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 *Imagine the world of flying cars... It's just 2 years away.*

Scheduled to debut in 2016 at an estimated cost of $279,000, the Transition is a street-legal car with wings that fold out to make an FAA-approved airplane.

The Transition is designed to be ready for the road, the air, and your home. It fits in a home’s single-car garage and drives with controls comprehensible to anyone with a driver’s license.

To take off, of course, you’ll need a pilot’s license: specifically, a sports pilot license, which you can get with just 20 hours of flight time. That’s less time than a leisurely player takes to complete a video game.

So... You're ready for a world of flying cars..?

#innovation #technology

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Hello how are you.
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I wish this picture was of  #cloudwars ..

Imagine this -
You're at your computer, working on something very important - like social media, or marketing, or copy writing... or your next talk..
and then you get a text with this picture...

It's from your brother. He took it with his cell phone on his way home. You stare at it for a while before you realize what it is.

It's not innocent clouds in the sky. It's a picture of missiles exploding over his head. Over YOUR brother's head!

How many missiles have to be shot towards your neighborhood in the US or Europe before the air force wipes out any possibility of it ever happening again?

It's not a trick question. We already know the answer.
9/11 is just one great example of what happens to an entire country as a result of one attack.

But this is Israel, you'd's THEM, not US.
It's because of the occupied territories, you'd say.. it's their inhuman treatment.. their Zionist views.. their...

So let me tell you right now - it's not. 

My brother, the one who sent me this picture, used to be Palestinian until his dad was murdered by his own village people, while he himself, got sprayed with bullets too. Luckily he made it. He was carried to an Israeli hospital who took care of him.
Not so luckily, he still carries a few bullets in his back. I've seen the physical scars, not all the emotional ones.

I'm sharing this because you have NO idea what's going on in Israel between people on the ground. How much we help each other - regardless of faith or color... 

But that's not the point of this post. The point is that - this is not Israel's problem. It's becoming YOUR problem and I bet you didn't even notice.

Have you paid attention to how the extreme Muslim world is arming up in their goal to establish the next Caliphate and the global jihad that's in the works?

NOTE: Global =  not just Israel. You too.

Check out Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), it's the terrorist organization that Al-Qaeda is scared of. Imagine that.

ISIS is serious about having their own Muslim state and removing us, that is has allegedly already issued its own passport and vows to march armies towards the Caliphate's passport holder if harmed. 

4 days ago Isis called Spain "occupied Land' and vowed to invade Spain along with all other “occupied lands” in a video posted on the web.
Maybe now you get how stupid the whole "occupied land" argument really is.

Oh, and ISIS just seized a bunch of Uranium too. The U.S. is not super concerned. I'd be.
Read more:

Meanwhile (I mean, yesterday)... In France... 

Terrorists targeted Eiffel Tower, Louvre

They want you and me out of here.
Extreme Muslims have a problem with the West, which includes both Israel and the US... Oops..and Europe too.

ISIS fighters are Western (at least in nationality), they are seasoned combat veterans, they are known, but perhaps too numerous to track, and they might already be right here in your back yard.

So what's to protect you when the sky comes falling down?

For my family in Israel, I am grateful for the Iron Dome.

#israelunderattack   #irondome   #isis   #news   #israel  
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"Oh, and ISIS just seized a bunch of Uranium too. The U.S. is not super concerned" .. I wanted to say that this kind of statement irritates me. I wanted to say that the U.S. is super concerned--the U.S. government's executive department, led by Barack Obama, is not, in fact he encourages it, but that he doesn't represent us in the U.S. Sadly, ashamedly, he does, though. It's his elected job to represent us. I am so often ashamed to be an American, every time I hear of anything Obama has done, I am ashamed of being American. I am proud of our history, but ashamed and sickened by who we are becoming.
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Elders react to Google Glass.

Impressive how intuitive Glass is once they put it on...
What's really cool is their amazement at how far technology has come and which gender (male/female) say they'd use it...

#glass   #viralvideo  
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Thanks for sharing!!
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Your biggest advocates have the fewest followers.

And.. did you notice how Google+ made it to #2 as the best platform for referrals?

I'm feeling proud :)

#followers   #socialmediastrategy  
YouTube, Google+ are the top two sources for referrals.

What? Google+ passed LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? Well, Facebook we know of already... but really? It's at the top of the list now?
That's right!

And not only that, your biggest advocates have the fewest followers.

Yes, you want to read and share this article.

