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Sheep Highway, Ireland

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Oh! So many sheep are climbing up the winding slope.
Where are you going?
why I feel so peaceful!! :))
Is there the Apple Store on the top of the hill?
Are you going to get a new iPhone?
Because Ravikiran B A said before.
Look at his/her comment above.
first to wool Factory... and then to mutton shop.... he he he he......
Oh! you must be hungry.
See the Shepherd at the back? I guess they have just arrived by boat....
good flock.. slow down buddy, we're right behind you
Like sheep to the slaughter.......Lemming Sheep cliff dive.
seen at first could remind you of a neck-chain...with a bit of fantasy ...  of course.
sheep's procession.
Has anyone noticed the extremely handsome one about 32 sheep back in the center?
Dunquin Pier :) To bad when I visited it there were no sheep's :)
it is beauty of beauty
hai !! this is wonderful;a highway only for animals or only sheeps??
...without Shepard. Where are they going am wondering?
poop n juice
poop n juice
poop n juice
spesail for sheeps high way
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