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World’s Largest Cut Emerald to be Auctioned in Kelowna

All the gem stones lovers may be excited to know that the world’s largest cut emerald weighing 57,500-carats and with an appraised value of $1.15 million is set to go on auction in Kelowna, later this month.

A rare gem hunter Regan Reaney calls this an once-in-a-lifet ime find. He said that he is still amazed every time he looks at, picks it up, and touches it. It is amazing. Reaney said the emerald is named Teodora, meaning Gift of God. It was mined in Brazil and sold to a buyer in India, where it was cut.
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i want that gemstone on my ring at that size! lol!
I love all the gems, diamonds, stones, etc
I don't understand the interest in shiny objects. What is it? A $1.15 million dollar door stopper? What can you do with this? Please, tell me.
It's an expensive shiny green paperweight. ;]
I love emeralds, and that is a freak of nature 
aao ! its a piece of attraction n value, one can buy it n resell it for
higher price. Its investment, not wanted only by humans but all living
I am fairly sure that would fit on a ring for me.  :)
This will surely be a great alternative and infinite fuel for my flux capacitor! ^=^
It's like a green universe in a stone o.o
Coolest thing ever.
wow thats idk how to explain it 0.0
Wonder what it'll be when it hatches...
...... .

Once I Saw A Gentleman Watch That Had Three Emerald Disks Acting As Minutes, Seconds, and Hour Tellers.

...... .
oh my 0.0 yup thats the word oh my 0.0
Someone please let us know, what this thing auctions for!  Holy green crap!
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Two words come to mind: Too big... Who could see him or herself wearing this?

It is big and ugly. Its very size cheapens it. Look at the low estimate: $1.5 million bucks... I think that, paradoxially, Its current size and ugly shape unfavorably distorts our peception.  I would not be surprized if properly carved chunks of it fetched a much higher price.
Not a gemstone expert but it looks pretty internally flawed.  There are only a few good internal reflections.  I'm not entirely how pure beryl can get, but I have some crystals in my own collection which are much clearer than that sample (admittedly much smaller as well).
Some where a woman in New Jersey is trying to see if she can get a jeweler to make a neckless out of that for her.
I have a message from Knuckles: he'd like that back, please.
WOW, now you can kill superman with that green cryptonite
Pretty sure that's a Chaos Emerald and Dr. Robotnik will be the highest bidder. 
Ha ha ha yep dr robotnick will be there
Andy E
Wow its bigger than the one in 'Romancing the stone' off of the 80s
"World's largest cut emerald purchased by Dr. Bruce Banner to have set in an engagement ring to be given to Jennifer Walters."
How did you get the hunger games picture

