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Israel-loves-Iran. Iran-loves-Israel.

This started as a simple picture in Facebook by an Israeli designer who wanted to let Iranians know he has nothing but love for them.
It turned into a movement that was featured on CNN, Aljazira, and all the way to China. 
People from Iran reached out to Israelis via pictures and text, expressing their detest with their government's propaganda, wishing they could visit each other soon.
They started meeting in real life in Israel and in Europe. People who grew up hating Israel because of what they were told, flew to Israel to meet with Israelis and discovered they have a lot in common.

This brought tears to my eyes. I hope it touches you too.

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This is what can happen if the internet is allowed to remain free and open (or if governments get out of the way).

Excellent post, thank you.
Noble attempt, unfortunately meaningless in the overall scope of things.
I don't think it has to be +Oleg Moskalensky. If the citizens of the two countries continue to take maters in to their own hands and do it publicly their respective governments would have to pay attention or risk horrible repercussions from the world at large. I realize it's mostly just bad PR but when bad PR leads to death and violence that neither side's populace supports, it won't end well for them.
Nothing noble is meaningless. Tough journeys indeed start with a small, seemingly insignificant step. Even when you think you are not making progress, you take another step... and one day you've made it across the finish line. Peace by Governments is difficult, peace by people comes naturally!
I have to disagree +Oleg Moskalensky. Love your enemy is never easy, or a natural inclination, and shouldn't be taken lightly.
OK it was terribly moving and I can only imagine how it hit you +Yifat Cohen Now where is the community here on G+ that can grow the message even more threw posts and most importantly, HOA's.  Where is that community?

I believe that this calls for you +Yifat Cohen , my friend. You have the experience, the following, the heart and the passion to start and grow a community that says "We Love You".

just saying....
Ok. When you start the community +Yifat Cohen  I will be one of the first to join. Cowboys can love both countries...and Palestine. I do not want to see anyone die anymore in a war in those countries.

Have one of our wonderful designer create the poster that some how allows us to insert our own image and you can add me to the poster. This just needs leadership. +Amid Yousef +Lara Setrakian and all the other leaders here...will you join.?
Trust me, American youth doesn't want to die in any wars... But politicians have a different agenda.. 
+John Borgen again, noble thought, doesn't appear like it works like that in practice, especially in that part of the world.

Sorry +Yifat Cohen, I can try to tolerate enemies, after many years of them showing lack of hostilities, but as far as 'loving' - way too strong a word & sentiment.  They are called 'enemies' for a reason.  You do nothing and 'love your enemies' and you have repeat of 1930s again. Not a smart or logical approach, as everyone on the Jewish side so painfully learned.  Besides, I don't think the Jews have any beef with the Iranian people to begin with... it's their government that's creating the problem.  Hopefully the Iranians will be able to fix the problem with the inside... They are amazing people on many levels, I have a number of very good friends here that came from Iran, can't complain about any of them.  You watch a movie like 'House of Sand & Fog' (which I recommend most highly) and you get a whole new level of respect for the Iranian people.  So, it's not an issue of people of Israel loving the people of Iran & vice versa.
Then you agree +Oleg Moskalensky The people have no beef with each other, and that's what they're trying to show.
It's the policy, the government, the media that create the hate.
+Oleg Moskalensky What if they are not your enemies? What if the context of the word has been created by the government? The revolt in Iran 2 years ago almost succeed

Isn't it the governments? There is no parallel to the 1930's. Yes Israel is surrounded by many that wish it harm. But a movement is always the way real change begin to happen.

Already you could say you don't hate anyone. After time and being surrounded by people of all countries isn't it possible that you could lov at least some of them?

The movement in the 60-70's doomed the VietNam war. A movement can eventually impact governments.

 I'll add +Yifat Cohen into this only to make sure she can read all of your comment.
I remember this when it first surfaced on Facebook. Awesome then, more awesome now. Reality is unfortunately splintered and the people vs the politics are out of whack. Perhaps over time and with some effort and patience, they can align? The challenge and the difficulty do not preclude the trying.
What do you think will happen if soldiers had a voice and were able to say - This is YOUR war. Not mine. YOU fight it.?
I agree with that particular point +Yifat Cohen, but that's NOT where the problem lies.  I'm sure you're well aware of what my point is and why.

With all due respect +Stuart O'Neill, I totally disagree.  There are very serious parallels between what hitler wanted to do to the Jews (and did to the extend he was able to do, considering there was no opposition from the Jewish side) and what the hitler of Iran stated publicly he wants to do.   I'm sure you're familiar with 'fool me once... fool me twice' concept... the Israelis are just trying to avoid the 'fool me twice' scenario, they ARE paying attention to words (and deeds... these thousands of rockets lobbed from Gaza we heard so much about weren't made out of clay in Ramallah somewhere).

I respect John Lennon's concept of peace... unfortunately it only works if both sides adhere to it.  And just as with communism - the concept might be sound, but the reality on the ground proves that it's nothing more than a concept that'll fail in the end.  As Americans say - all roads to hell are paved with good intentions.

