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And what do YOU think about it?

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Ive said this before that FB is a over hyped ad company
Facebook was doomed the moment they accepted non-college-students, as online grammar was doomed in September of '93.
I wish Diasopora would open.. At least we have g+.
I never had a FB account, don't care if it goes away or not. I'm not a hater, it's just not relevant to me.
I tried Diaspora. Couldn't see much point in having a third social network. . I keep FB because of all my contacts who can't/won't leave and use it to keep in touch with several who seem to have completely abandoned their outside email addresses
I, too, tried diaspora. I don't have any interest in, as +Lee Grupsmith put it, a "walled garden" network, and can't stand dealing with people who refuse to have a genuine social interaction (ie, insist on pseudo- or anonymity). I need an expandable, intuitive network of real people with real names to discuss real things with, not some fake-name-using, bit-coin-shuffling ron-paul-cult that can't form a logical opinion on anything to save their lives. /2cents
AOL and Yahoo should provide a cautionary tale to FB. After blowing one billion on instagram, i wonder if it is going to last.
What is Facebook? is that something new fangled? I hate new fangled
I really don't understand why FB is evaluated at $100 billion - who ever made money from Facebook but Mark?
What value does it offer it's users? Now that everyone's info is been sold to the highest bidder, why would anyone stay there when there are better alternatives?
Look at the Ford and FB market value comparisons. Ford has 4x revenue and its valued way less than FB. People will make money up front and by people I mean banks. Any individuals who think this is a good buy will be losing money when the short selling begins. Want to see how FB fares when shareholder profit is the only driver.
+Yifat Cohen I don't understand why people do a great many of the things they do. A lot of people love FB. For investors the question would be how long will they continue to love it.
"Half of Americans" believe a lot of stupid things, so that really doesn't mean much in itself but I'm sure FB is just a fad and the IPO will probably be the real downward slide. I think saying it offers nothing of value to it's users shows a lack of understanding users.
+George Cohn The question it's not if people love FB or not. For an investor, the question is, is FB be able to make the numbers and have accelerated growth as a company, considering that it is a free service.
I agree +Luis Anaya that is the question. The current thinking is that they will monetize via targeted ads, right? For that they need to prove some x amount of dollars per user, for some y number of users.
+Yifat Cohen 100 billion? Really? REALLY? This all has the feel of a classic Wall Street "pump and dump". As Rupert Murdoch found to his chagrin to the tune of a 500 million loss with his MySpace acquisition, a hot Internet property can lose its "X factor" once the suits move in and start overtly trying to monetize it. Do Frosted Flakes and Windex REALLY want to me to "like" them on Facebook? Facebook has already become something of an embarrassment to many of its users as well. Consider this: who REALLY wants a email address? Or even admit they spend as much time as they do on FB? Now consider who really wants a Gmail account connected to a G+ account connected to Google search functions connected to Blogger and other tools? And who admit they like to spend time in Google Hangouts listening and participating in discussions with interesting people on every topic under the Sun? And the way Plussers talk about their feelings about G+ is not mirrored in any way by FBers discussing their belief in their site. All of these things give one pause for thought before handing over one's money for FB stock.
Yeah, I don't know how they came up with $100 billion... and like +Sean Wetherall said - #facebook is worth more than Ford? In what world?!?!
I thought that bubble already exploded.
+Yifat Cohen +Sean Wetherall The timing is ominous of the announcement by General Motors that it is suspending its Facebook ads because there was no evidence that anyone was clicking on the ads AND buying any of their vehicles. And this on the eve of the IPO...
I think that +Rashid Moore brings up pretty good points about FB and its IPO. When there is a pressure to perform from the bgi financial institutions the changes that will happen there will not be pleasant. +Yifat Cohen Is FB worth 100 billion dollars? Not on valuation in a sane world. As it is, it is a speculative investment with fairly high risk being that the stock as an inherent high multiple. At the end of the day, FB is just a bulletin board system.
Hard truth all economical surveys point it out,the giant with some clay feet is fading out ( collapsing ).
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