#googleplus   #socialmedia   #referrals  
You probably won't believe some of these facts about social media strategies, but the studies don't lie we hope. Test them yourself.
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Me too Ms. Cohen, love g
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How to pay less for everything

Save on everything from massages to medicine

#marketwatch #smartbusiness

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Isn't everything relative +Scott Swain..? ;)
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Did you miss our hangout yesterday?

Talking Digital Intimacy with +Marc Gafni I felt privileged to hear +Kristin Drysdale share such an intimate life story... And what a story!

+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales defending the young generation use of technology and sharing a great example of how it's helping her stay in touch with her sister, +Paul Ramsay arguing there's no digital intimacy, there's only intimacy... +Mark Barrus asking what ever happened to Xmas Cards and the always inquisitive +Linda Feinholz's observing the generational gap...

We touched on core needs... And will continue in 2 weeks. Catch up and join our discussion, there might be a whole eCards movement bubbling from it :)

A Very Interesting Talk About Digital Intimacy with Dr. +Marc Gafni!
Relationships In A Not Face to Face World!

Well, thanks to #hangoutsonair  from Google, Skype, Voodoo, etc.. And Marc really adds some great insights about this complicated topic.

I can't wait to read the book that him and +Yifat Cohen are working on, because I know Yifat as our +G+GoTo Gal she is going to add the engaging magic that Hangout On Air and Google Plus adds to digital intimacy and personal relationships.

#digitalintimacy   #marcgafni   #socialmedia   #relationshipadvice   #onlinelove   #onlinedating  
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+Yifat Cohen may be the most all around professional HOA host on Google plus. We've all seen how others do it, and I can't think of any who have a better "studio set up", etc. 
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What do you say to someone who gave you life and then showed you how to live it?

You say Thank You. :)

Such an inspiring video...especially from the eyes of a parent.

#waynedyer   #independenceday  
Beautiful tribute! ❤️ #fathersday
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Wonderful meeting you in person too +Mark Barrus. Long over due :) 
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Want more traffic and leads? Check out Jeff Johnson't new free training.

I met +jeff johnson  in person twice - once as a student and once as a colleague, and I found him to be super generous and real. No smoke and mirrors in his training, which is why I love learning and working with him.

He's launching his first Full-Blown Traffic-Getting training program in 3 ½ years, and he's promising it will be his most comprehensive training program, ever.

I watched these videos, they are great!
Enjoy -

#traffic   #leads   #internetmarketing   #makemoneyonline   #gettraffic   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #facebookmarketing  
Here's how to generate instant free traffic on demand

+jeff johnson just posted a new training video on his blog for you.

It's the first of several new training videos that he'll be posting
over the next week or two.

You'll also find your PDF Cheat Sheets and Checklists available for
download below each video.

They are jam-packed with traffic-getting and list building
strategies that you can put to use in your business today and see
almost immediate results.

Your first training video shows you how to use Jeff's "Like and Engage" technique to "build your list" on Facebook for pennies a subscriber.

It also reveals his I.R.S. Traffic-Getting Strategy for creating
instant free traffic on demand.

You can request your free training videos and PDF Cheat Sheets here:


Yifat :)


In the next video he'll be revealing what will quickly become *"The
Center Of Your Traffic-Getting and List Building Universe"*… you are
going to love it, I promise!

So keep an eye out for my emails, but for now…

Check out Jeff's "I.R.S. Traffic-Getting Strategy" to learn how to 
generate instant free traffic on demand.

Plus learn how  to "build your list" on Facebook for pennies a subscriber.

And don't forget to download your PDF Checklist and Cheat Sheets
that are posted right below the training video.

You get all of it for free, check it out:
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Good stuff, +Yifat Cohen =)
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Yifat Cohen

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Adultery, drugs and Google.

What's heartbreaking about this story is the way his wife and 5 kids found out how their husband / dad died...

#news #google
Google executive overdoses from heroin on his yacht.

An alleged prostitute has been charged with manslaughter for injecting a Google executive, Forrest Timothy Hayes, 51, with heroin and then leaving him to die of an overdose on board his yacht.

Hayes leaves a wife of 17 years, Denise, and five children.

#news #google #heroin
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+Yifat Cohen - it was jokingly... he should have adhered to the KISS-principle :)
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Yifat Cohen

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Measuring distance on Google maps.

For your morning walk... ;)
Perfectionists, rejoice! The new #GoogleMaps for desktop lets you click and drag to measure your next road trip, bike ride or run—even if you’re taking a few sharp turns.
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Social is Coming: If Social Networks Played the Game of Thrones

I like how Lord Baelish is compared to Google+... Seems accurate.

