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Yev Pusin
Transplant from Iowa living in the bay.
Transplant from Iowa living in the bay.


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We've been working on this for a while...good stuff! ;)

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Latest Backblaze hard drive stats!
Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2016 are out! In the latest blog we discuss our failure rates, hard drive data migration, and announce that we just crossed 250 Petabytes of data stored! Learn all about it on our Drive Stats Blog below ->
#HardDriveStats   #BigData   #Petabytes   #HardDrive   #FailureRates  

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We spent a while making this cool thing, look at it maybe?
The future of cloud storage. What is it? We spent a while building out a pretty awesome infographic to answer that very question. Take a look at what the current trends are and see where we're headed: #CloudBackup #CloudStorage #StoragePods #BigData

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Heh. Hehehe.

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I did this.

(well, wrote it). Not the actual work. That would be silly.
Starting today, if you order a USB or Hard Drive restore from us, and return the drive to us within 30 days, we'll refund your purchase. It's one more step we're taking in the direction of making online backup and restores a no-brainer. Join us, won't you? Read more about it here ->

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Welcome back Nilay!
In the recent tradition of founders returning to their startups (like Jack Dorsey returning to Twitter and Alexis Ohanian returning to Reddit) Nilay Patel is rejoining the Backblaze team as VP of Sales for Backblaze B2!

He's been gone for a while building Selligy (which was acquired by Veeva Systems), and we're happy to have him back. Read a bit more about him below! ->

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#BackblazeB2  is now in Public Beta! Have at it and get 10GB of free storage. 

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I just had the most amazing experience and needed to share it with the world:

I am flying to Spain tomorrow on Delta. I have a KTN number with the ‪#‎TSA‬ for Precheck on domestic flights. I checked in to my flight, and was not given Precheck for my flight from San Francisco to JFK (after which I go to Madrid).

I sent a tweet to the TSA asking if I didn't get the Precheck because I was flying internationally (I was asking a question about the program, not complaining). I figured if it was a domestic flight, they would have given me Precheck, but because I then traveled international, it might not work that way because I don't have Global Entry (which is like Precheck for international travel).
The TSA responds to my tweet within an hour, and asks for my KTN and Confirmation Numbers so they could investigate. I send them a direct message with my name, KTN, and confirmation number. Three hours later the send me this direct message back:

"Yevgeniy, sorry for the delay in our response. The reason you didn’t get TSA Precheck is because a KTN was not submitted with your reservation. We have worked with Delta and they have updated your reservation. You should now get TSA Precheck status on your boarding pass, if you are traveling domestically."

I thank them and go to Delta's website, where they ask me to check in again. I do, and sure enough, I have Precheck for my flights.

A government entity responded to a tweet. Did research. Worked with an airline. Solved a problem (which I wasn't really all that adamant about them solving). And notified me about the change with a pleasant message. All this in under 3 hours, and using Twitter.

The future is here.

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I test mine ALL the time!
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