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Wearing earphones for just one hour will increase the bacteria in your ears by 700 times
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But it also prevents a lot of shit getting into my head.
But how? How can it do that can't you just disinfect the headphones with hand sanitizer!!?!?!?! Before you use them?!?!
so? You probable have 10 times more bacteria in your mouth...
Wearing earphones for just one hour listening to boys band music will increase the bacteria in your ears by 700 000 000 times.
Ha ha! Jokes on you! I don't have ears!
Oh dear god... lol
Dario R
Not if they're Beats by Dr.Dre :P
Especially if they're beats by Dre
That's just gross but what about sanitized earphones? 
Not true...

You know, for a site that boasts " is an information packed hub where we share weird and bizarre information round the globe." guys sure have been posting a lot of bullshit lately...
+Hiruni Bandara None. Bacterial flora on your skin and mucose membranes is benign ( most of times ) , so you will not develop health problems. Something else to think of - benign bacteria on your skin compete against ones causing diseases and prevent fungal infections. In general it is good for our health to have moderate number of common bacteria on our skin - without them skin is open to any kind of  "guests". I'm not telling anybody to skip shower or save on soap but too much of anything is as unhealthy as not enough...
i want scientific evidence that supports this
Let's See How Long It Takes For This To Turn Into An "audiophile" Discussion: the Grados & Denons & Audio Techs, And How "terrible" The Beats Are, The Usual 70% Of The People Complaining About Beats Aren't "audiophiles"; Just Jumping On The "I hate beats" Bandwagon, The At-Least-One Inevitable Racial Assumption That Only Black People Like Beats (check profile pic), Bass, Mids & Lows, You Hate My Headphones, I Like My Headphones, I Hope You Like Yours, Good Day.

*end rant*
bacteria are a living oragnisms. they have the right to proliferate just like humans do. do we have the right ot exterminate them ? 
I think the mean ear buds? Hey, we should all get an ear wax removal treatment... Lol I saw it on YouTube 
Thats a bacteria I rather have,I love music man
I love my music, not giving it up.
Just think what a mobile phone will do. The heat from it must cause those little bastard bacteria to replicate by the be-millions.
What? WHat? WHAt? WHAT?
Kirk M
Oh good. I wonder what wearing hearing aids for 12 to 16 hours a day does to your ear canals then?
Dude, why you people don't provide sources/references for authenticity of the information?
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