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Important Health Tips

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Lynx Evil
30min exercise everyday.
Health tips? Maybe. Important health tips? No way, Jose. I'm pretty sure these are just a bit more important:
- Don't smoke
- Quit the damn fast-food and learn to cook a real prudent varied diet.
- Don't do drugs
- Listen to your body. It will tell you if it's stressed or otherwise having a problem.

So why don't we start with those? 
I think you can afford to have something anytime you want is better.
+Rune Jakobsen 
Add these to
- Don't work 9 to 5 but less
- quit drinking alcohol
- Sell your car, buy a good bike and use it
thanks for the tips but body needs more water when it hot
as your name says "yes i know that" actually i was aware of this but not its hard to implement it
keep smiling iz gud 4 helth.
Who stinking cares about which side you answer phone calls from? I don't care whether it is my left side or my right side of the brain that I am destroying. What is this about radiation is 1000 times stronger on low battery? It all depends on the phone, battery type, settings, carrier, frequency, distance and/or other disturbing frequencies. With Li-ion, the power output stays the same till its dead; so, there is no difference. And if you are so unfortunate to use a different type of battery, well, I'm sorry.
I know it hard to follow. But let give it a try. 
Oh good, now G+ is approaching FB levels of bullshit...
Ralph H.
i always LOVE health tips that come without any source.
I think it means when your phones signal is at the last bar... not battery.
z somethig according to islam and quran. best way of liviving. thnksssss
First and last sentence are utter nonsense. Cold water, really, WTF? When the SIGNAL is low (one bar) emitting power is stronger, battery has absolutely no relation with it.
thankssss.... for tips,i really didn't knew about that.
cd zsa
Tq..good info

Does +Yes I Know That know that what they are posting is not true?  There is no scientific data to back this up.
I have my first meal at 5pm. My last meal at 3am. A heavy one. I have a huge glass of water before going to sleep. I go to sleep after 4am. I fall asleep during meals. Answer phone calls with my speaker and the battery low light blinking. Anymore health tips? Ö¿Ö
Lol. I eat all my heavy meals after 5pm. That's the best time for some trashy carbs.
Why are so many people just accepting these things as tips without evidence? The image of a stethoscope does not make this person a medical professional.
When I look at the comments for silly and blatantly false lists like this, I realise why our planet is so messed up. The sensible, skeptical comments are few and far between. Most of you just accept whatever you read without question.
This is how powerful men get people to do bad things. Please, for the sake of everybody, think more.
+Mark Kennedy - well no, there is truth to some if these. Drinking chilled water when waking up causes roughly a hike of 24% in metabolic rate for 90 min, water in the morning is good. 10-4 are prime sleeping hours, but everybody has their own circadian rhythm and cell phones do have a SAR rating when it comes to radiation, but I'm not sure if its really that much stronger when the battery is near death, but its possible. I noticed the popular thing on google plus is to go on and call everything bogus. Lol
If body enjoy drink ? ,in luxury mood...
Phillip, I'm a professional. These are evidence-based tips ;)
I wonder why? Is there any explanation for this list.
I have been doing just opposite in my whole life.
I am healthy as gold thanks God.
And it sometimes comes from people who have zero credentials from accredited educational programs on certain topics like health and technology. Some, not all. Pointing out another site that claims different isn't any better.
Cold water in a stomach stimulates production of acid, so a medicine is destroyed in it. Just an example...
i love the post informing for health, great
used to use both ears..using headfon speaker..its mean..both side of my brain damage...hmmm i think its not..
just follow if it doesnt help stop it, why to criticize
good hahahha, Mr, Ron Fleishman
Haha. This is meant as a joke right? 
+ravi upadhyaya because people end up blaming the wrong things for their illnesses, and no one ever gets better due to stupid beliefs. Many Victorians died of lead poisoning and they'd believe all sorts of weird reasons - because of this no one bothered to check if the white lead powder they were rubbing into their skin was dangerous at all.
Phillip S
WTF. What a load of crap. How did this rubbish get into “what’s hot and recommended”. 
Left ear thing is a hoax:

Given that, I would seriously question everything on the list.  This does not mean that everything on the list is false, but that, as with anything, everyone should take the time to think critically about what they read.

