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This sixteen-foot-long crocodile was shot in the Nyamapanda area near the border with Mozambique by Stephen Curle, a professional hunter after it had terrorised villagers and killed their fully grown cows.
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that's a lot of shoes and purses being made
They should stand it up with a clock in it's mouth. Peter pan style

Animals don't kill themselves, they eat each other ( circle of life ) I bet that whole village will eat the poor beast and sell off it's precious skin...
They will make a fortune from its skin:-) 
saga II
Did they eat it?
The photographer used a technique called "forced perspective" to give the illusion of a much larger crocodile. Notice that no villager is touching it. The group is standing/sitting further back than the croc. Still big, but not huge. And sorry if I ruined anyones fun.. but you can Google Gustave for a HUGE croc.
It's not a big crocodile ..those people are pigmies from the Alahaji region...the adult male only grows to an average of four foot tall..I've seen this before... don't be fooled.
That's disgraceful! Shooting, killing a creature which was just doing what comes naturally! How many crocs can live to an age where they grow that big...not many! Man just shoots, kills and destroys everything! Shame on this world!
saga II
They could of ate it too just saying..
it's wonderful crocodile.
Great creature of Almighty Allah...... He always shows that He is......
Subhanallah..what a huge croc.. thanks for sharing..
I feel bad. A unique and beautiful creature, and what do we do? Kill it so someone can make a profit and some rich snob can have an expensive purse.
prehistoric animal..its huge
Im usually very light hunoured, but thats not fun
anyway its meat can feed the people in the picture, crocburger maybeeee!
Research for "Lolong" the croc... located here in Manila
hahaha fake!!it would have made headlines everywhere
lets name a goof movie_tittle fo this pic...
That's a big ass croc think about its off springs "wtf" smh
I get the feeling this is faked like all the other giant animal pics on the web. Amazing how these images are always very low resolution and we never see videos. Another thing, you would need a crane to lift a croc that size. No amount of people could ever lift it into that position. Please someone prove me wrong and post a link to a better picture and maybe a video. 
thats an amazing AND sad and A nice story
Black folks don't suppose to be around shit like that
Damn! How did I miss that? They are all sitting a long distance away from the animal. That's why it looks so big in comparison to them. No doubt it's a big one but not as big as the picture suggests. hard is it to hunt something that size?!! =D
Lots of boots will be made from that one
i do not believe is computerized.mental people who believe in this
That's a big croc. Now reptiles is getting bigger back to dinosaur world.

this is real! but google "lolong" guys biggest croc captured in the philippines 20 ft 3 inches this is on youtube too!
this is dead! "lolong" largest croc alive 20ft 3inch google it
This crocodile is to much big, I never seen before,
Pin Md
King of the river
awesome....16 feet long crocodile... great creation of GOD...
ermmm... God created a great killers.

Wonder do this creatures did killed some human too?
Hey mohd if they were stupid enough to be in his backyard they would deserve it
Which is longer the one in the philipines or that crocodile
Amazing creature....humans have infiltrated there habitats...and driving them to death...what a shame??
That is huge. Amazing how an animal can grow that big
what a horrifying
Paul P
Holy handbags Batman! 
eric hu u are not better than any nigga.u retarded racist.that croc is big but i hav seen bigger.i even hav one
Should've let I live...fucking humidity ;)
it's a camera trick... the croc is more closer to the camera compare to the people behind. the biggest croc founf so far is in Philippines - named "Lolong"
I Ming
I don't believe this picture is real
Wonderful, what a great hunter, you have save ur entire village from this terrorist...kudos
I just want to know if they Mozambiqued the croc?
Boots, shoes, jackets, and hole sofa set, dont know how many humans it eat?
That's scary...terrorizing the people.
It's a grave mistake to be there '''''
wow that's very big is it dead or alive because if its alive your dead
Ong EL
woh, is this real?
I have seen the photo years ago and the photographer has used the depth of field well to make the animal look bigger than it really is!!!!
They get bigger than that too (well, the largest crocodile species do - perhaps not this species)
I thought it was only in the movies that there are crocs this big.
it's a point of dearth'; scared wow
What a disgrace killing such a magnificent animal haven't they heard of catch and release 
Amu p
Now thats a big croc
why kill it...relocation people. Stephen Curle you should know better
Hehe, crocodiles keep growing, they are immortal, ie they don't age like we mammals. But then again the chance of dying from violence is 100% for crocodiles.
Abdi HM
aren't they afraid this one
People never stop to amazed me, their stupidity has no boundaries , and the so called hunter takes the trophy of stupidness, crocs don't kill the hunt for survival it's their instinct, the solution was to capture and relocate and be amazed of it growth, did you know how long it took that croc to grow, and you idiots killed it,dumb asses, I hope at least put his body in a museum, it's a shame that he was kill just cause he was surviving, regardless what he was doing he was just an animal.....R.I. P. Mr. Croc .....:(
pagal ho gaye hai sab, agar use gussa aaya to kisi jo nahi chodega.
bujug bunneeeng gede amir tuh baya
really........mind freakingly large than i expected.
Absolutely incredible. Who ever said dinosaurs were extinct. Its no wonder the villagers were scared.
Don't kill it jus transfer it to another place
What a shame it had to be killed, that's an amazing creature  and probably not too difficult to hunt!
How small a human being looks like...
My god it is really wow
ouw, what is real? how do they catch?
Those people are all midgets, it's only 15 feet long.
Ella Uy
that's one super long crocodile
does mean the responsible party failed to recapture en take back to where it belonged?
Waaaw fantastic . . . . .
+MS Chaithanya గారూ, "రేణిగుంట సోక్రటీస్ స్కూల్లో సెంటు సీసాలు పగిలిన.." ఇదేంటి? వివరంగా చెప్పరూ?
woooooow ! very longer than normal
seriously?? i hope thats the only crock thats as big as that
wow.wat would it do if it was not killed? Its a miracle
It is a dinasoor rather than acrocodile
wow dis great i cant believe dis 16feet God u ar great oo
wow dis is great i cant believe dis 16feet God u ar great oo
emre S.
I think those people r midgets 
Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada...
munju s
why did they shoot him...crockey was only eating what he is supposed to eat
They should have caught it and sold it to a zoo, no reason to kill it and people would have liked to see it.
omg thats frikin huge.
OMG so if it can eat all people in this village haaaa
sell it to me for some beans
yoh thats amazing.would never  come close that thing!
can make crocodile burger its good for health
It was a pest to the villages....and it stealing their cows...congratulations to that hunter
Hai Ho
Oh, my god.
So this absolute beast of an animal was shot because it was living and eating as it should be. What else could it eat around there if not the cows...
Handbags!!! any idea on how many handbags this would make?
W.T.F. Imagine coming face to face with that in the dark ! :|
It's not as big as it looks, the people are just standing further away than they look.
all i can think of is crocodile meat
i wonder how many shots to get this things is killed
It should be kept alive in a zoo
ONLY SIXTEEN FEET LONG! Louisiana alligators get twelve feet long eating fish, much less cows! Those must be Pygmies squatting behind it.
wonder how old it was
I'd like to make understand all those ecoligists, wich spend their time conplaining and blaming the world for being "killers" but when a creature like that eats the grown cows that mantains alive a hole village you can't let that happen too many times because you and your family will die and that "beautuful" creature will be just fine... so just stop protecting animals able to do such things, you can't just complain, be more realist, this life is not that nice and full of kindness as you belive, the only law that village respect is "Eat or be eaten" 
It is a one of a kind "Monster" Wowie
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