Any normal & sane person would want to have a good, peaceful life and raise their children in peace... unfortunately, as we've seen so many times, that's NOT the description of everyone on this little planet of ours.  That's all I'm saying.
+Yifat Cohen, if soldiers actually said that - we wouldn't have any problems between nations.  They are NOT saying so... unfortunately.
This is wrong. Upsets the balance... They all need guns (sarcasm referring to other highly debated themes)
This is brillant we r all made of the same thing ther is no diffance between any one only wot they own other wise we r just the same ow long is it going to take before people relize
Love to see my peole dwell in unity. seeds of Abraham <> Ibrahim
Wonder what would happen if governments got out of the way. Never though I would say that. But I have been wondering that lately.
Iranian love good Israelis and good Israelis love Iranian....
Fantastic share +Yifat Cohen that demonstrates how a simple gesture can become a phenomenal movement when people join together.
ngomong aje lu takut sama hebatnya iran.. dasar Israel bi***b
Rare moment when the internet is used to do something real and amazing.
I'm grateful to hear that Israeli people don't support the madmen that run their government. Sounds a lot like home.
Many tiny acts can move the world. 
I think ur super're beautiful and cool! :-)
She is 1 of how many? Iranians do not care much for anyone who cares for Israel! They envy them because Jews are Chosen by GOD!
If you're not ready to die in our war, then get ready >:U
That's i am proud of you
Peace with Israel? Did you forget your loved ones? We can not! We can not forget our scientists, the people who were assassinated by the Mossad. Israel threatens to attack me every day people with this condition may be a friend of Israel? It is my opinion that the people of Israel, people like me are lies. Lie, lie, lie .....
Jay A
are humans not yet tired of wars? when are we going to stop? when there's no nobody else left to fight. 
Sorry, and it is quite sad, but the Bible says war will always be with us. It is because man is Self-centered and wants what they want. LOVE is with a condition and until we learn to give it away Unconditionally, we will be at war with ourselves and others.
suppirters?? lmbo..Long live the state of Israel..
Jay A
ok... now it goes around religion. I'm out of here! have a happy holidays you all. cheers.
iranians don't even recognize israel as a country and I do too. I wonder if canada get in USA and kill people there then citizen for about 60 years. Are you understand what I mean? if not never mind.
Jay A
I knew it! even in just a simple forum like this arguments and disdain for each other arises. Very sad. can we not argue without being disagreeable? 
Who is stupid enough said israel love iran? Israel must be destroyed if world want peace. Where israel love gaza post? Bullshit zionist. Iran, please attack israel asap. Whole muslim country will help u.
Be strong !! Dont against your home
Yes, but that is the government, NOT the people.
Muslims must unite & take palestine land back from zionist. All arabs, indonesia, asia , some part china vs israel, us & their allies. Islam will win easily. Lets prepare for war my brother....
Holly sheep shit. Them's fightin' words.
However, I believe they are totally uncalled for, especially in a public forum such as this and certainly not in a Ted Talk forum.
I personally get very pissed about all that is taking place in Palestine as a result of right wing Israeli Gov't ideology and actions, BUT they don't speak for all Israelis. In fact, MANY Israelis are totally against all attacks against Palestinians as well as the Occupation.
The same is true about Iranians. I personally believe that many if not most Iranians totally disagree with their Leadership's opinions and comments (and possible terrorist supporting actions/behavior).
It is the Peace Loving people of at least 2 of these Nations that wish to come together in peace, to support peace and to prove that peace can be achieved.
I have seen many cases where Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims have gotten along together for many generations and continue to do so to this very day.
So what is to say that Iranians and Israelis cannot do the same ?
I believe the topic of this discussion clearly proves that they can and will do the same. The process must start somewhere. This seems like a logical place to me.
I also believe that the Iranian Gov't will return to a leadership not unlike that of the moderate gov't that existed prior to Ahmadinejad. Unfortunately, they were slighted by the Bush White House that ended up pissing off much of the world, regardless of religion.
It is a time for healing. That healing will likely be most successful if it starts with citizens of conflicting nations and/or religions, reaching out to each other which will ultimately force their respective gov'ts to also get along .... or be sent to the unemployment line and replaced with more moderate representatives who will do what is necessary to end decades of war and hate.

But that's just my opinion !
leo kun
why is +Dan Bahrami spamming? what's his point? does he persuade others with his spam? or is he simply mad with this post? some people just want to see the world burn.
I am aware of the hypocrisy on the part of all sides. But many of the comments, hypocrisies and ideologies, do not represent those of all respective nation's citizens any more than they do in any other country.
I think the point here is that those very people that disagree with the way things have been and continue to be, are taking the first steps to change the way things are and to prove that it can be done.
There are liars and warmongers and manipulators in every country. That's why it's important to have truth-seekers, peacemakers, and truth-sayers in every country.
+Juwita Huda you wore a 'jilbab' but you spread HATE word in public space. Shame on you!!
Unfortunately, the hate displayed in this thread is absolutely contrary to the subject at hand which is that of Peace .. not war and hate.
It is an opportunity for rejoice and forgiveness and acceptance rather than just yet another place to spout hate. There are enough of those places already.
+Yifat Cohen As an Iranian, I completely approve this message.
Everyone else, please don't take the words of the Iranian regime's paid off goons here as an indication of how Iranians feel about Israelis. They're paid to look for such posts and fill up the comments with hate.
Iranians do not hate Israelis. It's that simple. Really!
Suppose you have no god....and your prophet is Carl Sagan?
If both Mohammed and Jesus have given their wisdom to the Middle East, what hope is there?
Hate begets hate. But if you enjoy hate, i guess that's what you're gonna do.
I hope peace and love flourish everywhere 
At the end of the day your still the looser killing yourself in vein.
I wish more people could see things this way. We need to stop killing each other and open our eyes long enough to see that we are all made from flesh and blood. We are all human and we need to find A way to get along. We need peace.
Signs of ends times getting nearer
Israel has all the ability to erase Iran off the global map militarily......

