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Rare Blue Moon on Friday August 31, 2012

Blue moon to appear Friday night, broadcast online by the Slooh Space Camera to honor Neil Armstrong
A blue moon is really the second full moon of the month — it’s not particularly blue, unless it sees you standing alone.
Blue moon, the stuff of song, is not blue, actually. It is the second full moon of the month.
A blue moon will grace the night sky on Friday, August 31.
People with less than ideal viewing conditions can watch the lunar event online. The Slooh Space Camera will broadcast the moon starting at 6 p.m. with a feed from the Prescott Observatory in Arizona and an observatory in the Canary Islands. The broadcast will honor Neil Armstrong, whose funeral is coincidentally the same day, reports TIME .
Despite its colorful name, there's nothing particularly blue about a blue moon. It simply means the second full moon of the month, so don't expect to see a different hue that night.
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really  romantic  mood  had  created  by  this  .  thanks  for  sharing  this .
I love blue it's the bestest colour in the world
My fav also blue & black, white
this may be a stupid question but if its not blue, and its just the second full moon of each month, why is it special?
Now you tell me! I thought I broke my camera when all I saw was white light😃
my time 2 turn in2 a werewolf........................muh-hahaha.............................................................hehe
its not blue but they call it a blue moon bec its the sconed full moon in two monthes get it?
Lovely photograph and interesting phenomena. Apparently there were rings around the moon last night? At least that's what my mother reckons, but then she is 87 and her eyes or mind might have been playing tricks (her words). Would be good to reassure her otherwise.
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Sue LL
I Can't wait to see it!! :3
So after this one the next one should be in 2015....Hopefully they are right. ^.^
Not so rare. And not so natural, just because of man-made calendar, inconsistent with nature.
oh thx for sharin mr. yes i know that
??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im lost
I can't believe you got a blue moon picture!! Amazing!
Amy is that the moon your gonna watch all night too much light pollution gear for that lol
I'm so excited! (yes I'm an astronomy junkie)
I'm hoping that the clouds don't take over!!  They are calling for rain today/night and last night it was cloudy so I could barely see it :O(  I don't want to miss THIS!
It certainly looks beautiful - whether its real or not. But I love pics like it. Wonder if you saw a meteor that happened on Bank holiday Mon? My cousin actually saw it whereas I was inside but noticed the sky was being weird between 8-9pm then the meteor happened around 11pm and all I saw was fast light. Thought it was car lights or security light but it was far too quick for them to disappear if that make sense...but it proved it was a meteor in the paper on the Wed! My cousin was certainly a lucky person to see it fully. 
P.S. Plus on that night (Bank holiday Mon) - the moon was so bight and moved so quick within half hr and was still so ever bright! Despite with all the clouds but still shone so brightly and I must admit a bit weird. Unfortuneately my moby camera wasn't great enough to take good pictures. So eerie but beautiful to watch it. Just like the total eclipse several years ago - the feelings.
dr z nt evn a rflctn f blu clur on d moon!
Just remember people, kitchy moon art is just kitchy moon art (the picture's not real), and the blue moon looks as blue as the harvest moon looks like a bunch of people digging up vegetables.
One of natures most beautiful sights <3

