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Making it easier to share your Instant Upload photos

Instant Upload adds photos and videos you take with your phone to a private album so you can share them later on Google+.  Today, I’m excited to announce some improvements that make it much easier to share those photos from your desktop.

To get started, just click on the camera icon to the left of your stream (see screenshots). From the new Instant Upload page, you can now:

Select, organize and share multiple photos: Just click on the checkmark below a photo to select it.  You can then rearrange selected photos into whatever order you want using the drop-down window. Once you’re happy with your selections just click “Share”!

Adding photos to an album: Once you’ve selected photos you can add them to a new or existing album by clicking “Add to album.”

Aaand, a few pro tips: To select lots of photos really quickly, you can click and drag the mouse around a group of photos, and/or click the checkmark next to a date.  You can also use your keyboard’s tab, enter and space keys to select and view photos.

Try it out and let us know your feedback!

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Happy Halloween! Thanks for the update treat :)
Cool. Any chance we will someday be able to instant upload at full resolution?
WTF?  I'm getting really tired of 3 Google photo hosting areas (Plus, Picasa, Drive) and the inconsistancy of them.  I tried tonight to post two pictures contained within an album.  For the life of me and 20 minutes of my life gone I couldn't figure out how to post only those two pictures.

I don't want a ton of albums.  Give me Instant Upload, and then let me create my own.  I don't need a "Pictures from Posts" album for random stuff I find online and share.  I also have a "Scrapbook" album (which only contains that picture behind your avatar on your Google+ profile page) and a "Profile Photo" album.  Really?  Is it really necessary to create all these albums automatically?

For someone who likes clean interface and simplicity the Photo organization of Google Services is a nightmare.  Couple that with the communication apps (Messenger, G+ Messenger, Voice, Talk, Hangout) and I wonder if +Google actually employs anyone who's job it is to organize compatibility of the services and formulate a plan for future growth.
In Instant Upload for Android, one big negative is you can't chose between photos and videos for upload. The whole thing is uploaded when on. Now, if you upload a Youtube video or other video file to your phone as a file, suddenly it's being unnecessarily uploaded to Picasa/G+. So, I can't use instant upload. An option to toggle video uploads would be nice.
Nice updates - but I'm with +Scott Kieley... still not keen on the downsampling/compression of Instant Upload.  To me it makes it feel a bit "throw-away" (like a dirty TwitPic, etc.).  If I want to actually make an album from my phone pics I feel I have to upload them by other means. Can we have the option to send the original file?
I'm also with +Scott Kieley and +Alan Pennell-Smith, enough of us keep asking for full resolution Instant Upload and have paid storage, its time to make it our choice to upload at full resolution and save the hassle of having to upload twice.
Finally an option to sort photos, that has been annoying the heck out of me, it would never get the proper album cover.
And changing in Picasa did not reflect on g+.
I also need to find an easier way to make an album when I drag photos from my PC to the Share box. Currently it will make just a post which makes it difficult to find the photos subject when later looking in the photo albums 
Thank you for adding the ability to select a lot of them at a time; that was driving me nuts having to click each one individually!
I'd love to see a full size Instant upload. At least add it as an option and maybe count those against free storage quota.
I can't see which instant upload photos are already in albums. It would be nice to see which photos are in which album.
But this is a really nice update!!
As someone who uses Instant upload a lot this seems like very useful to me. Thanks for the hardwork.
I wish you made the dimensions of the uploads larger.
2048 x 2048 isn't enough, we need at lest 8MP.
Moreover, let's say I bought storage for Picasa, I want the option to Instant Upload images at their original size (And make them count toward my storage), could you do that?

Thank You.
Ahhhhhhh, Thank you thank you thank you.
This is the best gift you could give us. 

These things were on my mind every time I would try to move photos from InstantUpload, and today I realize that you've added these features!

Well done.
I suggested the select by date feature on the product forums a month or two ago. 

I'm curious if this was added as a result of my request or if it was already in the works?

Either way thanks for adding it.
Maybe I missed it, but is there a "holding album" like instant upload that you can upload pictures to before you share them on Google+?  I don't want to use instant upload per se, I would like to choose which photos I upload and when.  Then later I would go into G+ and share/distribute the photos I like accordingly.

So far I can't figure out how to do this.  The Picassa/G+ handoff is abysmal.  With photo sharing being such a big part of social media (Facebook), I can't believe Google is taking this long to iron this out.  
+Yevgeny Nyden, Another issue arising when we set an Album and keep updating and adding images to it.

Let's say I have an Album named "Family".
At first I created the album, added few photos and wrote a description of the event on a post.
The post is then affiliated with the Album, namely on the bottom of the album page one could see the post with the description and the related photos.
Let's say few days later we have another family event.
I again upload photos to the "Family" album.
On the post I add the description of the photos.
This time the post isn't affiliated with the Album. Entering the album page shows no relation to the post. this is bad since most people comment on the post (Since it had a relation to all photos).

Album should be an aggregator of all photos and posts of photos added to that album.

+MATTHEW VALERI - Instant Upload is that "album" - it's visible only to you. Also, no one is stopping you from creating another private album and upload your pictures there first...
+Yevgeny Nyden, Thank You.
I really hope you give Album a wider sense - Aggregator of all Posts and Comments related to the photos uploaded int that Album.
I will give many posts and comments the context they were written (Moreover, save them from "Death" in the stream).
Once that happens along with Labels and Sub Albums we're all set :-).

Google+ Photos is the Joker of Google+, really.
Thank You for listening.
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