for some reason i want it haha
thats a CHAOS emerald right there (sonic the hedgehog reference tho)
So is more important the money what another thing how is to GOD IS MORE IMPORTANT TO MONEY REALY THE MONEY IS IMPORTANT TO LIFE AND LACE
I Want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not surprised people will pay a million dollars for a rock.
oh this go oh so hard!
Won't fit on my wife's finger so I will pass...
lol it's just a rock get over it...
Oh shit, somebody found a chaos emerald, somebody needs to call Sonic.
I swear god I want pay $1 for it 
Beautiful! Looks Lighting from Within!
wow it looks like a chaos emerald. It remines me of the whole unvries.
Looks like space inside. it's amazing.
It's a metagem! I'd better go get a new helmet from the AH...
OMG! WOW! I-I-Words Fail me... (0_0)
Why cut one big piece when you could cut differently sized smaller pieces and spread them out to more people? Awesome gem but still, it's kind of selfish to want that all to yourself.
It isn't worth as much as they say.  It was altered
How many kids dug it up with their bare hands for pennies on the dolled or a bowl of stale rice???
Is that all it's worth?  So pretty though.
Is this the fictional emerald that put Wrekin construction out of business because the director of the company decided to buy shares in it?
John S
Now that's really big :)
Ok no more is beautifully and bigger but no free to people pure I don't known he,she no free
I need that for my dex build.... +57k dexterity
Awesome, but more like a gem rock :/
Ancient persians call this Zumurud, green gem!
You think Flavor flav would were that around his neck?
I want it! I'd put it on a gold chain and go show up all those rap stars on their music videos.... Takes TWO hands to hold up this chain BOOM!
That's beautiful.... Emerald is my birthstone : )
But if u WERE the owner, u wood need a MASSIVE security system...
Do you know what would suck?  The day after you buy it, someone discovers a bigger emerald.  Do you know what would suck even more?  That “someone” knew the seller.
obviously fake and dyed...
thats alot of green stone for my jewlery
OMG! That is huge and it's beautiful. My birthstone is emerald too(:
Make a bowling ball out of it.....
Wow.. I see a lot of "That's what she said's coming on."
Wow!wow! wow! Thats one big Emerald! I love to add that to my collection!
what is the point of a stone that big???? Cut that thing into a bowl and we can start talking some money!
DROP IT!!!!!!! Hehehehehe..... id pay to see what would happen then :D
I think it cost more than 1.15 M$ !!!!!
Kar Vic
i want that gemstone on my ring at that size!
So many hungry mouths in the world this could feed
all i know is if i see you with it you getting jumped !!!!!!!!
o good sach me hai kya...................
Wow that is the biggest gm I ever saw in the world! I wonder where did they find this? How much pound this this thing?
It is mine!  heeheehee!  Imagine the good that could be done with the money to come from this rock.
How much does that sucka weigh? Can't imagine my girlfriend putting that thing around her neck (forget about carrying her clutch purse!), or for some chain snatcher to try and grab...
wow!!! you would need a friend to help you wear this no matter what you made it into
A rapper will probably buy it and mount it on the hood of his bentley, or some stupid shit. Watch out for Kanye's next video.
Thats my birth stone!!!!!!!!!!
omg i want that right know!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your little 'biz' must really suck if you have to spam people to check it out. Oh and btw, your hair style sucks too. +Joshua Picache 
The only person in the world that could rock that bling is...

and Psst... It is just a rock.. a green rock. Why do people put so much value on useless crap.
Superman watch out! That's a massive piece of kryptonite. Lol!
A stone of this magnificence deserves to have some kind of magic inside it capable of granting the owner dominion over the world. I mean, just look at it. Isn't this the kind of thing only imagined in fantasy? Heck, I'd say it puts the "Pink Panther" to shame, and that wasn't even real to begin with. This is truly unbelievable, to say the least.
man that would be so cool to have
Theadora, gift of the Mother Earth.  Meteorites might be a gift from a bearded white sky god.
I wonder if Oz, the great and powerful, had anything to do with this.
Whats that ? really It s kinda Odd ,But Interesting stuff  
Excellent work, how big is the ring ? lol...
I suppose you can use it as a doorstop.
Tell me. What practical use can you use it for. 
It's like the green thing in the green lantern movie
You can trade that with Minecraft villagers.
Yess. Yess.. With this I can open the 7 gates of Gherthoc. The world shall be mine! Muahahahahaha
Oooh hello & will this bad boy fit on my finger, hehe... :)
ooh make a belt buckle out of it (paperweight?)
i would sell it for the most money i can get
i want buy this dimond.
i own that.............
what are you suppose to do with a gem that size?
i would hate to put it on a ring ;D
I want it that's the money they used in Zelda has to be green blue and red.
If I had the money to buy that I would put it on a leash made of platinum and push it in a stroller on 20s. That's right I guess the real black people got kicked out of google cause I don't see this comment anywhere. No offense I'm just saying ain't no hood people on google. Which is ok cause then how else will I practice my grammar.
how much is it worth
aria L
That is BIG!
Are they going to facet that to a ring ? if so i would like to see the hand it's going on !
Not that expensive for how cool it is
materialist world we have. you can display it in your room and stare at it till you die.
wow simply wow the color is sooooooo nice
Which place is Kelowna somebody tell me plz...
This is the biggest gem i have ever seen.
pretty it looks like a wolf in the middle
Isn't that just a huge chunk of compressed copper rust?
only an insane wud buy this.   . 1stly s/he wud buy this in million of dollars and then w'll spent million of dollars every year for its safety!!!!
I would like to see the ring this gets set in.
Wow. Look like hole universe in one stone.
its so big and I still read women want it on a ring
I really wish I could touch that :p that is too cool 
I like emeralds, and that is a freak of nature. wonderful
how much will some own pay for that kinda stone 
What about letting me touch it before it is sold, that would be a great experience for me and to tell the rest of my friends of what an extraordinaire feeling that would be.  Thanks
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