Or, for those who can only read short sentences:

Check first.  DON'T FORWARD CRAP.
Well besides moderation, common sense is the key.......;)
My doctor is calling with my radiation results, but my battery is too low, what do I do now?!?!?!?!?!? Damn health guides.
ok @Tim but we can follow only if it is useful otherwise bye bye
Because people blindly following instructions, without using any critical thinking, leads to bad men in power getting people to do bad things for them (just think about World War Two to see what people blindly following instructions leads to), +ravi upadhyaya, yes, these kinds of things are nowhere near that level, but critical thinking is something you have to practice, to keep it sharp and ready for use when those bad men arise to position of power, so you can see through their bullshit.
Best sleeping time...
And most importantly.... Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
What nonsense.
Ash Kap
Great......BASICS...!!!! for a healthy life :))
“A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.” 
Every time I read "health tips" and I find the words "phone" & "radiation" put together on the list I just puke.
you know, the radiation emitted by phones is not harmful. it is microwaves, which heat instead of ionise, and the amount in phones is not enough to do any damage. the other side of the electromagnetic spectrum is ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma ray, and they are ionising and harmful, but luckily phones dont use them
Silly Internet meam. You really should fact check before posting things for people to read.
But you should already know that!
Jeodhe reho mitro pyer nal koei health tips de lhor nahi I u daily exercise for what for ur long life right but I don't wanna long life
ladki-ye automatikly ka matlab kya hota he, Ladka- jab auto me koi ganji ladki ja rai hoti he to use kahte he auto me takli.
The hell? Phone battery is producing the same voltage no matter how low it is. The last fact is wrong. Only difference is when your signal is LOW, the battery pump more voltage and THEN is the radiation stronger... but harly 1000x... maybe 300x at tops.
Someone had the facts wrong:D
Greg S.
Man, +Yes I Know That, where do you get this stuff from?  (And perhaps more importantly, why do you repeat it uncritically?)
Really? Are you joking? Everybody is different, these health tips don't apply!
Greg S.
I especially like the "left ear" one.  Huh??
Thx for giving information...
They missed the most important health tip:
NEVER take health advice from the internet.
+Yes I Know That, thanks for the Invasion of Stupid Facebook Sh*t.   Maybe you could just leave it there next time?
No junk foods
No alcohol
No smoking
No drugs
No car
No phone
goood tips
Greg S.
Would be interested to see any study that corroborates any of these "tips."
Unadulterated nonsense.
None of these have any scientific basis, in fact a few are (partial remnants of) well known old wives tales that have been debunked again and again and again. Don'eat heavy meals after 5pm? You have not explained why. Because I might turn into a banana, or my ears may fall off? Please peddle rubbish your rubbish to the small close knit community of morons it was intended for and keep it away from the general public.
fre fri
i cant refrain from commenting, even though i know it will probably make the post even more popular/visible.

this is complete bs
Dan A
What about the sex?
its important for every body...............
I can't take seriously a message written in Comic Sans MS...
Your body can talk just listen to it if it says i want to rest rest no metter the time of day 
The last one is utter rubbish. Mobile phone signal output power depends on distance to the tower and signal strength from the tower, it has nothing to do with battery level.
Lots of thing to do but nobody cant run from death...........just remember in mind always pray to God.....Allah...bhagwan....
madyibi, wonderful health tips to protect us especially during summer holidays.
369 shares of total bullshit, well done people, well done...
These tips are also popular among China's micro-bloggers. Frankly, I don't know which is reliable, I doubt the last tip particularly. Anyone who can offer a professional response to it?
hahahaha, cuz they can't put anything on he internet that isn't true!
How did this ever get to be "hot" on G+?  Utter nonsense.

Don't smoke.
Eat whole foods.
Get enough sleep.
Surround yourself with people who care about you.

