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I answer the questions that Google won't.
I answer the questions that Google won't.

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Pss... want to know what we talked about in our Live Beyond Facebook course that took place last Saturday?

Here's a snippet from the Live Beyond Facebook training explaining why you want to:

1. Use live video to drive traffic to your site
2. How you can do it all in ONE day so you're free to...
3. ...Build relationships with your audience that build trust (trust=sales)
4. Stop feeding the content monster
5. Use gamification that actually works.

If you missed it and want to join us LIVE, we're going for another round Friday and you can join the VIP list to get all the goodies here ➡

So if you've been using Facebook Live, YouTube live or even our good ol' Hangouts on Air (that are NOT dead..and in fact, are crucial to building immediate trust and affinity) but haven't been successful in growing your business with it...this info will be your key to unlocking your potential.

The world is waiting to meet you.
Join us.

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Hangouts now only supports SMS for Project Fi and Google Voice

If you have been using Hangouts as your default SMS app, you can find your messages in your phone's original SMS app.

If you have a Project Fi or Google Voice phone number you can continue to use Hangouts for sending and receiving SMS on any device.

Use Google Voice with Hangouts:

Use Project Fi with Hangouts:

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Some people love testing Facebook Ads.

If that's you, these A/B tests are for you.

#growthhacking #facebookads 

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No. This is NOT Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Gamification.

But there are great ideas in there that'll help you create a game your audience actually likes to play, and that drives up sales.

I specifically love Rule 7 – Forget Badges, Achievements, Levels And Experience Points.

When you read it, you'll see why.

#gamification #growthhacking 

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THIS is why I'm struggling so much with the school here.

Maybe I should move to Finland.. at least until Lior's done with school, cuz brrrr!

#beRemarkable #kids #education

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I love using gamification in my work and my life. It works excellent inspiring my son to stay on task and behave as well as my clients and their members to achieve more than they thought possible.

There's a lot that goes into creating a great game, and this chart breaks it down nicely.

Gamification has a direct correlation to high ROI, when done right.

Nike got over 5M people to beat their personal fitness goals every day of the year by using gamified feedback.
That’s crazy when you think about just what it takes to move someone from a stagnant couch potato out the door.

Moosejaw, a clothing company, that used an innovative gamified system that saw 76% of sales revenue come from gamified activities, including 240k social media impressions, resulting in a 560% ROI from initial marketing expenditures

BUT - this is NOT a magic bullet you can just slap on your current marketing and hope it’ll work.
Studies show that the long term ROI from simple points and badges system aren’t proving cost effective.
The secret sauce is in the psychology and relationship that gamification enhances, not the machines themselves.

#gamification #viralconnectivity #growthhacking

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All done for today.

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I'm into fitness.

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