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Material Design icons, app concepts and more
Material Design icons, app concepts and more


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Calculator Quick Settings Tile out now!

Direct link to the app:

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New app! Calculator Quick Settings Tile. Another collaboration between +Florian Möhle and myself, stay tuned for information about the beta!

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New ROM, new name, new colour scheme and most importantly new icon!

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Lineage Downloader 2.5 available on Google Play + 20 Promo Codes

The old CM Downloader is now called Lineage Downloader and supports LineageOS builds!
It has also a new theme and a new Icon (designed by +Yeti-Designs).
Finally, I've added support for SHA256 verification for Full Zips downloads.


I want to give you 20 Promo Codes for the Premium Version if you help me to share this post almost 40 times.
(I will post the exact date when I will share the codes)

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Some really good stuff there! I am still hoping that Google will have some sort of consistency project.
Heeeey! I did this in my free time 😁
It's a big concept, the last one I will do of Google, now for real.
I remade all the ecosystem of apps, and redesigned most of them. Some of these you already saw in previous posts but there are a lot of new concepts inside 😏 (Including: Google Home, Compass, Street View, Classroom, Trips, Android Wear & more)

I didn't crop the photos because the lack of time, sorry.

Check the project on Behance:

#materialdesign   #google   #android   #redesign   #concept   #apps  
Android Redesign
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New icon for an awesome Twitter client Raid!

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Happy Halloween from Yeti Designs and +Open GApps 

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This is a huge improvement from what Microsoft is currently offering
The first time a user turns on your device - they should be shown something is impressive, beautiful, and presents them with what they are about to get into. The current OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) for Windows 10 is a blue screen, with some questions. While this does the job; it has reminiscent elements to the BSOD - and other similar, negative elements.

So, I decided to redesign the OOBE experience for Windows 10 - and I think it looks really nice (slight element of bias 😉). My concept introduces the use of the system wallpaper (not the Windows one, but one of the lock screen ones - since the blur effect is more visible), progress bars instead of the spinning endless dots, and a generally more refined interface. Hope you like it!
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New icon! This time for the awesome N File Manager! Check out the app if you haven't already.
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