Start from there and see what happens.  Speaking of that, I need to get to bed.
There have been studies that show that cell phone radiation may reverse or slow alzheimer's...
The most important tip is missing :
- "Don't trust anything about health just because it's on the internet"
Oh and there also more :
- "Use common sense"
- "Stop writing in Comic Sans MS"
I left Facebook in the hope never to se such garbage again, but alas...
does any research validate this? don' think so... otherwise lot of people would have been sued by now!
My goodness, I'm blocking lots of pop-psychology click-whore accounts lately.
Learn to vote for both parties next election straight tickets don't always put the intended recipient in office for you..
10pm-4am is 6 hours. Izaya needs 8 hours of rest. And what's with this radiation? What radiation? Not from the radio waves. Radio waves are way to large to cause harm to the human body. 
can anyone post the reasons for these things said above...
Ugh ... stop sharing this rubbish! is a good resource BEFORE you post something stupid like this.
+Deividas Narmontas stating your a professional and that these tips are based on evidence. and that makes it all true,  you actually have to provide examples of this evidence ( or at least a link)  Pics or it didn't happen.
that makes living in Italy practically impossible, where they have dinner at 20:30
...the radiation isn't 1000 times stronger.

a) wat?
b) watts: that would make the battery immediately die, and the battery can't put out enough current to power that broadcast anyhow;
c) please tell me I just got trolled and the OP isn't actually this stupid.
better than some self centered , cunt postings on FB . Lol ....
Putting a heart and stethoscope in your logo doesn't make the advice legitimate.
What to do to help with withdrawal symptom from not talking pain pills??
Oh look, more complete nonsense from "Yes I know that". There's a surprise...
good guide.i use no telephone and see no tv the face to face meetings are the best. i go to sleep as in the notice board and only take food when hungry and water when thirsty. the body tells you all listen to it carefully.
You don't need to be a doctor to know this is complete rubbish. Try googling and you will see its all wrong. I do however know a fair bit about electronics and I can absolutely promise you the output from a phone does not go up when the battery is down to the last bar. When the signal is lower it goes up but not the battery. This is complete nonsense.
Yes...i hv followed it...:)
I followed this advice, and I lived to 100.
Check the mirror every morning to make sites you haven't turned into a vampire. 
Okay now  you are scaring me 
What about only eating Jello on Tuesday... They leave out all the important ones.
thanks a lot. i never knew it before.
Thanx for giving us precious tips abt health.
One tip they missed.... don't try and read writing that makes your eyes squint! Perhaps the author may want some of their own medicinal advice....
Hmm i think these are good tips. But some people won't agree. Human nature abhores. little little inconveniences to the body...
If it was 1000 times stronger your head would cook like a ready-meal in a microwave.
Where do you get this utter rubbish! 
These are only to be followed under a crescent moon when you are surrounded by aquamarine quartz that has been cleansed in white rose water.

Everybody knows that.
Ok kinda weird but thx for letting me know!
Health tip. Have a tablespoon of honey everyday. 
i do regularly nly except exam days
another Important Health Tip:

Dont take health tips from people on google plus, especially if it is written in #COMICSANS!

who comes up with all this shit ?
and why do people forward ill and undocumented advise ?

1. Cold or hot water with medicine, why would it make a difference, bodyheat will heat the water and dissolve the medicine eventually

2. as opposed to light meals ? - heavy meals offer longer fullness and thus defeat the longing for small meals and candy / crackers 

4. why ? - only makes sense if you need to get up really early ... totally undocumented and no apparent reason

5. the body actually gets tired after eating, and resting for 30-40 minutes is a good thing to do after eating. its called the dynamic effects of eating. 

6. why ? - Studies show that listening with the right ear makes you remember better - there is a difference in brain hemispheres of which ear remember the best...

