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In an emergency a crayon will burn for 30 minutes.

Learn more at
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Next hurricane the kids will be crying or amazed. Lol
and when not in an emergency?
K. Here's some math. Last hurricane, the power was out for 3 days. How many 64 count crayons will I need for 72 hours? Lol!
its already old idea..we filipino already doing that 15 years ago my brother told me when were on the farm.instead of using candles( cause there was no candle available that time) we use crayons in order for us to brother is realy smart.
Its an old thing... doing this on school...philippines banzai~~!...
That's so great to know thanks
My brother lost power & i swear i was just about to post this!!!!! I'm just glad u did as many ppl do not know so awesome
Yep that is true and a good thing to tell people, it has other uses too. It makes for really good ski wax in certain conditions too and seals things as well, not just for coloring any more lol good post +Yes I Know That 
Do they burn different colours? :) I know they don't but imagine if they did :)
Amazing fact... Didn't even think of this.../
Wow cuz I won't my sister or kids having candle crayons not fun maybe for adults 
Wow that looks likebfun to burn a crayon LOLZ
oh so it can't burn when it's not an emergency? dang it....
Which color burns the brightest???
I bet Bear Grylls could cook a lizard with that...
What if it's not an emergency?
do they burn for less if it's not an emergency?
lol...lyk d crayon can asses a situation!
omg now all the idiots in America are going to try this and SET THEIR HOUSES ON FIRE
good to know    really
It's only toxic when you smoke it, (and inhale).
Just a lil concern.. is it toxic? And does it work for ALL types of crayons? 
Omg...look after ur kids when they re using thm
yeah i know they will be angry but its worth it
me neither ...that a good info :)
Waw wwww super so we go back in time but romantic
I forgot the flares, but thank god I have these crayons!
This is what we call ResourceFulNess!!!
And then theres that awkward moment when you realize you don't have a single freakin crayon in the house.
Wow that's so cool now just don't burn the house down but still that really cool :) 
Whoever invented crayons was a GENIUS. Have heard of the burn-a-crayon trick before. It's lifesaver.
What happen if the crayon made something catch on Fire then what would u do
"In an emergency a crayon will burn for 30 minutes." How long will they burn if it's not an emergency?
Ok it would help but if you were in the dark or would take a long time to
find a crayon and a match to put the crayon on Fire
They also burn very hot, or at least they used to.  I would often incorporate them into my makeshift pyrotechnics when I was a pyromaniac teenager. :)
Who cares if its toxic during an least you have light and it may even provide a little warmth. And Sheila Carmona... 1 crayon burns for 30 minutes, that's 2 per hour x 72 = 144 crayons... So you better buy 3 boxes.
People think about this if you were in th dark and you needed light you would how a better chance of finding a flashlight then finding a crayon and a match/lighter
Thts gud bt hey u take candl dnt waste kidz crayons
Wow I think a lot of people have cartons a match or lighter 
i now have a use for those
does it have to be an emergency? can it be me and my friends being idiots late at night???????? hehe
It can be a new solution of entertainment when my phone
Cool a burning crayon now I wonder what it looks like when the flame goes out :) 
Are you serious! Thanks for the info!
+Donald Wofford  I'd be careful about saying something like that, if I were you. I was a pyro as a kid, too, but as a pre-adolescent kid. I discovered sex at the age of 12, and if I recall accurately, the whole fire starting thing got boring after that. Still, all it takes is for some stupid kid to take your post here seriously, act on it, and then mention it if they are caught, especially if he causes serious injury and/or death. That could come back on you in a bad way. You were a pyro, as was I. Consider what goes on in the mind of one, and how something like this could be considered a challenge for him to conquer, or at least something he would be curious about what it would be like. Remember also that kids look for anyone else to blame for their actions first before blaming the real culprit, which is he himself. Reading what could be construed as a suggestion on social media is the ideal "at fault" these days. I wouldn't want to be the author of it.
I get what you are saying, but I was just kidding about the whole dead phone thing though...
+Shaun Dana Ava Adams you shouldn't  say stupid kid it would just be a simple mistake that usually kids make cause there brains are not fully developed into the age of 21 
This will work in the event of a zombie apocalypse 
How are any of you sure that this works
Tried it only burned 15 minutes
i should try that for my next camp fire 
Make sure you put a plate or something underneath the crayon before it starts a fire
wow, too bad it only works during an emergency;-)>
Learn something new everyday!
+Regina Forbis when your power is out and you have no flashlight you will be thinking differently
but the amount of heat that will b generated????????
thanks for the tip good information.
Yo now I know, that awesome to know, and knowing is half the battle , h.I joe
i don't think it's so much for heat as it is light.
You learn something new every day!!
I bet if you freeze a box just for emergency s they will burn longer
great idea... but .is that carpet?? if it is....that wasn't very smart to light it..what happens if it falls over LOL
You could also use your lint from dryer and empty toilet roll, close the ends with crayons. : Nice Warm Fire 20 mins
Only in an emergency? o.O
Everyone!! Keep pack of crayons and a lighter in your emergency pack!
You could pick up a pack for .50-$1.00 = 6 hours of light
Opps thought there is only 12.... So more light
thank you , yes this will make a difference in emergency. 
How long does it burn if it's NOT an emergency?
Will it burn if there's not an emergency!??
that's an useful information. thanks a lot.
Finally, a use for the white crayon. 
I did not know that!! But I do now
Elena M
Yea do they???
Am I seeing things, or did this guy light up a crayon on his carpet? Is that carpet???
Elena M
That is very cool!
Glad I know that shit back in Jordan light goes out once week to many traffic accident? 
good if you don,t have birthday
@ AMBER daure Ok I'll add u. I keep gettin notifications of u & some other people commenting on this post lol #yoloswag please +1 my posts and I'll +1 ur posts thanks :)
That is just amazing. I had no idea. That could help so much where I live !!!
That's cool I never knew that 
@AMBER daure thanks for +1-ing my posts. Im a girl :)
Really I didn't put up a pic u know a boy named michelle
It lets off toxix gas

