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Google+ is not a social network.

If you watched yesterday's keynotes from Google I/O you're probably as amazed as I am at all the new features Google added to ALL its products and how well they're integrated with Google+.

I can count the ways Google is about to change our daily lives (in a positive way) with each of its updates (From Google Now, to Wallet, to Hangouts, to Maps...) so why does the media continues to compare it to Facebook??

+TIME just released an article calling Google+ "the most attractive and engaging web apps" (really, so it's a web app now?!?) and finishing with - 

My friends, family and acquaintances are all on Facebook, where they add up to a bustling community I enjoy being part of.  More than any particular feature that Mark Zuckerberg and company have cooked up, it’s the people in my life that make Facebook, well, Facebook.
Therein lies Google+’s great challenge. Even if it’s good — even if it’s great — it’s not going to displace Facebook as the world’s primary social network. And most people don’t need a second social network. (Or at least a Facebook-like social network: Twitter, Pinterest and others that don’t take Facebook on directly can and do thrive.)

So what needs to happen, dear +Harry McCracken for you and your peers to get it - Google+ is not another social media web site, or web app, or a stand alone whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

It's not competing with Facebook, Twitter or even Skype or GotoMeeting. It's Google! It's the internet. It's where people go to Search, connect and FIND what they're looking for. And it's integrated with a word-of-mouth-social-layer called Google+.


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+Yifat Cohen the only way they will ever "get it". is when they drop their preconceived notions and begin to engage at G+ 
You're right, not a social network, I would say a 'complete network', that includes a social network part. If we compare Facebook and Google+, Google+ is a much deeper experience in services than Facebook.
Conventional media technology reporters are reporters first and technologists second. Some of them don't even understand some basics. I find the BBC to be one of the worst for this, their technology show 'click' is awful. They also rarely want to go out on a limb just in case they're proved wrong later - safer to repeat what the herd are saying.
Like somebody writing a travel article about a country they never visited.
Caposh! And so right +Yifat Cohen 
I just wish that some of the friends I have in real life were not so stuck on facebook as not even to want to investigate G+. They miss out on so much because they think it's either or. Mind you I did leave FB
The facebook comparisons with the new changes are so cringeworthy.

Seriously. They had multiple column layouts BEFORE facebook. Christ.
Exactly +Al Remetch  you've hit it on the head. You're either a Plusser or a Klingon!!
I'm sorry to say it +Yifat Cohen but I honestly think it's a laziness issue. It's not that +Harry McCracken or anyone else doesn't realize that Google+ isn't just another social media platform, it's that he can't combat the belief system that no one needs a second social media network. People who have seasons tickets to one theatre company in New York often think they don't need to go to any other theatre company. People eat in the same handful of restaurants when they go out to eat and often return to the same places for vacations year after year after year. If someone plays tennis well, they are hardly likely to go make the effort and spend the money to learn ballroom dancing.

People are creatures of habit. They often don't want to change, they don't want to expand their horizons, they don't want to try anything new. They want to read +TIME and that's it!

When it comes to Google+ there are two kinds of people I think: Those who have been on FB and will always stay there not really out of choice but because it was the only platform for such a long, long time. And those who, now that there is a choice, will ask themselves what is right for them, whether it takes effort to venture into uncharted waters or not.

For many of us being online "socially" with all of the friends and family we know in our "real" lives would be a duplicity. Google+ offers an opportunity to grow way beyond one's boundaries. That clearly isn't for everyone.

Either way, does it really matter? Not to me it doesn't. I don't get my news from +TIME. I figure it out for myself. 
I still use Facebook because a lot of my friends are there. Interestingly enough, I check Google+ more often than facebook now. I think im just on a conversion mode attitude where i keep telling people to at least try something different. The advent of "Hangouts" will make that a bit easier now.   
They are trying to compare G+ and FB instead of digging into G+ to see the tremendous things it has to offer.  For me it is the tools and the assist to SEO.
I'll tell you why.  As a fan of Google Plus and only on Facebook because it's there and my grandkids are there...Facebook now has a better home far.

This new IU is an attempt to cater to Windows 8, but MS is getting ready to launch 8.1 to yield to the growing complaint of the 8 interface.

This new IU makes not sence,  is hard to follow and crammed with way too much information.
+Lee Kreider I tend to agree. I just switched over to check FB and there was a palpable relief on the eyes. 
+Yifat Cohen I'm in Vancouver and I actually saw a pretty positive review about the new Google this morning.  Hangouts was the focus. Didn't say anything about social media. Facebook, twitter, etc were not even mentioned / compared. The reviewer focused a lot on the hangout following you from device to platform to device, chat, video, add more people. My impression was that he thought it was brilliant.
+John Chavez The news program just ended. I'll see if it's on their site yet. Give me a couple of minutes.
Like so many things in life, the vast majority of people are silent - they either like the change or they are okay with it and they simply adapt and move on. A very small group decides to complain bitterly oftentimes without giving the "change" a chance. They post, write articles and blast the change.
Most people I know using Windows 8 really like it (my mother finds it much easier to use). The overwrought concern over a start button is laughable (as anyone who is actually using Windows 8 will attest). Microsoft might be making some changes in 8.1 but they actually took a big step forward and they should embrace it, not back down from it.
Google also took a step out there yesterday but I am pretty sure it was really thought through, kudos on the amazing rollout all day. Are there things I am not crazy about - sure (I would like to know the status of people in the Hangouts bar - I prefer not to bother people when they are unavailable and would like the same courtesy - but that is minor and if enough feedback is provided, I have no doubt Google will tweak this). Bottom line - if this is the biggest thing you have to complain about in this world, consider yourself lucky indeed. 
I think we are each different visually. My eyes are much happier on G+.
It's ridiculous how stupid the media is when it comes to G+. I still saw a ghost-town article published the other day. They still don't get it and act like they never will. 
+John Chavez Nothing up on that review, yet. I'll keep an eye and post a link when I see it. The reviewer was a guest on the show, I'll see if he has something from his own domain.
Here's my take on things.  Google looked at the Windows 8 interface and said, "Wow!  Look how they shot themselves in the foot with that.  Why don't we make an IU the looks like W8 and caters to W8 and maybe we can shoot ourselves in the foot as well.

