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1956 VS 2011..
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...and the tech curve continues to steepen (exponentially increase).
Technology is amazing. Humans are EPIC!!!
Technology changes so quickly
+Gökhan ŞEMİN Maybe we will  do not need HDD in the future,all of files will be stored in cloud-storage.
it has been improved this much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow! just wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hr Tien
Difference between scientific purposes and entertainment.
It makes you wonder what going to happen in the next 56 years.
Google drive is today's technology. 
That's no disk drive ... that's a space station!
What, you mean the hand and thumb?  Yes, I believe Apple somehow has a patent on those.
its very nice to have storage size of thumb i can put my tick tack in there
Come on, +Kyle Fahringer, you don't have $600 in your back pocket to buy this kind of ridiculously useless tech?
I'm guessing Apple only owns the patent for Justin Long, the Mac guy.  Who really wants that patent?
tinny w
Why is 256 Gigs 262,144 Megs?  Shouldn't it be 256,000 Megs?
Jason S
how far we've come
+tinny w, 256 GB is actually 2^18 (2 to the 18th power), which is 262,144.
We still don't know about technology nothing yet.
I vividly remember by a 5mg Corvus Hard Drive for my business in 1985'ish for just shy of $6,000. It was then and probably still is the biggest improvement I ever got from a PC. Was able to automate our accounts receivables, general accounting and produce some sales support software that dramatically helped our business.

Amazing how much RAM and storage has come down. 
Great find.  Remember when the Apple Lisa was selling for a little under $10K?
Remember when Bill Gates said that 640kB of RAM is enough for anyone?

(EDIT: corrected the number)
I lusted after the 48K Apple II Plus.  48K!!!  What the heck did I really need all that for?
It think it was actually 640K.
I remember spending almost $1,000 on a 30 mB hard card in the mid-1980s.
A "WHOPPING" amount of data. I laugh at their (our old) technology.
I'm reminded of a purported quote from Thomas Watson, President of IBM, when the engineers came to him and pitched the idea of an early mainframe. It's told that he said "I can think of maybe five sales here; the census dept will buy two, the military just to have one, my friends over at the Prudential since they tabulate so many numbers and I'll give you one more. Who else would by one of these electronic tabulators?"
I wonder how much storage we could fit inside the 1956 hard disc box now...
Did you post this because they say "BOOM" at the end of the USB pic? Lol
I move that we go back to calling computers "electronic tabulators."
I wonder what it will look like 56 years from now!
At least my students couldn't say they lost their thumb drive with 1956 version.
From record to catridge, catrdige to cassetes, cassetes to laser disk, laser disk to cd, cd to dvd, dvd to blue ray...Enjoying every moment of the transformation. 
great post....that probly needed tons of what were called keypunch cards too
that's not a hard disk, it's drum memory.
/get off my lawn

But would you carry a $635.95 USB drive around...oops where did I leave it again...
that's true

but memory our brain more than it 
if i could only go back in time i wud be famous :P
5MB... how can anyone live with that?
iam 619
:D i think u are still inventing the 10 MB disk drive
well, technically, it rounds to  52,429 times the storage
I like that the rover on mars has a 200 mhz processor and my phone has 1.2 ghz dual core 
They say technology doubles every year. It's interesting to think about where we will be in the next 5, 10 or 30 years. I predict both myself and my wife will visit the moon at some point in our lives. 
I like it ....Same like "fast and furious "1954-55 and "fast and furious" 2011 .. it's technology not evolution ....
Leo T
So what, cars go faster and look different now too.  It's called progress so whats BFD?
In 50 years it'll be "5 PB" and a picture of the clouds.
Actually I believe it was in 2010 or 2011 we created the first 1TB thumb drive.  It's still too expensive to mass produce, but it does in fact exist.
We still haven't seen everything that Roswell has given us.  More to come as our government decides to hand out what technology they think we are ready for.
Average cost of gas in the US:

0.23/gal (1956)
3.37/gal (2011)
(14x increase)

Average wages US

$4,463 (1956)
$22,363 (2011)
(5x increase)