7. True ... but the radiation isn't proven to be harmful, there are tons and tons of radiation in the air all the time from other sources that are sometimes stronger than that from a cellphone.  Use a handsfree if your paranoid....
People really don't understand radiation at all. You get tons of radiation all day, as wells as types of radiation. The FCC's SAR limit is a highly conservative value that guarantees no harmful effects, and most phones are nowhere near even that value. Complete garbage.
+Shaun McCarthy It's even more extreme than that. Any amount of cellphone radiation wouldn't be harmful because it's non-ionizing. It's too low frequency to harm you in any amount.
The 'Yes I know that' guy misinforms again! Please stop +1ing his nonsense.
Phones only emit higher-powered signals when they have a problem connecting to the towers. There is absolutely no reason why phones would use up their batteries faster when the batteries are running low. It is not true, and there is even no reason for it to be true. I do however find this myth a lot more on the Internet, but still... If you call yourself 'Yes I know that' then well, you expect some research and/or a basic understanding of the subject matter.
First the things the other day with the stars lining up with the pyramids, now this. Do you guys ever post anything that's factual?
Why the left ear? So one can use the creative right brain to think a way out of the call?
+Stephen Brooker +Ben Griffiths Almost everything the 'yes I know that guy' posts are just hoaxes and (religious) misinformation of interesting-sounding things. He doesn't even bother going to Wikipedia to see if what he's posting is remotely true. He has 'end of the world' articles on his website...
Please bring back real names only...this shit is getting depressing.
Why not take your medicine with cold water?
Cool tips but some may take longer than others 2 follow
What radiation? The radio transmissions to cell phone towers? Why would that be true? This is dumb. Also, why would answering with your left ear be any different. Even if radiation was a concern, wouldn't that just irradiate the left side of your head instead of the right?
I don't do any of that never did as far as I remember and I'm 66 plus smoked all my life until last May the 7th why I gave up? BCos I thought all this time I have been smoking what did I get out of it? Nothing so I thought enough but other wise I'm fine 
I have my doubts about last two ones. What's the significant difference between left and right part of the brain? Reasons for thousandfold increased radiation also don't seem obvious.
Radiation levels from your mobile phone are determined solely by the your distance from the mast it is using (a square law relationship) and on the type of phone you are using (older ones generally give off more radiation than newer ones). As for which ear to use. Well I use left as it has slightly better hearing than my right.
Thank more thing less down food n take more supplement n drink water more.
i don't think their is a problem with eating heavy meal past 5pm
Why answer the phone via the left ear?
Son Lee
Let's try then.....
I like how all of you people, especially +Martin Kirk, with the long list, respond to a joke posting from the onion.

To all of you saying "rubbish", it was meant to be. This list is a joke.

Grow a funny bone...
These r for our parents.. nt 4 us...
 growing up is good for young ones
Scientific evidence anyone? Nope? I call bullsh*t then. 
He....orse....sheet folks! Downright utter piffle I say. 1000 times more radiation?.... that'll be why my phone keeps melting then!
Trying gettin any sleep when u gt bairns 
How strong is the left ear and how weak is the right ear?.
Getting a bit fed up of the nonsense this page is posting.
Is anyone else worried about the decrease in the quality of content on this page?
very useful....need every one....
The last one makes me realize that all the others are bullshit too!
Nonsense!  And, referring to quality, we can always close down the things we don't like!
The downside of G+ getting more popular: it turns out the problem with Facebook was the users.
What a nonsense. The radiation is the best. Nuclear powered mobile phone?
Gan ny
When phone's battery is low to the last bar; the radiation is 1000 times stronger
I don't understand this. Can you explain me?
With the exception of not eating late meals, this is a bunch of nonsense.
you forgot one - you have to squat even when using toilet seat:)))
+Michael Mauldin Courts don't define reality. It's entirely irrational for any judicial or political body to say what are and what aren't causal links. The fact that the supreme court of Italy ruled on this at all is just an indication that they have an at most tenuous relationship with reason.
internet is full of "seams legit" random lists like this. but pls do ur reserch before start following stupid advices like this
This is important for human and good info
Are there any sources for this list?...
Most of them don't even seem legit...
Explanations please.
I an not very believable person....
Yes i knw tat bt to follow hmm...mey khoshush karuga...
Sorry for misprinted comment. It should say thank you for
 yotake it.ur advice. We will
knowing it is one thing, and follow it is another.
thanx very much 4 the tips God bless u
can l drinnk water in the morning even if i dont feel thirsty ?
No need to do anything hard just start yoga daily at 4.00am
Is it better to take your medicine with hot tequila?

Don't eat heavy meals after 5pm - helium is easier to digest and helps you drift off to sleep.

This is Darwin. Drink more water always.

Best sleeping time is 10pm to 4am. Sounds fair. I have often heard the most important sleep is before midnight.

If you take a meal you had better keep moving, especially if you take it from a large dog.

Answer phone calls from Left ear? Who is 'left ear'? Some gangster thug? I don't answer calls from gangsters.

