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Solar Cars Race at the +Circuit of The Americas

We had such a good time talking to these college kids about their solar cars and their race winning strategies.
We learned SO much, so such as the fact that there are some kids making millions of dollars playing World of Warcraft. For realz?!?

We got to go into the pits, check out the entire Circuit of the Americas layout and fancy, air conditioned rooms...learn that these cars can go 75 MPH and that at times the team prefers acceleration over speed..

That you need to be shorter than 5"11 and weigh less than 180 pounds to fit in one (Yay. I qualify!)

And that hungry 6 years old care more about their next snack than how to harness the power of the sun.

It was a good day :)

#circuitoftheamericas   #solarpower   #austintx  
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Nice. Thanks for sharing😁👌
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Yifat Cohen

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Just got the Windows 10 pop up on my computer...

Did you install yours yet? Any thoughts..?

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+Alan Stainer I would recommend deleting the hidden folder, and use the tool to re download the entire thing. If you started out with a hdd repair during the first setup, you might have an issue with the already downloaded bit. If it still fails, you should have your hdd checked with a program from the hdd manufacturer.  
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Yifat Cohen

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Did you know that you can watch LIVE hangouts at 1.5x speed AS they happen?

I had no idea, till +Gideon Rosenblatt joined my hangout with +David Amerland late yesterday and did just that.

+Oleg Moskalensky's comment about that, and Gideon's reply are both worth reading if you need a good laugh on a Wed. morning [you can read them here]

#socialmedia   #semanticsearch   #bigdata   #engagement  
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Cool. Thanks, +Dustin W. Stout. 
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Yifat Cohen

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look who's doing a hangout!

Via +Coach G Moore
Join our first Google Hangout at 2 p.m., July 29, for an #Orion fairing separation test. Using a series of precisely-timed, explosive charges and mechanisms, we will evaluate design changes we've made to the spacecraft's fairing separation system:
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I said that. I'm going to stone mountain next. Have a good evening.
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Yifat Cohen

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"This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It’s like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety. Now listen. I vary the sentence length, and I create music. Music. The writing sings. It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of medium length. And sometimes, when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, a sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals—sounds that say listen to this, it is important.”

~Gary Provost

#copywriting   #music  
Discovered through +Lou D'Alo 
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Great message +Yifat Cohen 
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Yifat Cohen

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Have you joined us today?

Of course you did, you genius you!

If you haven't it now before anyone notices...go!
Ever wanted to be trained by experts one on one in social media marketing?

Coming up on Friday, we are offering a free 10 day social media training event hosted by +Lee Smallwood and +Yifat Cohen. These two are proven experts in the world of social media and digital marketing.

Find out - Why most businesses suck at social media and how you'll soon become a social selling superstar
Learn - Where your perfect audience hangs out, which social platforms they use and how to find them quickly and easily.
Step-by-step - Build your authority the easy way and get to stand head and shoulders above the crowd
Insider tips - Get the insider tips we usually reserve for our Fortune 500 clients
FREE access to - our social media "secret weapon".

Space is limited click here to sign up today:

#NOD3xTips   #socialmediamarketing   #some    
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I think I should do a commercial. I'm short, sweet, and to the point.
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Yifat Cohen

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19 Tools Our Remote Team Uses to Stay Connected, Productive and Sane

We’ve replaced a lot of the benefits of having a traditional office with online apps. Here are the ones +Alex Turnbull use daily.

Are you using any of these?

#growthhacking   #remotework  
We’ve replaced a lot of the benefits of having a traditional office with online apps. Here are the ones we use daily.
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Hi Yifat :),
I am a new g+ user, and I noticed that my personal contact information was somehow visible in the "conversations" section of another users profile. I do not know how it got there because I did not put up any personal contact information on my account. Is it possible that this user can see that contact information, or is it possible only for me to see it? Somehow, this user's , "Alishba Yusaf", contact information is showing up on my account as well!

Thanks for your generous help :)
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Yifat Cohen

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A common problem: users start interacting with your site on mobile (they put something in a cart, they fill in part of a form, they star a couple of items) but then they want to continue on desktop.

