like to see here but that's a good thing
+Yifat Cohen that's great. I'll check them out. And great point; comparing two giants are not going to help at all. ;-)
+Ford Motor Company was actually one of the first brands I followed on Google+ back in July. They are really good at seeing the value of social media and being engaging. I actually had a conversation on Twitter with their customer service Twitter account before.
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