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Yewen Tan
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Yewen Tan

Foliage and Flora  - 
In the woods.
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Yewen Tan

Landscapes  - 
A glorious day in early fall.
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Yewen Tan

Travel Photos  - 
Austin, Texas.
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Yewen Tan

Foliage and Flora  - 
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Yewen Tan

Children-Niños  - 
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Yewen Tan

North America  - 
Love and lovely!
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Umm, what's going on in the bottom right of the photo?  The foreground at the base of the tree merges with the background of the river.  Some PS'ing here, I think.
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Yewen Tan

Foliage and Flora  - 
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Waw so beautiful color 💙💚💛
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Yewen Tan

Shared publicly  - 
I wonder how it is that America seems content to see their children stream out of their schools.... any school, be it an elementary, middle, high, community college... or university.... with their hands raised. 

American children, exiting schools with their hands raised. In what?? Would it be in surrender to the terrorism of US special interest groups?? American children exiting with their hands raised in front of American police officers who have their guns drawn and pointed at the exiting children with their hands raised. America just does not get what is wrong with that picture. Until they do the scene will be repeated. Tragic.
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Yewen Tan

Foliage and Flora  - 
A tree that grows mops!
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Yewen Tan

Cities-Ciudades  - 
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Yewen Tan

Cities-Ciudades  - 
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Yewen Tan

Black & White Street Photography  - 
A lone walker.
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Born in China, living in Canada.
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Ottawa - Paris - Shanghai
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Always a good experience. Everyone is friendly and pays attention to the patients. Update: several years have passed since my last review, and I will just say that my experience with CDC is kust as good as ever. Highly recommended.
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