On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 1:40 PM, Rietz Malot <****@**> wrote:

> Signs of ends times getting nearer
hatred ignorance and stupidity knows no boundries,,, theres enough blame to cover us all... thats the problem.  do i know the answer?  not really.  but i know its got to start somewhere and what better place than right here and right now?      i know thats simplistic thinking but the  politcos and priest and wild eyed scientist havent done much but promise lies to promote their own agenda,,,fuck them its up to us
We are made for death. Did you need science to know this?
The designer of this poster said "Iran and Isreal have a lot in common"
As an Iranian I ask you a question:
What do we have in common with Isreal?
Of course the answer is clear,NOTHING.
Believe me,this kind of jobs wouldn't affect.
Hmm. You're all human. Hating people you don't know shows stupidity Nd ignorance. Nothing else. Hate based on group think is exactly what religion does to people that are weak minded and followers. If you believe in god, he didn't create the brain only to think as the man next to you. Brain is for being an individual not a lemming. Stick two Iranian children with 2 israeli children and you will see them play. Why? Children aren't as dumb as adults. 
If it was only that simple - the world would be a better place
No doubt that every country has its own rights, but war is a bad word which leaves nothing but ravages.
Yes but Iran hates Israel. God bless Israel and all who defend her.
It is heart breaking to see the strife between Israel and Hamas. 
It is time for some to change attitude; namely, those who aren't into freedom, democracy, and freedom for women.
there not frainds because the stupid relegons
i do not thing so, destroying is simpler than building.
The west watches the middle east like its episode of a war series and take sides.,really unless ur a mad man u dont want war .the world needs love understanding reasoning who who will put your hand up to die or who will put tbeir hand out to embrass anotber human
This man is brave,he has aheart and a voice....its grace that allows to speak ...who wants war..........then ask the question will u give ur children up to war
No one wants to die no one wants to give their children up to die in wars.........its easy to say isreal iran lebanon....evil ...but is the child walking to school evil.or the guy making a road evil....governments are evil...
+Amza H media are scum...who spread the filth and stupidity f governments....
Ask anyone isreali or iranian or american after u finished a days work u just wanna relax not worry bout anything eat and relax we r the same..governments make life sour and the media adds the spice
How does a post about love and peace brings out so much hate?
In the midst of the continuous litany of tragedies so horrific they numb your soul comes this, beautiful endeavor. Actions such as these bring hope, a light in the dark, and the belief that every one of us can make a difference we just have to TRY. Bless everyone in Iran who had the courage to reply with their own affirmation of peace. I believe everyone involved a hero in their own way, but lets be honest, those brave souls actually in Iran risked more than a neighbors disapproval for taking their stand, they risked their LIVES. That so many threw caution away for a chance to be heard makes me feel better for us all as a species. This was a wonderful gift you've given the world this holiday season, I for one, thank you for it.
I would feel it an honor todie for Israel God's chosen people
Iranians hate Israel because of its policies against Muslims.
Israel government must be eradicated COMPLETELY.

