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Yifat Cohen
I answer the questions that Google won't.
I answer the questions that Google won't.

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Pss... want to know what we talked about in our Live Beyond Facebook course that took place last Saturday?

Here's a snippet from the Live Beyond Facebook training explaining why you want to:

1. Use live video to drive traffic to your site
2. How you can do it all in ONE day so you're free to...
3. ...Build relationships with your audience that build trust (trust=sales)
4. Stop feeding the content monster
5. Use gamification that actually works.

If you missed it and want to join us LIVE, we're going for another round Friday and you can join the VIP list to get all the goodies here ➡

So if you've been using Facebook Live, YouTube live or even our good ol' Hangouts on Air (that are NOT dead..and in fact, are crucial to building immediate trust and affinity) but haven't been successful in growing your business with it...this info will be your key to unlocking your potential.

The world is waiting to meet you.
Join us.

#viralconnectivity #livevideo #livebeyondfacebook #t

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Discover more of the things you’re into with Topics on Google+

Topics are Google's new way of organizing Collections, Communities and posts around a shared, well - topic.

There's no Menu item for topics. It'll "magically" appear in your Home stream as you scroll through it.

To see the recommended Topics, head to your home stream and look for the “Topics to explore” cards.
Topics will be rolling out over the next day or so, so don’t worry if you don’t see any suggestions right away.

Your Turn:
Did Google nail it and suggested topics you're actually interested in?

Share your thoughts in the comments. I'd love to know.

#t #googleplus #updates #topics

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How many bunnies do you see?

My backyard this morning...


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Are you using Facebook Ads? How about targeting those who just got your freebies with a case study or a demo offer..?

Awesome article shares 9 ways to turn leads into clients with ads...

#growthhacking #facebookads #leads #roi 

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Finally, wordpress plugin recommendations from a human.

Based on:

Price (Free)
Numbers of users
Average Rating
Last Updated
Support Given


#wordpress #t

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I'm that Geek Jew.

Today's Holocaust Memorial Day. It is amazing to watch the changes in the world in just a few years...and at the same time, how so many things stay the same.

We have much to grow as humanity, but I am that hopeful Jew too.

#t #holocaust #israel 

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Or for live broadcasting... 
Just because you don't have a 1080ti installed doesn't mean you can't have fun!

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The very hungry caterpillar - who can clean our oceans and our planet.

Cause let's admit this, we're lousy at it.

Via +John Wehrle​

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What will you create now?

Google Makes Its $149 Photo Editing Software Now Completely Free to Download.

Just a quick mention in case you missed the original announcement. 

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One word - OUCH!
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