Edit Read the entire story:

#GameOfThornes #socialmedia

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+Yifat Cohen Well, not many left to pick from :) But also, House Greyjoy like Pinterest is perhaps underestimated with potential & ambition to come into its own. Then there's the idea of not sowing but taking, kinda like pinning... Plus, Yara Greyjoy may be its best hope at the moment, and Pinterest skews female. Ok, so its not the Littlefinger / G+ perfect fit.  
As for LinkedIn as House Baratheon, Stannis is hoping to gain power by fighting in the North, taking care of business in the face of the coming Winter - which could be a metaphor for financial/career difficulties, perhaps? And that's even more of a stretch; I think I understand why we're not seeing these on the Social Is Coming graphic :) 
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Yifat Cohen

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The no-plugin required for Hangouts explanation.
i'm getting lots of questions about our no-plugin release of hangouts... after +Victoria Kirst 's announce (   especially from the more tech crowd...  so i thought i might consolidate and answer a bunch of things together.

this is a very substantial architectural change for hangouts.  +Victoria Kirst  has bee leading the charge for it for quite a while.  since it is such a huge change, we are rolling it out slowly initially, measuring the impact to make sure things don't break, then rolling out more and more.   we have temporarily paused the rollout over the 4th of july holidays because i don't want to call folks in to work on an emergency over their holiday break, but we will continue the rollout next week.  

currently we are rolling out to @gmail accounts first, as we typically do.  for many google rollouts, we commonly hold business account rollout a bit towards the end to provide maximum stability for businesses.  i expect this will roll to domain accounts in the next week or two.

it is rolled out to the canary & dev 100% and beta (90%) channels of chrome, so if you want to play with it early and it's not on your stable account, you can try another channel to kick the tires.

#hangoutstips  can also force no-plugin by using an url param of ?lantern=1  no guarantees that this will work forever, but it is a switch we were using for internal testing.

this "no plugin" uses webrtc and some nacl technologies, so it is only available in chrome for the time being.   if you remember the early days of bluetooth, not everything interoperated well with every bluetooth device.  we are still in the early days of webrtc, and not all platforms support what we need.  we'll get there....  by the way, nacl is also open, and we would love for other browsers to implement it as well.  but eventually term, i hope and expect webrtc across all browsers to be hangouts capable.

no-plugin hangouts works for both hangouts on air as well as straight video hangouts.

since we don't go through the plugin sandbox, this also means hangouts will consume less cpu than before :)

#hangoutstips   the chrome tab will now also have a red dot (no, it's not a "record" indicator) so if you've tabbed away, it's easier to find which tab has the hangout window to go back to it.  

#hangoutstips  since we only need chrome, this works on android's chrome browser.  it's not as efficient as using the native app, but if you really want to use features only available on the web (like starting hoa, phone calling, some of the hangout apps, etc), you can give it a go.

enjoy :)
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I answer the questions that Google won't.

We are constantly connected now, but are we Present?

Hey there stranger, let's make this the beginning of a beautiful friendship, shall we? ღღღ

Hi, I'm Yifat - Your G+GoTo Gal, and I am passionate about the possibilities Google plus brings to our lives and to our business. You can find me discussing Google+ strategies, Google+ marketing, engagement and relationship building on my weekly hangout show - Unscripted!

But what rocks my boat, what really gets me going, is the relationships I’ve found here - on Google+. I have met amazing people who become a new family to me and with whom I now spend much of my time. These relationships and what they brought with them, are the reason I am so passionate about Google+ and I can not wait for you to experience this level of engagement, this sense of community and this depth of conversation and ideas. They will change your life for the better. Trust me on that.

I walk my talk

I am now making a living coaching, engaging and speaking about the topic I am most passionate about - Google plus and Google plus hangouts, and I can show you how to do the same: How to turn your passion into real income. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a living from something you are completely passionate about as I am about Google+ coaching and hangout hosting and moderating?

Let me show you how to:

I host a weekly hangout onAir show, Every Thursday at 11am CST, called Unscripted Hangouts (and you might be able to be a guest on one of them). 
Unscripted Hangouts put my audience face to face with high profile experts where they learn of my guests, what they do, and are able to engage in a free, unscripted conversation with them.

Topics range from SEO, Google ranking factors, Story selling, YouTube marketing, to more entrepreneurial interviews with the likes of TJ Marchatti Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Walt Disney Studios.

