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Diver Photographing 26ft Long Monster Anaconda.

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true ..............................
An anaconda is a large, nonvenomous snake found in tropical South America. Although the name actually applies to a group of snakes, it is often used to refer only to one species in particular, the common or green anaconda, Eunectes murinus, which is one of the largest snakes in the world.
i can't belive it!! it's to large !!!
Wow..i'd love to have that snake
I found the snake from the chamber of secrets :P
no comment......but it looks so strange
hahahahh.... i dunno what to say bout this pic
what is this.. ?? its very dangurs...
do we have these kind of snakes in south Africa?
it will not attack bcoz its already have eaten something..
That thing has been playing that Nokia snake game for a looooong time!
Too dangerous for me!! Some kind of Anaconda could kill buffalos so...
It looks like it had just eaten so i doubt it was going to attack...
takut bgett...serem....
That call photograpy
It seems to be larger than 25ft
I wonder how many boots it can be turned into
ooh what da hell is that? Jeeer i dnt believe
interesting                    and amezzzzzziiiiiinngggggg
oh my goodness if its not the magic of adobe photoshop , :D
Oh my gud , how long ; how big so im not belived me.
Amazing i can no believe that how long this snak
It's gotta be fake, that beast is looking belly looks empty, and it can see dude in the water 
i think is python it use 2 b like that when it has eaten something.
That diver has some balls!
i think is python, it use 2 b like that when it has eaten something.
big big big big......very biggest wwwwo
Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!! its natural nothng so strange. adventures.....
hi anaconda somebody take your picture. Please straight and smile.
It is so big but there was a snake bigger than that in myanmar

It'll take ages fora snake so big to reach and catch that diver...he is safe...for now..!
that diver has live long to reach that extend truely a diver. That is amezing
I thought it was three crocodiles.  Or some lovecraftian horror (snake, crocodile, or Hastur, it's all the same to me...)
l am very sensitive to the snake.oh my god!
just imagine if it will come in front of u what will u do
i wanna make it my pet u knw? Lol
If it were me over there... the photo would be captioned 'Lady freaks out on seeing Snake... Snake laughs his a** off'
k guys tell me wat is the biggest snake in south Africa n i guess u can help Mr mahlangu
Terriale snake. Good technology used for this photograph. Very nice.
good foto but dangerous species
Just a little bite mate
its a fake phote because i have heard on discovery channel anacond can eat any thing else human because there shoulder is bigger than anacond mouth opening limit samller than that
d rut
My wife sees a snake like that everytime i drop my pants lol
jst slice it n open up a butcher, shuuu i guess u gonna b rich
Well, at least it's not moving lol
I'd pee if I saw a snake that big.
hahaha! Lol dnt worry i'll captured so u can c its real
God's creatures great and small
big snakes are nt poisonous, all dey do is 2 swallow d prey only
@ Renny Lamas yes eventually the result is same DEATH 
Yea anacondas get quite bigger than that too
This is just 26'. The largest recorded in history is 30' something ... still .this is huge. 
Ume I wouldn't mess with it and I am in my natural habitat too I am just not the top of the food chain anymore! As we say back home we are not in Kansas anymore ToTo
Surresh i guess u can fight back if u hv 2 right @moses ur right but nt always innocent
look s like its layin on the sun after its feast
SO THIS WAS FOUND IN UR BACK YARD RIGHT? f**kn pacific islander n i've never seen such an amazing creature...wud faint n die on d spot.
that  really biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig
Now that is a humongous, incredible creature. I hope it was already fed when the photo was taken!
This diver got eaten after this pic was clicked so his pic could never be published :p
Luckily Anaconda has enough for next many days otherwise photographer would be a small meal.
Diver, get out of there quickly and quietly,her hubby is swimming nearby!
why the f is he still there..........................
He is taking photograph of an Anaconda, actually he was sure about that, Anaconda had lunch just a while ago. so he is safe to take such snaps. Anyway, he is a good pathan. 
He should not worry because the anaconda already have eaten something, it will be hard to move...........
Yes Sabbir, i saw this picture somewhere else with the details as well
They is nathing like that

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Ali Smith is a homophobic spotty youth.

Proven, also illiterate it seems.
ur grandads big hairy balls old
paw aye
so scared shake
i think Thokozani Mzobe is right it probably just ate that's why it it's not intrested.. and by the way 26 ft = 7.92 meter.................
what a brave diver with pgotography
yep somethings aren't ment for black folks"not racist" as i am writing this my other hand is covering the srceen " scary s@#$!!
he's brave.............................
Umm why does the photographer need to be in the water, & be so close at that! O__o
Oops...I forgot to zip my zipper back up...sorry everybody...didn't mean for that to get out ¦-)
Looks like he's sleeping.
it apears like its true!..but,itz smthng that i nev'r thght n i cldn't believe...
I can't imagine but it's true
lol some on have 2 do a diet 
I see the idiots are out in force, is it real, it is fake, absolute morons beyond believe. We live in a day and age of technology, we have world wide Internet, computers, books, discovery channel, Google search. And you idiots come out with a load of shit. Do you not have schools in your country? Dumb asses...... 
what do you think the snake eat maybe croc or human?^^
There are two explanations: 1.snake is fake, or 2.he is a fucking idiot.
that snake will eat that man in 3..2..1
It's called a Zoom lens... I suggest the diver invest in one!
Amazing warrior snake I couldn't be that close that's what this guy an National Geographic are for. Bless him this photo is awesome.
wow wow it's amazing , thank's for information :D
Bapre!!!!!!! Means oh my god!!!!!!!!
are babano ha tar saaaaap ahe...!!! * yala maru naka chavel to *
if u look he he is huntin. didbt you guy notice he has a fuckin bow and arrow for crying out loud. and no the snake hasnt eatin nothing. like one person siad and not andacondas are not slow moving their actuly fast. thank u come again.
they only move slow to aviod attention. wen they move fast their either scear or hunting to eat.
Where was this picture taken? Awesome PIC!
I would like to wait the photograph result which taken from another photographer who take this photo's photographer.. suddenly confused
Come on guyz how can u say this thing is beautiful? Jo!! M scared!
i fear nothing not even the GOD himself
Barf. I hate snakes and I hate 26ft anacondas even more 
This is amazing seen of anaconda.
That snake could eat him for breakfast! :0
But why he is not scared,is it a ril 1
Oh my god!!!!! I`s great monster!
naonnn ieuuu ????? oray lain ?
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