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I answer the questions that Google won't.
I answer the questions that Google won't.


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Your worst live-stream nightmare just happened to Ted Cruz.

And then Huffington Post collected all the jokes that were running around the internet about it and published them in one place - for your viewing pleasures.

Want to make sure this doesn't happen to you?
hop on over to and join my live training tomorrow.

We make you look like a pro (not the Ted Cruz type of pro ;) )

#tedCruz #livestreaming #facebooklive #livevideo #bloopers

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This morning Forbes released an article with all the content marketing activities your company needs to do to see a return on their content marketing efforts.

At the top are:

Having an omnichannel content strategy
How to create more engaging content (72% struggle with it).
More content may not be the answer. Your audience may want different content.
Visual content is becoming a top priority (leveraging things like on-demand and live video, social platforms that focus on video and images )
The social channels getting all the attention (how do you move buyers to your own cart?)

Still, our biggest challenge as business owners is - TIME.

How can you be an effective marketer and still have time to serve your clients and have a life?

Guess what....

I figured it out for you.

You've seen me go live on all social channels at once, getting Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to do the marketing for me, as I drive my audience to my own site to create user generated content in real time.

Tomorrow at 1pm CST I'll walk you through my entire "10x Engagement Plan"
and show you how I

Save time on content creation, marketing and distribution
Grow my mailing list
Increase engagement and sales

RSVP here -

#livevideo #marketing #facebook #youtube #socialmedia #business #livestreaming #audienceinabox #seo #authority #linkedin #branding #training #video #entrepreneurs #brand #twitter #internet #socialmediamarketing #businessdevelopment
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How would you like Facebook and YouTube to do the marketing for you for free?

That'd be fantastic, right?

What if we could add Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin to the mix...?


And what if we could turn all that free marketing into boosting our own SEO, building our authority and making more sales...?

Well, that'd just be too much.

Or would it...?

This Tuesday at 1pm CST I'm going to teach you LIVE -
Reserve your seat at

#livevideo #marketing #facebook #youtube #socialmedia #business #livestreaming #audienceinabox #seo #authority

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Want to know how you can go live everywhere? Check this out:

#marketing #business #technology #socialmedia #entrepreneurs #onlinebusiness
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Why don't we hold the President for the same higher standards...?

Enquiring minds want to know.
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If you care about growing your business with videos, you really should join +Paul Ramsay and I today -

3 hours from now, Paul is going to explain precisely how he used interview videos on Facebook to get THREE TIMES as many views as I got on YouTube, which generated new followers and expanded the reach of my brand.

As always - you can actually join the conversation LIVE and speak with me and Paul face to face, using the advanced Zoom technology.

The link to join will be on this page during the live interview.

In fact, if you go there now, you can even get a reminder ;)

See you soon.


#imthatgeekshow #livevideo #business #livestreaming #hypnosis #brand #marketing
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So last night... At Krav

Had my 9 years old film me, and he took this picture :)
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Guess who lied. Again.

If you missed it: today it was confirmed that Facebook massively & knowingly inflated its video-view statistics, which had the DIRECT consequence of 90% of media orgs firing writers in favor of expensive video producers, who also got fired when it turned out video was worthless.
Jason Kint

Now remember - we're talking video ads!

Why would Facebook fuck with those paying it's light bill is beyond me.
But then again - Facebook.
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Announcing a new daily show. ⇦ join me

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I love +Amanda Blain comment on the death of Google + -

"Someday I really should write a book about what it was like to be the most famous real person in the world on a social network absolutely nobody cared about... ❤️ Oh Google+ cheers to you."

Reminds me of the early days of hangouts, when I interviewed Amanda on what's it like to have close to a 1M followers.
Good times :)

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