Traditionally, this is being solved in 4 ways:

— Users have to do everything again on desktop. This is about 90% of the sites I know.
— Users need to register an account at the site, then sign in with the same account on desktop. Registering an account is something you don't want to do on mobile, though.
— Users can login through an auth provider like Facebook or Google. Much better than above, but still a lot to ask for if it's the first visit to a site.
— Users can fill in their email address and the site will send them a summary and a link. This is the least demanding option so far, but it still requires users to share their email with a site, and it's prone to get caught in the Spam folder and to get abused.

Thanks to +Rick Farrell, I was introduced to an idea of yet another alternative. I don't think it's being used anywhere, it's really just an idea, so I made a little demo here:

The main idea is to use the mailto URL scheme. Links with this scheme open the default email client and (normally) pre-populate the To field. But it also allows to pre-populate the email's Subject, Body, and other fields.

An example: 

The other part of the puzzle is that you can actually leave the address (To field) blank. 

So you can have a button on your site that brings up the user's default email client, populates the message with a fitting subject and a body (including a link back to the site, ideally with a way to restore their session), but leaving the address to them. They can send it to themselves, or to anyone they please. Inputting the address will be less painful (most email clients do autocomplete) and the email will not end up in Spam.

The demo at takes the most basic Dart demo web app ("Name Reverser") and adds this functionality to it. In this case, the state is fully encoded (and encrypted, for good measure) in the URL. This can work for a number of apps. Another obvious way would be to save the state on the server and only send the id of the saved state.

Implementation is easy. It's basically just the code you see below, plus listening to events.

This is not meant as a substitute for the 4 options above. It's just another option, for the paranoid/lazy.
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This reminds me that I really need to implement tabs in my personal browser app, so that I can stop having to switch to Chrome for things like sign in via G+ and checking out via PayPal. Gah!
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Yifat Cohen

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Annual Downtown Splash Mob This Sunday

Anyone up for the challenge?

#austin #splashmob

This Sunday, August 2, 2015, Next Level Fun will host their annual downtown Splash Mob, from 2:30-3:15 p.m. The location will be the same as in years past: 6th & Trinity. Bring your squirt guns, all filled up! Bring water balloons, jugs or buckets filled with water --whatever you&#0
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It's even Austin's city slogan.
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Yifat Cohen

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Ever wondered how +David Amerland gets 50,000 visit to his website without using a mailing list?

Or how he analyzes data and does market research for his books?

Or why he uses +NOD3x?

Then join us today, in the film strip and ask him yourself - cause that's how we roll: putting you face to face with world experts.

Don't miss it!

#nod3x   #semanticsearch    #hangoutsonair  
Special NOD3x training with our +David Amerland

It's our pleasure to announce that our special guest will be +David Amerland, of semantic web fame.

David will be covering marketing in the semantic web, which requires an understanding of the data as it happens, how far it travels, who it connects and who the influencers are.

David calls NOD3x, "a pair of eyes and ears in a sea of data and without it you're driving blind which means you may never get where you want to."

See you all tomorrow!
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Yifat Cohen

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+Yifat Cohen that is so sweet of you. Do u want my Captains Diet.
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Yifat Cohen

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33 Websites That Will Make You a Genius.

The web is increasingly becoming a powerful resource that can easily help you learn something new everyday. These awesome sites are just what you need. There is a good chance you’ll be able to put at least one of these learning tools to good use and come out as a better person than you were last year.

Here’s a list of websites that will make you smarter.

The web is increasingly becoming a powerful resource that can easily help you learn something new everyday. These awesom…
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I think so too :) 
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  • University of Texas in Austin
    Spanish and business, 2003 - 2006
  • Google+ Marketing
    Google Plus Business marketing, 2011 - 2012
  • Google plus marketing for business
    Austin, TX
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Google plus marketing for business goto gal, Google Hangouts Host
I answer the questions that Google won't.

We are constantly connected now, but are we Present?