we cn't see it here tonight and it's raining here,, i want to see a blue moon..
Kaya D
View it while listening to Moon River, sung by Louie Armstrong!
TODAY i`m waitting for it.
this is my favorite color     blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
wait is there acually gonna be a blue moon tonight?
pretty,handsom,beautifull good looking,amazing looking moon,,,,thats like the full moon after two months.....but why is it blue?
that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its still the same i thought its blue? waste of time waiting lol
I saw it this morning and it was so beautiful! 
Mary P
The moon was even awesome last night. We watched for a few hours on the side porch.  The clouds drifting in front of it were illuminated dramatically. I love the moon and the moon loves me...! ? well, maybe!
Nice and that is rare. For every 3 YEARS
Smurfrrific! Lol the. Smurfs way to say terrific. Now they can come back and go home before. Daylight
Unfortunately , lost a nice moment,,, hhaahha
its not a blue moon all the blueness dt the grass creates makes it look blue but really its white an i think we all kno dt by now
Sue LL
This is picture to make you scare, because you will feel cold and GHOST
I have never heard or seen it before,it means what ?
Wait this august 31st if so someone tell me and if it is cant wait to see it
U on it just a sessioner motive race,but fil muchly nice nd cool
fly me to the moon.and let me play among the stars
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I wnt 2 stay wit him in diz dayzz
Can't get the song out of my head. 
lovely can't wait to see it! :)
Does this can be called also once in a BLUE MOOn?
I will be watching this wonderfully awesome blue moon! :D
looks like Denpasar Moon! Cool....
almost time to head out to Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park for the Saturday Sept. 1st day-long show;
 Featured act is Glass Harp (Keaggy, Peccio, Seferra)
@shawn don't be so negitive it looks really pretty me and my bff will probley see it tonight
Saw the Blue Moon tonight in Melbourne, Australia.  It was Awesome.
Thanks for rare information... It's interesting...
Yep! ..and an EarthQuake at 7.9 in Phils. ..:-( oh the Beauty of Nature:-)
It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven. Psalm 89:37 KJV.
La la la la la la sing the happy song,la la la la la la Smurf the whole day long
dorio x
i like a red moon
Its not acually blue just means two fuul moons in one month
i like samsung but  available battery is not easilyavailable in the market.
It was trully beautiful last night while I was driving around and it followed me :) LOL  In honor of Neil Armstrong who was an Awesome man and made of the right stuff!!
Ah, now I see why this expression (once in a blue moon) exists in English but not in my native language (Hebrew). The Hebrew calendar is luni-solar, so there is never a second full moon in the same month.
It does NOT mean it is actually. BLUE.What it does mean is 2 full moons in the same month.
eL Bee
Actually.. not until 1981 is a second full moon in a month referred to as a "blue moon." It was due to a misinterpretation in a magazine back in 1946 that created the newly accepted definition. The original definition of a blue moon is the third full moon in a season that has four full moons. Just a fun trivia fact to know.
this is actual means that's reality that moon could be blue?
Two full moons in a month. Thats called a blue moon
very AUSPICIOUS to get healing done
Two full moons in a month. Thats called a blue moon
looks like beauty in blue
I'm making plans to watch for it on behalf of Neil.
waw so beautiful........................ amazing........
i winked at the moon the night he died. it is so sad to look at the moon because he is gone.
So, the moon won't really appear blue. That's ok. I think this picture is beautiful anyway! Thank You!
it's jst awesome...........
NO fair it is going to rain darn you clouds!!
NICE ! Last night the moon had a beautiful rainbow around it. It was pretty cool :)
Blue Moon means rare... so i guess that was a tad bit redundant...
It is a gift of god to the people and every people must see this...,
a blue moon is so beautiful.....
Don't ruin the thread please.
Didn't quite catch that a blue moon happens when :P
what a romantic moon///////////
Yea it lit up the sky. Kinda nice. Just wondering if theres gonna be 3 or so more people that go crazy and eat their faces off....
where can u see it
First time. Seeing a blue moon can't wait
Its a drawings, check the movie smurfs
Blue moon, looks awesome n sounds like the name of a twilight book :P
It is not rare if you can see it every three years just not common
My friends havin a party tonite can't wait to see it I will tell her!!!!
its beautiful
i have never ever seen a Blue Moon in my life!!!
a lua não pode ser mais linda como ela esta
Wish I could have seen that where was that at?
kah rin
Can't see the rare blue moon tonight in Cape Town --overcast dull and dreary rainy splendor. Would have loved to see it :/
Anyone else have a birthday on the blue moon? Mine also hits Easter every few years March 30 if you want to verify this!
That is beautiful <3

Technically speaking it is actually the 4th full moon in a season rather than the 2nd in a month.
I'll be looking at it tonite thanks for letting me know.
Excellent photographer any body was not seen of this type of senaray
Doing my spiritual thing during this blue moon. Love
Omg! That's soooo pretty I'm soo jelious if I would have seen that I would have stared for hours:)
How is the moon now ?? I can not see from my house now
yeah!!!! its a very beautiful night! i would so have my dream date right there. its so divine!!!!
That is so cool,:D I can't what :)
one blue bhy you two all was better other ways you mist they grate gig n the sky ,
I will have to check it out tonight when we go for our walk.
I wish that I had see the beautiful blue moon. 
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this is really a great piece of work
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this picture is amazing i cant wait to see the blue moon tonight
Bluuuuuue Mooooon.... 
I really hope I get to see this, cloudy weather has hidden almost every   phenomenon from me this year :(
Fl L
vey beautiful
It is fantastic this picures. Tank you for this capodopera.
me gustaria Aprender a tomar esas fotografias  quien me puede ayudar algo y quien tiene un lente que ya no use y lo done por favor yo soy novato en esto pero aprendiendo ayudenme gracias
beautifull es bellísimo ese azul
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