Meanwhile, back in Redmond, MS says, "Let's give up and launch W8.1 and give the people what they want."
+Giselle Minoli - such valid points. So true. Now perhaps we can just get on and enjoy the great interaction and creative environment here and not worry about whether the rest of the world 'gets it'. I suspect that many of us who really participate on here have never fit the 'norm' anyway.
I love it, more info faster, compact.  Sort of like pinterest... no complaints.
Brilliant +Giselle Minoli!! 
Maybe that's why G+ is such a wonderful place - it naturally filters those who won't flourish here.. 
Do you guys realize that you can manage your ENTIRE G+ stream from within Gmail - you can Hangout from there, check specific circles, see your notifications and even Post something new without ever going over to (

I bet some of your Facebook buddies use Gmail. I bet most of them do. So should we start comparing how many active Gmail users are out there in relation to Facebook and how you can interact with your entire family/friends without leaving your inbox?

_My response to +Harry McCracken
+Yifat Cohen It makes me laugh when they completely ignore the benefits of Gmail and Youtube when they compare the "numbers" of Facebook vs Google+....

I don't know how some of these writers got their jobs. Some of them have no idea what they are talking about.
I get that Google+ is integrated all over Google, and that that's a differentiating point from Facebook. But there is a place called, and its organizing principles are those of a social network. It just got an impressive overhaul. As different as it is from Facebook in some respects, I don't understand the argument that it's doing anyone a disservice to compare them.

Like I say in my story, I'm not arguing that Google+ is unappealing for everybody. I mention that I have friends who love it, and that my own stream would be more interesting if I spent more time here. Every social network is different for every user, and while that makes them hard to write about, it's a great thing.

With 190 active users and another 200 million who encounter it across other Google services, G+ has come a long way in less than two years. But I don't see large numbers of regular, non-technologist folks bonding with it, at least yet. As I mention in the story, I find it to be an impressive product, so I'd be very happy if it turned out I'm wrong and that the existence of Facebook doesn't present a basic problem for Google+.
2 years ago, +Larry Page said that G+ is the new Google. So unless you call Google a social network (which you can), then it's a social layer that connect all the parts together +Philip Murphy.
Incidentally, I'm in I/O's Google+ fireside chat right now. The Googlers onstage say that they see Google+ as a way for Google to learn more about its users in ways that helps Google help them.

But they also say that they want Google+ users to see Google+ as an extension of their relationships in the real world. That sounds strikingly like how Facebook describes itself.
Glad to see you've joined us here +Harry McCracken :)

Are the relationships they speak of only with the people they know in real life, or also with the movies they watch, the places they visit (stores, countries), the music they listen to, the things they buy?

If it's only people, then you're right - it does sound like FB. But I argue it's the later.
+Yifat Cohen it does have a social network component to it. I'm sure that the notion of it being such has to do with people just glancing at the surface rather than the full suite that g+ really is
Hi +Harry McCracken. I'm a former actor and theatre director and now I'm a writer. In the theatre world we have a saying...which is that on opening night the last member of the "cast" shows up - the audience...and it is the audience that tells you what the play is about.

I submit that the same thing is true of companies that invent products. Very few people have the vision to know exactly how their users will integrate the products into their lives. But the Users can tell you...far better than the company can because they are the ones who have "adopted" the technology. Perhaps do a HangOut with +Yifat Cohen and a bunch of Plussers and do an article about G+ for +TIME based on what we insiders think of it?  I would bet you my last dollar that Google doesn't know this product as well as we do.

Now...what they want us to do with it? That's a whole 'nother story...
No no, they can't do a story that isn't based on much more than the number of total user accounts.


"Which network is best?"

"I dunno, let's count the number of fake accounts, that'll give us the best network... whoever has most!"

Disclaimer: This isn't about Kraken's article - I haven't read it yet. This is more about 95% of the "social media commentary" I see from major news sources.
Why not come over to the link and comment. It is a hostile environment.
I couldn't believe the +Harry McCracken  article either +Yifat Cohen and am so glad you intelligently showed the consumers of that piece the lay of the land here on G+. History will prove who was right. Let's try to remember which side of the fence we were all on.
+Yifat Cohen you are SOOOO absolutely right!
I will be hosting a meeting for +GBG Curitiba this Monday, I'll make sure to include this topic on my presentation.
My wife and associate +Erica Marques met you in São Paulo during the Summit and talked to me about you, since then I'm a following you posts.
And a big fan of yours.

Aw +Pablo Silvio Esquivel. You're married to the best dancer in Brazil! 
She's one amazing lady and so much fun to be around :)

You should join my Hangout with +Alex Mandossian today, we'll be discussing this as well.
LOL +Yifat Cohen . Thats true, She's a great dancer, Too bad I have 2 left feet !
Today is +Erica Marques birthday so I won't promise, but I'll do my best to be there.
I really enjoy hanging out with nice people.
Nothing special, breakfast in bed, restaurants. lots of presents, friends at work sharing a cake.
What can I say? I love to see her smile!
+Erica Marques "I want whatever you're having."  (Line from "When Harry Met Sally."  ;')
Yifat - I just got Guy Kawasaki's book on Google Plus and I'm starting to get it. Most business people don't ... so I'm not surprised that media is still trying to figure it out. 
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