IN many nations children  are taught to hate from birth, to hate other nations, religions, ideas, etc. It is the Government's propaganda to keep the people under their control, and to accept what ever idea is fed to them. The Governments mainly use the News, and the Arts to pass on their radical agenda's. American included. I pray that this idea of the designer of Ted works, and people realize that they are alike reguardless of the color of their skin. religion, or nation. People love life, and just want their kids to have it better than they did. The people do not want war, unless the government has convinced them it is the only way they can survive as a country. They want food, a house , decent living conditions, freedom to choose, wellness, a life without fear of bombs or the Government, enough money to care for their family, and freedom to worship what ever God they choose. Life could be so much simpler if people could correspond with each other, and know the people their Governments have told them to hate, are just like them. They have the same dreams, desires, bleed red blood the same when hurt, and love, and mourn the same with loss of loved ones. God did not want the world to hate each other, but to love your enemies, and pray for them. I pray this movement grows.
+Yifat Cohen Its that people hold people guillty for tbeir countries actions..i dont hafe coz my goverment hates....but if your forced to choose then u dont have a choice..its madness,next your children see the choices u were forced to accept and they take up the torch....
Were does it say i the quran to kill hebrews or i the tora to kill islamists.or christians.........its governments twist religion to vet everyone ramped is the biggest sin
I was a soldier in the U.S. Army, I've fought in Iraq and seen the ugly face of death. So much intolerance, it saddens me. Propaganda is a powerful tool in the hands of the ruling elite, and it is ALWAYS wielded to keep them in power, everything else is secondary. I will not sully the warm glow I'm feeling by exchanging barbs and insults with the bitter souls that cling to hate, be they American, Iranian or Israeli. But I mentioned my military service so I can say to the American hate mongers that will pile on. HAVE YOU STRAPPED IT ON FOR YOUR COUNTRY? I have. Respect my right to my opinion. It's the one of those liberties we fight for.
This is a conflict that only exists because of power-mongers, madmen and zealots.  The people that actually make the world want nothing of it.  Good on the people of both nations for showing that's the case.
This is a great story. The internet is bringing us all together so that we can have what we all want and that is Peace.
Anyone that believes Islam preaches death and intolerance needs to read the Quran and see for themselves that Islam is not the enemy. Stop disrespecting the beliefs of others and maybe they will do the same. Believe me I'm a catholic, nobody likes us.
And the Governments are feeding them the lies, to feed to the nations people, so the people will go along with what ever they want.
Regardless how cynical one would be, there is certainly something to be said for opening lines of communication via any platform and employing any genre within which to do so. Great step in debunking the myth that Governments are entirely the sum total of the people they represent. Because in truth, there isn't a single government out there that hasn't grown so bureaucratic and removed from its people that it can claim to voice the desires of their citizens. Virtuous endeavor . All the best!
aankh ha baree baree or thum muskurana ke bath karthe ho.
I do not think so it is absolutely false statement Iran does not love Israel and everybody know this very well
Marc N
Hmmm just Iraqis everyone was ready to bomb us.....
I work with an Iranian guy and he had nothing but contempt for the current government over there. He was also one of the nicest people I've ever met. He specifically said the govt perpetuates the conflicts.
Its touching, very touching that a remarkable of a feat was achieved on Tel Aviv. In the in end it is up to us, each and everyone of us on the individual level to change what others fear to do and to tread places whereas others have abandoned it.  
John Ef
Why did O.B. not support the people when he(we) had the the opportunity? Something really 'stinks' with this guy!!!
Threw my travels I learned one constant, the propaganda of the politicians has always been different of the people. My friends that travel even more than me, have had similar experiences. This may be interesting: Bobby Ghosh: Why global jihad is losing #TED
It is one of the most amazing endeavours by either side.
I love the Israeli...........women 😏
Those eyes tho.... They melt my heart..
People in this world want peace and love, but for the selfishness of few.
Israeli love irani people bucz thay both doing the same thing
yes but ready to die for country
What a great video Thanks from me in Maine USA.
Salom = sellam
It sounds almost the same, doesn't it? it probably is.
How many things do you have in common in the religion? Almost all! It's just called something else. Face the truth, it's the same.
Religion is not the problem, stupid people are. On both sides of conflict. And whatever conflict , Ignorant people are reason why few can rule many. They believe stories that are told to them, no questions asked.

When you look at who is fighting who, it's brothers and sisters fighting each others. Yes, you are all the same in genetical sense. And yes, both will now try to dispute this. And all will claim holy books and scriptures as ultimate truth to their beliefs.

So instead of hating/disliking each other, open your eyes and seek the real truth and you will realise that you were wrong all your life. Everybody around you thought you the wrong story.

Don't be stupid sheep.
Enjoy your life while you can and embrace love and not hate.

At this time of year..people talking of peace is great..our religions r cousins so we r family and we should act that way.even though family members fight at times.....we dont need scum media stirring things up
Peace in the Middle East? We've been talking about this for the past 6,000 years ... Good luck.
War.......... hu, what is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the sooner people put religion to one side and talk like human beings they'll realise that we all pee, poo and puke the same. Not saying kiss and make up, just take the blinkers off and open up to the fact that no-one wants to fight a war, no-one wants to lose a loved one.
Say it again, War, what is it good for? 
if you travel to Iran you'll know how Iranian are cordial.....
But why  Israel threatens to attack Iran?
Why in a year they kill 6 Nuclear Scientists?
Why they don't let other country to send medicine for emergency sick people?
Now they come and say Israel-loves-Iran??????//
What do they do in Gaza ???
they kill Innocent children....
they think if  boycott Iran from all of things , our country lost in this Unfair game
+paul pettersen these two religions were probably one at some point. But somebody in the tribe did something else and they got divided.
Something horrible must have happened at that time, since nobody is talking about it. It's not written anywhere that I could find. And I was looking.

Many facts are there as proof that only few minor things are different in both religion.

Fix your government, if you want to fix your relation with people from other countries...
We are trying to do that in Iran, what about you in Israel?
I admire these movements if it really helps towards peace of earth...
+Timothy White That Shaemus guy's right wing white power militia rant was bugging me, and the quickest way to abort that kind of mindless drivel is to speak slowly and use small words, then make sure he knew it wasn't just flower wearing hippies and immigrants that wished for peace. In my year of military service I have met many soldiers from many countries, and to a man (and woman) its the same. Those who do the dying in war pray for peace the hardest. You can step up and serve your country bravely, yet still despise the battle your forced to fight.
hello how are you
+Dan Bahrami  I thought it's about Iranians and Israelis...
Why Iranians don't have to talk about Israel???
But the point is talking politely Mr. +Amal Bendaoud , please!!! stop insulting to others.
We Muslims have a verse in Holly Qur'an saying:
English: And insult not those whom they (disbelievers) worship besides Allah, lest they insult Allah wrongfully without knowledge. Thus We have made fair-seeming to each people its own doings; then to their Lord is their return and He shall then inform them of all that they used to do.
Arabic: وَلاَ تَسُبُّواْ الَّذِينَ يَدْعُونَ مِن دُونِ اللّهِ فَيَسُبُّواْ اللّهَ عَدْوًا بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ كَذَلِكَ زَيَّنَّا لِكُلِّ أُمَّةٍ عَمَلَهُمْ ثُمَّ إِلَى رَبِّهِم مَّرْجِعُهُمْ فَيُنَبِّئُهُم بِمَا كَانُواْ يَعْمَلُونَ
Persian: و آنهايى را كه جز خدا مى‏خوانند دشنام مدهيد كه آنان از روى دشمنى [و] به نادانى خدا را دشنام خواهند داد اين گونه براى هر امتى كردارشان را آراستيم آنگاه بازگشت آنان به سوى پروردگارشان خواهد بود و ايشان را از آنچه انجام مى‏دادند آگاه خواهد ساخت

