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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Now,it is finally that time to purchase your bridal gown. However,before you make your purchase, we realize you have one more question. Why is internet stores cheaper ?
 Internet stores are cheaper because they do not offer you full service. Internet stores will only ask what style and what size you want. You then pay them 100 % + shipping  up front. In a few months , you will receive your dress in a little box with  another invoice  for customs  and duty. The  dress will not be pressed or steamed  Often the dress is a knock off. The dress is now yours without much recourse. Internet stores never see you, tell you how you look, offer samples to try on, give fitting, nor offer full service. In conclusion, internet stores must be cheaper because they do not offer full service and they will take your money without investing their own money nor time.
 We on the other hand are a full service  store. First samples to try on, offer expert advice, and have customized fittings. We offer a one stop shop where you can also find headpieces, 
veils, jewelry, bridesmaid, mother's dress, flower girl dresses from the actual  designer.  Second, the price you paid includes, shipping and  duty, all the time assisting you with proper measuring ,ordering, receiving, making sure the dress received is made correctly, pre-fitting, post-fitting,bustling, temporary storage, steaming. Needless to say, the small saving in price does not add up to the true cost of being a full service store. This is why a full service store charge slightly  more than the internet store.
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