I wanted to share an example of really great customer service.

I was on the bus this morning doing my normal morning Duolingo practice session.

I answered a particularly hard question, triumphantly hit the submit button. After a few seconds, the request timed out. I tried again, and it timed out again. And again.

I quickly realized that the problem was on Duolingo's end, not mine. On a whim, I fired off a quick tweet with a screenshot of the failure to Duolingo.

Mentally, I gave up on doing any more practice this morning.

14 minutes later, I got a reply Tweet from Duolingo.


"This should now be fixed (that sentence has thousands of translations and it seems the request was timing out)."

Problem solved, with enough time for me to finish my practice before I arrived at work.

Kudos +Duolingo, Kudos.
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