Maybe but you know it's not an oxidant or poisonous but maybe to kids
wat if it isnt an emergency? will it still burn for 30 mins? jk im not that stupid
Does that include the bootleg crayons also or just crayola? 
Now I will have to carry a box of crayons in my bag, to go with my compass and Swiss Army knife.
nether knew flame would go that big on a Crayola crayon
how long will it burn if its not an emergency?
To be fair, it will probably burn 30 minutes in a non-emergency situation.
In an emergency.  Each may contain some serious toxins for your health.
there are great for staring camp fires 
thats good to know
next time there is a power outage, ill break out the crayola
Woah really? Good for black outs!!
you never know when you might need to draw something... or an emergency candle
wow it works i had to try it..great cheap idea for back-up hurricane supplies.i live in florida...
How long will it burn if it isn't an emergency?
AWESOME! that should be in a camping kit!!
hahahaha.....  carzy...+Fletcher Vogel
Something good to know that can be helpful
cool ill bring some next time I go camping and get lost in the dark :)
wowwww its good to know, better than candles...of course in an emergency....
Frito chips are awesome fuel as well.
Cool incase of black out I know what to use thanks
it's a little strange, but since you guys don't seem to disagree, I guess maybe I could give it a chance. if I had crayons that is.
'It is better to light a Crayon, than curse the darkness' :)
It burns for 30 mins when there is no emergency too!
Huh? Let me get all my daughter's crayons out the house lol...
"Anybody up for marshmellows?!"
Do you know how many times i have stepped on crayons trying to find the candles?  I wish I would have kn ow this back then.. never thought of lighting a crayon..although i have made candles out of melted crayon wax.
this is what i will bring on survival campouts
Lol, I don't have any idea but for some reason, I like this post :)
How many people have crayons when there's an emergency?
thats for about 30 days for the whole entire pack. 
Not such good advertising for crayola
not me so im toast :P
This is cool , great in an emergency!
dangerousness but cool ;) 
thinking one cant know the whole world
yeah like someone alwayz knowz what u dont know.
that may come in handy tonight with the storms
Joven dont brag thats my thing jk lol
I have wax in my zippo now...
Handy info just make sure not to do on carpet like pic...

Ok if its that close to candle than why is it in schools???
but how long does it burn if you dont have an emergency?
Now I guess they should put crayons in emergency kits
 cool +funny but dangerous  
and good to know
they actually only burn for 15-20 minutes and they don't burn very consistently either
will the crayon burn in LESS than 30 minutes if its NOT an emergency? Does the crayon feel pressured into burning slower?
yeah well you are asking for personal info that i will not share with you
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