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I've been working with +Austin Bales on some initial mockups of the Tokaido UI and I need your help (keep reading).

So far, we've sketched out:

• Request
• Notification Tray
• App List (with "running server" lights)
• Edit App (hostname, icon, sandbox mode, ~/.tokaidorc)

We've spent the most time on the Request screen. I expect that people will spend most time on that screen, which should replace the log-tailing workflow. Between Puma Express integration and an awesome Request view, this should keep your terminal free for `rails` commands, `rake` tasks and the Rails console.

I need your help. After reviewing the four screens, please answer as many questions at as you feel like. The information we gather will help us as we move from initial design into implementation.

Please spread this post so we can get as much feedback as possible. Thanks!
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It looks really amazing. Can't wait to try it
I don't use Google+, but just did my first +1 for this post. Looks awesome!
That looks amazing - now I have to get a mac so that I can enjoy this awesomeness!
Nice work +Austin Bales. Some more features around the call stack for the specific request would be nice a tree of sort with ability to filter out some patterns. Would like to see the stack for each request even if there was no error.
Is there a way to see the survey results? Or maybe show what's trending? Just curious.
It's looking very polished and pro so far. It's good stuff.
Looks great! Being able to group applications (maybe simply via drag and drop?) in the overview screen might be useful to keep things in order even with a lot of applications.
Just submitted the survey, this could turn out to be a nice tool.
Wow, can't wait for it to come out. I really like how you display the logs and notifications. 
i can only wish for a windows clone of this app.
really, will there ever will be a windows clone?
I hope my comments helped, I tried to be very verbose and it was a bit humbling since I'm more of a designer than a developer. There's  tons I don't know. But if this is an app that's meant to be MAMP on steroids for RoR, then it is desperately needed for people with my skill set.
This is very exciting. Great progress!
Great work - The big that I'd like to see though is an improved console view showing local variables during debug, as well as breakpoints.   I guess the call stack is a necessity too.  Is there a screen for that yet?
I really want to give very detailed comments, but I'm not sure how to gauge a GUI interface for Rails. For years, it just been the command line. It looks great; more than good enough to try.
Friggin' awesome.  We have something even better in Java/Spring MVC.     NOT!   LOL
Everything looks amazing! Except the fact that google did a really lame job with trying to view the images on the iPhone. I had to wait until I got home to a desktop to really view them. I like that you can be notified of outdated gems. :)
The mockups look good. However I prefer to move the "Open Terminal" button and project home etc to top. Many Mac apps, e.g. Chrome, do not have anything on the bottom. I feel it is good design on usability perspective. The shiny log screen is not the core part of Tokaido if I understood the original goal correctly. Do you mind sharing the progress on creating isolated environment that may ease our pain?
One big feature I'd like to see is built-in search.
Looks quite good! Sexy cocoa goodness! I think we will soon write Rails apps with drag and drop UI, you know, Visual Basic style ;^)
My initial thought on this project was "What's the point?", but after seeing that request ui mockup, I'm totally on board.  Good job.
Oh my this is looking fantastic! Can't wait to give it a go. Looking good.
Can't wait for the release of Tokaido... the UI looks great and useful for visualizing your rails app...great job to Yehuda & Austin.
I think it would be great if there was an option for a dark UI . Otherwise looking really good!
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