Sometimes progress is unfair...
Leo, when you've been around long enough to witness a few of the changes yourself, you'll have a different perspective. I wasn't a witness to the pictured 5 MB drive, but I do remember connecting a 10MB CDC hard drive pack to a Z80 based micro-computer in the early 80s and being impressed that it only weighed 130 lbs...
Watch apollo 13 sometime and realize the computer that they worked so hard for 4 amps for is dwarfed by that little thing in your pocket.
where can i get one of those from 1956 :]
My son is going to probably have these installed in his brain at the rate were going. Or be part machine or something. I sound crazy. 
I remember having one of those hooked up to my commodore 64 :)
well its 15 years old but its nuclear powered boggles the mind
I was born in 1960. Science fiction of the period imagined a time when faxing would be common in every home and home computers might take up just one living rolm wall. 
hahaha, now all we need is to see the Enterprise from Stark Trek in a Kmart parking space. The future, boys, this is the future.
would be cool to travel back in time to 1956 and say "Oh, you need some memory? I've got 256gigs right here."
thats an illusion that the technology got improved. I can see lot of stuffs in every field still the same as 1950's. oh..ya., even in that picture, we use the same method for uploading stuffs in the plane. Flights are still as same as today's. If you only look at computer, IT, then you need to open up your eyes bit wider.
the plane is still pretty much the same though
James Pual read the book "Feed'"
oh my god this is really amazing i was surprise when i had my first usb with a storage capacity of 16mb y was thinking that ill never full it and in fact i never did it now i need an usb of 64gb even with that i need more capacity jajaja this world is amazing
lol "a whopping 5 mb" that better be a joke
Technology changes and improve trough time.....
Lol nothin' like making fun of the last century...
That 5MB drive is larger than 5,000 sheets of paper (and 1 sheet of paper is a common metric for approximating 1 KB of storage).  Hence it took a while before digital media surpassed the density of paper as a storage medium.
Hmmm it's funny cause over 50yr ago and NASA is still a fucking money wasting piece of shit that's hasn't done shit!!! 
yeah it was or seemed to be more fun to what i have heard from then
Wait, is it saying we should be impressed that technology is improving? That's like me asking for applause when my hair grows. 
If Apple had held the patent for Left side. Right side wouldn't have happened.
Jay Cie
Do that again but with a 2012 micro SD card.
pple will laugh at the 256GB thumbdrive in 2067 ...
How is it that in a thread about something as straightforward as the advance of technology, people still manage to wedge in racist inflammatory comments?  Do these people also curse at weddings and funerals?
In 2013 how much data can we for in a device the size of drive from 1956?
Meanwhile Apple is trying to stop this innovation.
People keep talking about what tech will be like in 100 years--I got news for you, we'll never get past the robot apocalypse.
Just wait till we start encoding memory on DNA.  That flash drive will look as cumbersome as the 1956 "super" computer.  We'll look at all of our CD's, external hard drives, and the rooms of servers and wonder at how huge of a waste of space that is when we can encode as much data in a single cell.
Or that the whole idea of even storing data is ridiculous, because 100% of it is instantly accessible from anywhere, anytime...
Technology= exponential growth...#singularity
There's a RAMAC on display just outside my office at work!
More than 55 year of technology advancements, shown using a thumbdrive...
In 1956 there was no Data Recovery Option was available but in 2012 we have Stellar Data Recovery Company and recovering the Data since 1993 with World Largest Range of Software Recovery Tools and 1 million+ happy customers spread across 170 countries. 
Facebook 2009: 2 "Likes" 0 shares.

Google+ 2012: 1201 +1's and 500 shares.
I still remember 20 years ago using XT computer with 5.2" floppy disk needed for start up. :-)
Yeah technology is now d gr8t egg of life
The hand doesn't look fully formed.  I'd hate to see the rest of the person.
+Hoa Nguyen +Kristine Asercion For you guys talking about cloud storage, where do you think all that data is stored, actually in the clouds? Does that mean during a sunny day i have no access to any data, and since hurricane isaac is above my head there is terabytes?
Cloud storage is just a term for wireless or remote storage, all that data still resides on physical drives in servers farms.
When I was in the service we had an air conditioned room with computers similar to the size on the left around 1994. Technology is leaping at lightening speed. 
Gevork, you're only allowed to comment negatively on your own race, religion, sex, location, etc. on the internet...
For instance, I'm an American of German and Japanese ancestry, so I can say "I start fights but always lose them, unless I come in late, and then I claim to win the whole damn thing"
But if I said "What's the difference between a Russian and a bag of shit? Answer= A bag of shit looks good in a tuxedo".  That's out of line.
Don't worry, give another 50 years, people will laugh at right one too. Innovation is like flowing river...things get outdated soon.
design is what's look lik it or feel it that how's it work
Why do geeks insist to insult the past tech. You probably insult your grandparents too.
Even now we can find the 32GB micro SD :) when its comparing to the 5MB HDD on 1956 its a revolution :)
due to 5MB hard disk drive's invention only 256GB thumb drive came into existence
necessity is the mother of invention.
It will cost you $1,108 for you 256GB FLASH DRIVE
It's amazing how they transform humungous things into miniature size yet the latter is more effective. 
I'm still waiting patiently for a freaking replacement of the HDDs. Where are the high capacity SSDs??? 
Up next....storing exponentially more data in DNA! Only problem is dealing with access times 
Am sure in another 50years time, the analogy will be very shocking.
in another 50 years it will be invisible...
That is not a 256 GB. 256 MB more likely. 
Woo YA
In 1956, u need a forklift to carry a 5MB storage,
Now it only require 2 fingers to hold it. Amazing!!!
Lovely comment Prince Sudi, I love it and I must say you are absolutely right
This is me... standing corrected. 
Just in few years even today's thumb drive seems like same one which was like 1956! Scientist were able to store more than terabyte worth information on  single DNA
Technology is way past the point they would have you believe. Deep Underground Military Installations are full of Kray supercomputers, Scalar technologies, & UFOs. Plus all sorts of tech that 99% of people couldn't begin to fathom.
that usb sucks (no offense) i have one it holds 500 GB suck on that bitch
hmmm........huge development only for  electronics & others.....not n Agriculture.....n future wt v ill do?????
+Mathan Kumar Agriculture was hugely developed during the industrial revolution and has already reached the end of agriculture version of Moore's law. And. not to mention that medicine has also been hugely developed (and that medicine utilizes the discoveries from electronics quite well).
Besides, GMO != development.
try comparing the circuitary next...even more astounding
What will be next for another 50 years after? 
Was für ein Fortschritt. ... Das hätte damals keiner gedacht ★
How many degrees of separation are there now?

Jeff gray 
The revolotion is polythecnologie mine forbiden in philosophie.
in the next 5 years later. there would be a lot of pendrive and many thing goes easier to save your file and save your live.
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