It's from Surah Al-An'am, Verse 108
This is so beautiful, thank you kindly for sharing. To see that there's mutual love and respect on both sides that continues despite what there government do is especially heartwarming.
+Bache Rostam That is Islam, Muhammad was known for his respect of Christianity and Judaism. Always remembering the shelter freely given by the Greek Orthodox Christians when he was hounded and hunted as a danger to those in power. There is so much we can respect and admire in all three religions but sadly we root around for the few differences and hold them up as proof of our own religion's superiority. Somehow I cannot See God or Allah or Yahweh being happy with all the killing we are doing in his name. 
I no wish everybody else figured it out .most should live for the fact of
we blame israel government and its people because if people dont support their government they cant kill palestinians so if israel people want iraninan love them they should stop supporting their government
stop this cruelty
I wish peace for both nations. 
Thanks for sharing this. It is people like these who understand the laws of the Universe that can collectively change things. The law of energy states that energy always return to its point of origination. As energy creators through our THOUGHTS and ACTIONS, we are the actual recipient of those THOUGHTS and ACTIONS that we send out. But, when enough people who act the same way such as expressing LOVE, collectively, they can changed the QUANTUM STATE of atoms of the UNIVERSE (as we are ALL made of the same types of particles; quarks and leptons...etc.). The reverse is happening in our world as we witness what we are currently labeling as natural disaster as natural disaster when the truth is that ALL natural disaster are man made. When we collectively violate laws of the Universe, we changed their Quantum States which attributed to what we are seen in climate changed and so forth... 
Well, war is always for the minority. If there were true democracy, no war would occur.
"Peace for all people!", "Not ready to die in YOUR war" - it's the point.

There isn't a lot of love to the radical islam to be fond in Israel.  And radical islam - it isn't just Homy..., Ahmy and some their friends.  It's a lot of people, it may well be majority of the population in countries like Iran.  

On the other hand, whoever won't prefer to resolve the differencies in more peacefull manner, than mass-murder and death in war is no better, than any other radical - by definition.
When people's are named ourself israeli cut out from Palestine and habitats other areas names this people "human"
Israel regime start most war in different places and claim to peace and human rights!!!
In first Israel regime must have ending crimes in Gaza and other places, after this must have cut out from Palestine, and after give competition to palestini people for 60 years crimes and occupation.
After this claim "love and befriend"...
+John Borgen "This is what can happen if the internet is allowed to remain free and open" - And so it won't be (allowed), North Korea, China, Lukashenko and Pootin do show the way... 
Just a shame that the Israeli government would probably shoot lovers on both sides. This could make for a modern day Romeo & Juliet.. 
+Amza H It isn't that just the actual rabid millitants are the problem.  The problem is their less active support.

 There are regions, there  even most religious and political liders won't speak against radicals.  Once more, just thouse leaders aren't the problem.  The problem are the masses they do represent...
+侯赛因萨夫"Just a shame that the Israeli government would probably shoot lovers on both sides. This could make for a modern day Romeo & Juliet.. " 

  Israeli government would probably WISH TO shoot lovers on both sides.  No client of USA may allow himself such an action on anything like a big scale (a murder or two here and there aren't a big deal in the global politics).  