Hey there stranger, let's make this the beginning of a beautiful friendship, shall we? ღღღ

Hi, I'm Yifat - Your G+GoTo Gal, and I am passionate about the possibilities Google plus brings to our lives and to our business. You can find me discussing Google+ strategies, Google+ marketing, engagement and relationship building on my weekly hangout show - Unscripted!

But what rocks my boat, what really gets me going, is the relationships I’ve found here - on Google+. I have met amazing people who become a new family to me and with whom I now spend much of my time. These relationships and what they brought with them, are the reason I am so passionate about Google+ and I can not wait for you to experience this level of engagement, this sense of community and this depth of conversation and ideas. They will change your life for the better. Trust me on that.

I walk my talk

I am now making a living coaching, engaging and speaking about the topic I am most passionate about - Google plus and Google plus hangouts, and I can show you how to do the same: How to turn your passion into real income. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a living from something you are completely passionate about as I am about Google+ coaching and hangout hosting and moderating?

Let me show you how to:

I host a weekly hangout onAir show, Every Thursday at 11am CST, called Unscripted Hangouts (and you might be able to be a guest on one of them). 
Unscripted Hangouts put my audience face to face with high profile experts where they learn of my guests, what they do, and are able to engage in a free, unscripted conversation with them.

Topics range from SEO, Google ranking factors, Story selling, YouTube marketing, to more entrepreneurial interviews with the likes of TJ Marchatti Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Walt Disney Studios.

My Google+ Creds:  
  • Active user every day since Google+ Day 2.5 (one of the first 100 people to receive an invitation directly from Google)
  • Invited by Google as a speaker in events across the globe - Israel, Brazil, Mexico.
  • Appeared as a guest on Google Developers Top Geek show to discuss Hangout tips
  • Been voted The Best Google+ Users in 2011 CHOSEN BY Google+ COMMUNITY
  • #286 on The Who's Who for Google Plus - The top 1000 Gplussers in the World in 2012.
  • In the Top 1500 of 500 million G+ Users by an engagement-based metric.
  • Listed as #1 for Top Google+ users working as Google+ Marketing on GPlusData.
  • Was among the first to receive Hangouts onAir privileges before it became publicly available
  • Known as the G+GoTo Gal for my Google+ strategies and tips.
  • Invited by Google Israel to speak at a bloggers conference about Google+
  • Member of the initial Google TV ambassador program (Invited to the Google complex for a tour as part of this initiative)
  • Well-known Hangout host, with a weekly entrepreneurial interview show.
  • One of the few non-Googlers invited to present a Google product (Hangouts as a business tool) at the Google office in Austin, TX.
  • Featured on Mashable: How to Host a Google+ Hangout on Air
  • Philanthropist: of the core group that launched Social Good Summit in Austin, TX, responsible for Work From Home Day.

----- ★ღ ----- Ah, but you want to know more about me...? ----- ★ღ -- 

I’m a lover. I love life. I love my amazing husband and my incredibly cute son. I love to laugh, eat, try new things, experiment, travel (oh boy, do I love to travel). I love to push my own limits. I love to argue. I love movies and learning new things. I love compliments. I love to play. I love to read. I love to be right. I love to be loved and I really love to love. 

My Myers Briggs is ENTP (Extravert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving ), so before you're shocked by my perverse sense of humor or if you want to understand why I enjoy playing devil's advocate, read this.

Google+ marketing is the 2nd love of my life (family comes in #1). I spend most of my time playing with it and showing others how to succeed in it. I love talking about it, figuring out how it works and then how to break it, discussing it with other people and finding solutions to common problems. I own a social media marketing company, Motech Marketing and I love helping people accomplish their online goals easily and quickly. 

I really love what I do. I work from home, with people that are fun to be around and a pleasure to collaborate with. I always meet new people that I can service and I just love helping them realize how easy it is to increase their online visibility and profits. 