My Google+ Creds:  
  • Active user every day since Google+ Day 2.5 (one of the first 100 people to receive an invitation directly from Google)
  • Invited by Google as a speaker in events across the globe - Israel, Brazil, Mexico.
  • Appeared as a guest on Google Developers Top Geek show to discuss Hangout tips
  • Been voted The Best Google+ Users in 2011 CHOSEN BY Google+ COMMUNITY
  • #286 on The Who's Who for Google Plus - The top 1000 Gplussers in the World in 2012.
  • In the Top 1500 of 500 million G+ Users by an engagement-based metric.
  • Listed as #1 for Top Google+ users working as Google+ Marketing on GPlusData.
  • Was among the first to receive Hangouts onAir privileges before it became publicly available
  • Known as the G+GoTo Gal for my Google+ strategies and tips.
  • Invited by Google Israel to speak at a bloggers conference about Google+
  • Member of the initial Google TV ambassador program (Invited to the Google complex for a tour as part of this initiative)
  • Well-known Hangout host, with a weekly entrepreneurial interview show.
  • One of the few non-Googlers invited to present a Google product (Hangouts as a business tool) at the Google office in Austin, TX.
  • Featured on Mashable: How to Host a Google+ Hangout on Air
  • Philanthropist: of the core group that launched Social Good Summit in Austin, TX, responsible for Work From Home Day.

----- ★ღ ----- Ah, but you want to know more about me...? ----- ★ღ -- 

I’m a lover. I love life. I love my amazing husband and my incredibly cute son. I love to laugh, eat, try new things, experiment, travel (oh boy, do I love to travel). I love to push my own limits. I love to argue. I love movies and learning new things. I love compliments. I love to play. I love to read. I love to be right. I love to be loved and I really love to love. 

My Myers Briggs is ENTP (Extravert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving ), so before you're shocked by my perverse sense of humor or if you want to understand why I enjoy playing devil's advocate, read this.

Google+ marketing is the 2nd love of my life (family comes in #1). I spend most of my time playing with it and showing others how to succeed in it. I love talking about it, figuring out how it works and then how to break it, discussing it with other people and finding solutions to common problems. I own a social media marketing company, Motech Marketing ( and I love helping people accomplish their online goals easily and quickly. 

I really love what I do. I work from home, with people that are fun to be around and a pleasure to collaborate with. I always meet new people that I can service and I just love helping them realize how easy it is to increase their online visibility and profits. 

----- ★ღ ----- 
If you decide to follow me then I'd like to know who you are, and which circle to add you to. You can add me to this circles: 
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Which circle should I put YOU in? If you decide to follow me, send me a PM (personal message) and let me know. 
I circle back people who are engaged and active, so let me know what you think of my posts (comment, share), and I'll do the same for you :) 

I'm looking for quality in my stream and meaningful relationships. So if you're a real person, let's really get to know each other. And...
Welcome to my stream :) 
Bragging rights
Served in the Israeli Air Force (didn’t kill anyone), When I was 21 I backpacked through 6 countries in South America on my own, sky dived in San Marcus TX, Paraglide in Peru, Bungee jumped in Ecuador, Co-created my son Lior in Austin, Married for 12 years, Speak three and a half languages, Love to travel, laugh and make new friends. Social Media go-to gal. Coined the phrase - "May the G+force be with you. Always."
  • University of Texas in Austin
    Spanish and business, 2003 - 2006
  • Google+ Marketing
    Google Plus Business marketing, 2011 - 2012
  • Google plus marketing for business
    Austin, TX
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First time I dared to get highlights and I'm so happy I found Vivian. She matched my hair color perfectly with red highlights, gave me the perfect hair cut... And one of the best scalp massages I've ever gotten. Highly recommended.
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they have a table in the kitchen - Good Fellows style. The food is great and the service is even better.
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The atmosphere is nice - makes you feel like you're in Europe... The staff is friendly and attentive.. And the food can be better.
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I like thick crust pizza, but the one here (though thin crast) is really good!
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24 reviews
What you'd expect from a deli - fresh Salad bar, good sandwiches (I had the tuna melt.. A but salty, nothing gourmet) and friendly staff.
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I love working with Noa Simmons! She has such a talent of seeing the order and potential of a messy room (yes, I'm often embarrassed to bring her in, and ecstatic about the results when she leaves). I now feel proud to have guests over - my house is a reflection of me and it radiates comfort, elegance and beauty, and I enjoy it more. I highly recommend Noa for all your design and organization needs. She's the best in Austin and has a loyal customer in me.
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One of the best pizzas I've eaten in Austin! I've asked for a slice of veggie pizza not knowing what does put on it. It came back fresh and hot with pickles and cheese and mushrooms. Just the right flavor for my taste buds. Great service, fast and friendly. Will definitely come again.
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