Actually it's enough, that too peacefull folk have almost no chance to prosper in Palestina.  It makes even better example to others, than their deaths would.
+Albert Peace The majority is almost always all for DEFENCIVE war.  And it takes a minority, just a few men in our days, to make some sufficient provocation, the Casus Belly. It won't take ten men and a million $ to take something mass destructive to megapolis.  And than, the majority would vote for the war.
Israel and Iran are not enemies for sure, both of them has many similarities in their foreign policies regarding Arab and Muslims.
+Amza H , says someone who served as a Paramedic in the #Lebanese Red Cross , who's been through three wars, who's (modestly) helped save more lives than you can ever presume to count, and who lost quite a few friends to #warmongers ...and who thanks you for proving my point ; it's prejudices such as this that have helped sustain our little wars for the past 6,000 years
And the past few dozen comments is exactly why I think +Yifat Cohen's wonderful sentiment is so hard to come to pass. Because people just HATE HATE HATE without even knowing why.
 i don't like israel
I hope this grows and grows there are to sides to every coin the love side is always the best
Dig your post. There should be no war in the first place.
ASSIUT, Egypt -- A campaign of intimidation by Islamists left most Christians in this southern Egyptian province too afraid to participate in last week's referendum on an Islamist-drafted constitution they deeply oppose, residents say. The disenfranchisement is hiking Christians' worries over their future under empowered Muslim conservatives.
Around a week before the vote, some 50,000 Islamists marched through the provincial capital, Assiut, chanting that Egypt will be "Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians." At their head rode several bearded men on horseback with swords in scabbards on their hips, evoking images of early Muslims conquering Christian Egypt in the 7th Century.
They made sure to go through mainly Christian districts of the city, where residents, fearing attacks, shuttered down their stores and stayed in their homes, witnesses said.
The day of the voting itself on Saturday, Christian voting was minimal -- as low as 7 percent in some areas, according to church officials. Some of those who did try to head to polling stations in some villages were pelted by stones, forcing them to turn back without casting ballots, Christian activists and residents told The Associated Press this week.
The activists now see what happened in Assiut as a barometer for what Christians' status will be under a constitution that enshrines a greater role for Shariah, or Islamic law, in government and daily life. Even under the secular regime of autocrat Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's Christians complained of discrimination and government failure to protect them and their rights. They fear it will be worse with the Islamists who have dominated Egypt's political landscape since Mubarak's ouster in February 2011.
"When all issues become religious and all the talk is about championing Islam and its prophet, then, as a Christian, I am excluded from societal participation," said Shady Magdy Tobia, a Christian activist in Assiut. "If this does not change, things will only get worse for Christians."
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But some of the Christians of Assiut are pushing back against the emboldened Islamists. In recent weeks, young Christians joined growing street protests to demand that the charter is shelved, casting aside decades of political apathy.
Assiut province is significant because it is home to one of Egypt's largest Christian communities -- they make up about 35 percent of the population of 4.5 million, perhaps three times the nationwide percentage. At the same time, it is a major stronghold of Egypt's Islamists, who now dominate its local government. The province was the birthplace of some of the country's most radical Islamist groups and was the main battlefield of an insurgency by Muslim militants in the 1990s.
It was one of 10 provinces that voted in the first round of Egypt's referendum. Nationwide, around 56 percent voted in favor of the draft charter, according to preliminary results. Assiut had one of the strongest "yes" votes at more than 77 percent. It also had a turnout of only 28 percent -- one of the lowest in a round marred by a low participation of only 32 percent nationwide.
The second and final round will held the coming Saturday in 17 provinces, including in Minya, which has the country's highest proportion of Christians, at 36 percent.
Rights groups reported attempts at suppression of the "no" vote in many parts of the country. But Christians say intimidation and suppression are more effective in this smaller, largely rural province.
"In Assiut, we face more danger than in Cairo," said businessman Emad Awny Ramzy, a key organizer of local protests against Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and his ruling Muslim Brotherhood. "Here they can easily identify, monitor and attack us."
A senior figure of the Gamaa Islamiya -- which was once one of the main groups waging the Islamic militant insurgency in Assiut but has since renounced violence and is allied to Morsi's government -- dismissed the Christians' allegations of intimidation in the province.
The claims are "just lies and rumors that surface every time we have an election," Assem Abdel-Magued said. The Brotherhood and officials in Morsi's government have similarly dismissed claims of violations around the country.
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The draft constitution, finalized by Islamists on a Constituent Assembly despite a boycott by liberals and Christians, has polarized Egypt, bringing out huge rival street rallies by both camps in the past four weeks. Opponents of Morsi accuse him of ramming the document through and, more broadly, of imposing a Brotherhood domination of power. Morsi supporters, in turn, accuse his opponents of seeking to thwart a right to bring Islamic law they say they earned with election victories the past year.
Egypt's main Coptic Orthodox Church and smaller ones have taken an uncharacteristically assertive approach in the constitutional struggle. They withdrew their six members from the Constituent Assembly to protest Islamist domination of the process and later refused to send representatives to a "national dialogue" called for by Morsi.
The new Coptic pope, Tawadros II, enthroned last month, publicly called some of the charter's articles "disastrous."
In response, the Muslim Brotherhood -- which usually keeps a moderate tone toward Christians -- has turned toward more inflammatory rhetoric.
Senior Brotherhood figure Mohammed el-Beltagi in a newspaper interview this week depicted mass anti-Morsi rallies outside the presidential palace in Cairo this month as mainly made up of Christians, hinting at a Christian conspiracy against the president.
In a recent speech, Safwat Hegazi, a famous Islamist preacher linked to the Brotherhood, warned Christians against joining forces with former Mubarak regime figures to topple Morsi.
"I tell the church, yes, you are our brothers in Egypt, but there are red lines. Our red line is Morsi's legitimacy. Whoever dares splash it with water, we will splash him with blood," he said, using an Arabic saying.
In Assiut, Tobia, Ramzy and other Christian activists spoke of an atmosphere of intimidation ahead of the vote, including the large Islamist march.
They said threatening messages were sent on mobile phones and on social networking sites. During an opposition demonstration on Dec. 7 outside the offices of the Brotherhood's political party in Assiut, suspected Morsi supporters seized six protesters -- five Muslims and one Christian -- beating them and shaving the head of one.
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With tension building up over the last four weeks, many Christian voters registered at polling centers located in predominantly Muslim areas did not vote, fearing violence, they said.
Those who made it to polling centers in districts with significant Christian populations were soon frustrated by the long lines or delays, which activists said was intentional. In some cases, they said, Islamists who had voted elsewhere then went to stand in lines in mainly Christian areas to make them longer, increase delays and prompt Christians to give up and leave.
Two Christian clerics said that outside the province's main cities, only about 12 percent of registered Christian voters left their homes on Saturday to vote and that no more than seven percent were able to cast their ballots. They based the figures on statistics gathered by members of the Coptic Church's youth group who monitored voting across the province. The two clerics spoke on condition of anonymity because of sensitivities over the church role in political issues.
In the Christian village of el-Aziyah, only 2,350 of the village's 12,100 registered voters cast ballots on Saturday, according to acting mayor Montaser Malek Yacoub.
Yacoub is among the growing number of Christians who are pushing back against persecution.
He has taken advantage of the tenuous security situation of the past two years and built two churches without permits and reclaimed a large area of state-owned desert that lies outside the village's boundaries toward a rock mountain. Under Mubarak's rule, Christians rarely received permits to build or renovate churches.
"Let me just tell you this: As far as I am concerned, this is our country and everyone else are guests," he said. But "we're ready to cooperate with anyone who shares Egypt with us."
We can see how much do you love Iranians ... Specially Iranian scientists ... 
you should try more than some funny posters ... your first move could be giving back the Palestine to their true people ...
People like you are the future of humanity. Awesome work.
that's a moving message, very moving. there is a lot of manipulation and disinformation on both sides that needs be corrected.