----- ★ღ ----- 
If you decide to follow me then I'd like to know who you are, and which circle to add you to. You can add me to this circles: 
  • Everything Google+ (tips and tricks, how to's, Google updates, you get the drill) 
  • Google plus marketing for business 
  • Technology
  • Humor
  • CEO / Entrepreneur 
  • Gadgets 
  • Parents (Got a 4 year old? How do you contribute to their well being?) 
  • Travel / out doors 
  • Creatives 
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  • Geek / SciFi / Fantasy 
  • Hangout host
  • Social Media  
  • Foodies / Baking / Wine  
  • Authors 
  • Austin, TX 
  • Israel (Hebrew and culture).  
Which circle should I put YOU in? If you decide to follow me, send me a PM (personal message) and let me know. 
I circle back people who are engaged and active, so let me know what you think of my posts (comment, share), and I'll do the same for you :) 

I'm looking for quality in my stream and meaningful relationships. So if you're a real person, let's really get to know each other. And...
Welcome to my stream :) 
Bragging rights
Served in the Israeli Air Force (didn’t kill anyone), When I was 21 I backpacked through 6 countries in South America on my own, sky dived in San Marcus TX, Paraglide in Peru, Bungee jumped in Ecuador, Co-created my son Lior in Austin, Married for 12 years, Speak three and a half languages, Love to travel, laugh and make new friends. Social Media go-to gal. Coined the phrase - "May the G+force be with you. Always."
Google+ marketing, Google Plus expert, Social media, Mobile marketing go-to gal, Mother, Friend, Lover, Thrills seeker, Movie-goer, Life-lover
Google+ coaching, Hangout host, Google+ marketing, How to Hangout, How to Google+, Google+ for business
  • ** I answer the questions that Google won't, present
  • Hangout Host, Social media, Google Plus Marketing go-to gal. *Join my Hangouts every Thurs. at 11am CST* Follow my page +g+gotogal
    Go to to learn how to master GooglePlus, present
  • Motech Marketing
    Full-Service Google Plus Marketing Firm | Social Media Marketing | Internet and video Marketing, 2011 - 2012
  • Google plus marketing for business
    Austin, TX
  • Google plus marketing for personal brands
    Google+ marketing for business
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I discovered my water heater broke just as my little toddler was shivering naked in the bath tab, Thursday night. I did what any mother would do - I heated water in the kettle, washed him briefly and got him into his warm PJ as soon as I could, feeling grateful that the next day was Friday - I could still get it repaired before the weekend. Or that's what I thought... My landlord couldn't get a hold of her handyman, and all the people they recommended weren't available that weekend. So was Teva Construction. He was fully booked, and still - he showed up. He repaired the water heater quickly, but warned me that it is out of warranty and there's a good chance it won't last long. Sure enough, that night, it stopped working again. The next day, on a Saturday, while I was at SXSW, Refael (the owner of Teva Constraction) acted like a true friend would - he arranged with my landlord to have the water heater replaced, he ensured that the replacement would take place that same day - on a Saturday, without an extra charge of an emergency call, and he followed up with a phone call to make sure the water temperature was to my liking, ready to send his guy back out or even come himself, if it wasn't. If you're looking for a handyman who treats you and your home like family, not like a side job - Teva Construction is your only smart choice.
• • •
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Pricey, but my kid loves this place because of the candy he gets at the end. Service is good and for the most part they update the records so that you get the same haircut regardless of who cuts the hair.
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32 reviews
Finally! Real pita bread, perfect babaganush, awesome tabuli in Austin!
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Dr. Murphy is the best chiropractor I've ever worked with. Not only is he knowledgeable and kind, but he never has you waiting (which is super important for those of us with busy schedules). He's very flexible with his scheduling as well - always working around your calendar to fit you in. He's working with a great masseuse that is sharing the same office, so that you can get both your chiropractic and massage done with one visit. His fees are reasonable and he'll work with you to get you in and healed even if you don't have insurance. Highly recommended.
• • •
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Remember when you went to your doctor and he knew everything about you, because he KNEW you? Remember how he sat with you, un-rushed, listened to you, gave you his full attention and the best treatment to get you back on your feet in no time? This is how life is with Dr. Stavinoha. If you're looking for someone who's a doctor because he truly enjoys helping and healing and not for any other reason - Dr. Stavinoha is the only doctor you should see. I can't wait till my kid is old enough to see him, since I don't trust anyone else but him.
• • •
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