When phone's battery is low to last bar, don't answer the call because the radiation is 1000 times stronger? Seriously? There are so many reasons to say this one is just nonsense. We have all seen how the light radiating from the globe of a torch gets 1000 times brighter as the battery gets flatter haven't we?
You forgot one: don't disturb me on a monday morning before I have my coffee.... :=((
i will follow to save my............
thanks alot i will follow those step
xun lin
Useful, thanks
By the time you read the last one you should know that's all bullshhit...
I'm rather interested in the answering the phone in the left ear tip.  Never heard that one before!
This is all complete bullshit
It doesn't matter at all when you eat 'heavy meals' after 5PM, as there are a lot of people who have different day cycles (depending on their work start time, etc.). So it's completely pointless to name a specific time for everybody. Same goes for sleeping between 10PM and 4AM of course.
So please add some sources if you post something like this.

Also (and I can't state that enough), stop asking people to re-share your post. If they like it, they'll re-share it. THIS ISN'T FACEBOOK!
very useful and value added advises welcome ensure the publicity and sharing with lot more peoples.
10 to 4?! thats like 6/7 hrs.....unhealthy tisk tisk
Or win the billion dollar lottery...problem solved
Comic Sans gives it even more credibility ;)
Thanks for increase. Our knowledge ..
Source please? Oh wait, you won't have one...
There is no element of truth in any of this. The last one was so funny it made me spurt coffee through my nose which was odd because I wasn't drinking any.
some people seriously need their posting rights revoked!
It's one thing to be an annoying attention whore posting the same hoax story about the granny who's lapdog beat cancer for the umpteenth time, with an urgent suggestion to repost share like and plus one or get cancer yourself, and make sure to always get the 500th comment, but not say anything at all.

But it's something different to post "health tips" that are utter BS.
And it should be illegal to leave the post after beeing told that it's all wrong or at least not true.
And it should be illegal with severe penalties to post the same lies in blue every other month. Either that or you'd have to be a politician...
Ryan Ng
That's not true...
hint, half of them are good, the other half have no clinical foundation.
FFS Please stop these posts of ignorant bullshit "facts". These are a load of bollocks.
yeah but can you ride a ponie
No drink, no tobacco, be positive, ensuring you spread a positive signal to others so they will do the same.....
Is this true about the battery? And why only answer your phone using your left ear? 
glass of water before bed helps prevents strokes + heart attacks in the evening.
Y is it a thousands times stronger
To all of those who have said 'very useful / helpful tips / advice etc.  Have you read any of the comments?  There is no factual basis to support any of the above.  Some people have even supplied links to websites which debunk this load of rubbish.  This is as bad as some of the information that came out during the recent presidential election for the USA (Obama v Romney) or Samsung v Apple.  +Yes I Know That that the picture used in the post is a load of bollocks.
Except for the phone things, I do pretty much the opposite of this and still have a six-pack at 36 and haven't been to a doctor in about 15 years. 
I wish there was a way to tell Google "I DONT like this" even if it's not public.
Exactly right . Thanks for tips . 
Here is another "Important" Health Tip:

1. Go to this page
2. Look down under the profile image for "Report / block Yes I Know That"
3. Click on it
4. Up the top tick the box "Block Yes I Know That"
5. Click "Done"
6. Result! now your stream is bullshit free!

share to help other people clean the bullshit out of their stream
Last comment, the statements made above in the picture have not been supported in any way by scientific fact.
J Gohil
good tips for good health
To all of those who have said 'very useful / helpful tips / advice etc.  Have you read any of the comments?  There is no factual basis to support any of the above.  Some people have even supplied links to websites which debunk this load of rubbish.  This is as bad as some of the information that came out during the recent presidential election for the USA (Obama v Romney) or Samsung v Apple.  +Yes I Know That  the picture used in the post is a load of bollocks
BTW in the US its the right ear not the left...never the left, can you imagine? 
Does +Yes I Know That know that what they are posting is not true?  There is no scientific data to back this up.
ok  Dr.moko What time consulting ؟ 
Does +Yes I Know That  that what they are posting is not true?  There is no scientific data to back this up.  Even after many people have posted links from credible sources proving this to be wrong, this post is still here.
Hello, Hola
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[image: Imágenes integradas 1]

El 4 de abril de 2013 10:22, Galie Sibar <****@**> escribió:
Ryan Ng
Why answer phone calls from left ear? Why not right?
I can't believe that after been told several times that these statements are factually incorrect and have no scientific backing, that this website continues to have this misinformation available.
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