p.s. sincerely, I'm tired of those who talk on behalf of a whole society. let each person talk on his/her own behalf.
mh r
Im from IRAN
Israel is very terrorists
Israel is the enemy of people from all over the world

I very like Palestine
I very like Palestine
I very like Palestine
I very like Palestine
+Fatemeh Rezvan  چیز مهمی نیست فقط می گه که میخواد با ایرانیها دوست بشه. و برای صلح تلاش می کنه. البته خودش را اسرائیلی معرفی می کنه. که من هم  نوشتم که اسرائیل کجاست دیگه . یک حالگیری اساسی . ما فلسطین را می شناسیم. هههه
+Yifat Cohen
This brought tears to my eyes. I hope it touches you too.
You mean the crocodile tears?
It is not complicated people!
What love?
If it is not going to deny israeli crimes, it is no love. If it is not going to fess up israeli cruelty and occupation..
They occupied palestine. Because believe it is their homeland!
Soon will do the same about jordan, etc. It is their homeland anyway!
At first as a human, then as an Iranian Muslim, I should say that "loving the so-called israeli people" is stupid. I don't need to hate you, but support those you are killing.
Israel is so dangerous, and I'm proud my nation is the pioneer nation supressing israeli expansion.
That's all. I don't like spreading hate, but hate supporting criminals.
Fuck im glad i live in australia im sick of hearing all the wankers go on about chinese whispers that happend 2000 years ago lets all shake hands and get over it . Tell a story and see how much it changes especially with all the bullshit artists in this world.
Iran iran so far away flock of seagulls rather listen to music than all your dribble
"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it." to quote Men In black.  As individuals, we can and should have nothing against any other individual we've never met.  However groups of people, governments and churches/religions etc. tell us that the other government and/or religion is our enemy and need to be stopped.  So, the premise of this initiative is absolutely right.  This is not my war, I have nothing against you.
+Amza H, I'm not sure that religion needs to be stopped, after all major religions all preach tolerance and understanding to others.  AFAIK it's just the lunatic fringe of these religions that go around killing in the name of their all merciful god.

Further to my first comment, here's something that had a profound affect on me in the 80's.  Still relevant today I think. 
Thisi is a bullshit,never never israelits loves muslims it is impossible.....reciprocally
is a possible.....
+Amza H  Darn.  This is why the internet should be free as in speech!  For reference, it was a clip of Depeche Mode's People Are People released back in 1984.
+Amza H  A fola keq bre vlla a?Vetem se e fola te vertet duke u bazuar ne te kaluaren dhe ne te tashmen....Kjo i bjen njesoj sikur serbet per neve kosovaret me than qe na duan kto jan dokrra para botes....
This is great. Now their governments need to take notes.
its not true, acutally whole electronic media own by Isreali lobby,along wiht Social Media as well,

they have start the propaganda against iran goverment Via Electronic media, to Disturb the internal Peace ful  situation of iran by putting these type of Picture and comment on Face book so that either irani govt. will quit on isreal issue or the public will change the Govt. actually public also don't want to change govt policy against isreal, but they show on Media  their Agnet as Public in iran, as they did in with USA in afganistan, Libya, iraq, sirya,  its all done by USA and Isreali Agent and they show in Media as the Public want chang,

if you have strong Belive on Islam they you should identify your enemies and the Jews will never by your Friends,

if your have belive on Islam so you should also remember that, when Malakul Moot( your End) will come no one will save you either Isreal or iran, or USA, or FACE book Campain or G+ Campain , either you will go in Tal abib you can hide your Self from Death.

So Please be Practical Muslim and Answere  the Isreal what they are doing in phalastine, they are also Human Being why UN is quit on Palastine issue and they take care if isreal along with you people to protect from Iran or any islamic Country.

Please stop to Post these type of Pic and comment in fever of isreal and fail this propaganda against Iran.
I've been listening to "Dreams and Visions" by Tom Doyle, and have developed a new deeper love for both the Islam people and the Israelite people.  I "Pray for the Peace" of Jerusalem.  
+John Borgen I agree, John.  And, I think that Governments and "Big Business" tend to destroy relationships because of their "agenda".  "But, the "Love of God" covers a multitude of sins."
We Want SALAHUDIN Ayoubi to make Muslim United and let conquart the Baitul Muqadas Again,
instead of ,  be afread of  DIE.

the True muslim will never afraid to Die,
we dismiss this type of campain agains iran Govt. on Social Media.
you should also accept this.
 vella i dashur +Amza H  Skam azgje ndaj feve tjera,Une asnjehere nuk i perkrah lufterat se luftrat nuk kan dobi,Une nje gje e di dhe askush nuk mund te me bind se neve muslimanve na don ndokush pervec All-llahut...Atehere ne duhet patjer te behemi unik qe mos te presim meshire prej njerzve qe ja ndryshuan fjalet All-llahut.Atehere une nuk i fali ata qe vran njerez ne Kosove,Bosnje,Ceceni....e ne perfundim keta qe ben keq kan qen shumica e tyre, e shumica e mun pakicen,atehere nuk ka njerez te mire prej llojit te tyre..
why Should not Isreal say "we love phalasten and we take care of Palasitne Muslim." they are the Same people like in Iran.

why they Post these type of Pic and comment becuase via Social media they watn to activate thier campaing in iran and use their agnet same as in Syria and iraq and afgahnistan,  they want diturb the iran govt. via their propaganda.
eat that word! I'm sure this is only one of guile! they will never stop. 
I dont thing so this two country love

Fuck them both iran nd isreal both r shitt
True story . Instead of negotiating officials , allow people on the ground be involved . People power all the way .
Oh, men...use common sense!
Mankind has always lived cutting one another's throats! Do you don't believe hawks have always preyed upon pigeons? Then, if hawks have always had the same nature, what reason can you give why mankind should change theirs?
Nature doesn't abhor evil; she embraces it. She uses it to build. With it she moves the human world to greatest heights of organization, intrincacy and power.
Death, destruction, and fury doesn't disturb the Mother of our world. They are merely part of her plan. Only that we are outraged. We have every right to be. For we are casualties of Nature's callous indifference to life...pawns who suffer and die to live out her schemes. From our best qualities come our worst. From our urge to pull toghether comes our tendency to tear each apart. To our devotion to a higher good comes our propensity to the foulest atrocities. From our commitement to ideals comes our excuse to hate. We have failed to see that our finest qualities often lead us to the actions we most abhor.....MURDER, TORTURE, GENOCIDE, AND WAR.
Oh, Lucifer, son of the morning shining star.. how art thou fallen from heaven! For thou have said in thine heart "I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God...I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Mostly High". For millennia , men and women have looked at the ruins of theirs lost homes and the precious dead who they will never see alive again.
Our prayers are not enough!
To dismantle the curse that Mother Nature has build into us, we need a new way of looking at man... a new way of reshaping our destiny. 
OMG just think on the good side enstead of the bad side..this is an old saying: the glass is half full ok. respect eachother so we dont have to kill eachother over one thing.
they kill for reason ofcourse, none but not the least, the new world order! they want to have power, being worshiped, new one loony rule! i hope you know who they are. 
עוד שמאלנית..
Iran, we still hate you!
it is what it is, satan will always be satan, movie will never be completed without bad guys or conflict lol hahaha I thank to god, none of those pathetic roles of which will die in hell:D
Friends, we are slaves to our ideas and beliefs. It is all. We are not ready to throw them out. I say if we succeed in throwing them out we replace them with another set of beliefs, another set of discipline. Those than are marching into battefield and are ready to be killed today(in the nane of democracy, in he name of freedom, in the name of Ala or communism) are not different from those who threw themselves to the lions in the Arenas. the Romans watched that fun with great joy. How are we different from them? Not a bit. We love it. To kill and be killed is the foundation of our culture. 
Use common sense. Read my message. 
so many conspiracy in the world have made by them, you wouldnt regret to know it but the more you know the more shorter wish to live lol, world is full of bad people and likes to be worshiped lol 
Karl W.
If you want to change the world, you need to start with the person in the mirror. If you want to change the world you need start with your own country, with your own corrupt government. So many express dissatissfations but happilly let their government do the dirty jobs to secure lands, and resources for them. This is only the beginning, naive you say, but when the people are brave enough to overturn their own corrupt government, changes will start happening.
Yeah rite the love that "Israel" is spreading can be seen from the violence it is spreading ... and yeah it is so cute to see that they have painted the whole of Palestine in red ... there is no love so please wake up 
Finally someone sees the truth and dare to speak it
yes, Israel loves Palestinians too. Occupying more land, killing more people every time and it goes on for about 50 years.. Now they started to build new settlements in Palestinian land in spite of EU, UN, Russia and other countries condemn the new settlements. Don't buy this cheap propaganda. 
1200 ghettos in France,mostly ethnic minority who kicked inhabitants and held hostages ,for narcotrraffic with local government approvals,in saint denis france .
Is it allowed to travel to israel on iranian passport? I highly doubt so, most passports of Muslims don't allow that...
I have actually considered joining the Israeli military instead of my own
i have talked to many of them.iranian people are not against israel beacause they're told to.
iranian hate israel because they love peace, hate cruelty and abominate villainy.
i'mn ready in a WAR...
Where is israel?! You mean palestine?!
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