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This is seriously cool! Now I'll never forget where I parked my car! :)

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OMG I want this!
Meet the bed that makes itself. (You aren't going to believe this!!!)

Check it out:

That's a lot of digits. Guess what this number is?

And the number 51,937?

Happy mothers day all you cool mamas out there!

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Did you know that you can learn to read Korean in just 15 minutes? No, for serious! I made a guide just for you!

Free downloadable version:
Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes (8 photos)
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"What's it like to be a baby? It's like being in love, in Paris for the first time, after you've had three espresso. That's a fantastic way to be, except it leaves you waking up crying at 3 in the morning"

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Amazing collection of photos... by photographers on G+!

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Hope to see lots of feedback from you all!
Awww, yeah…

Instant Upload is definitely the coolest part about today's new Google+ iPhone app ( But the sexiest new feature is the ability to shake and send feedback. If you don't believe me, just watch the video :-)

New mom tip using G+: have a Messenger thread going with your day care provider (or nanny).

My 4 month old son recently started daycare and I'm back at work. Not being with him daily is hard (especially for a first time mom) but our wonderful teachers at daycare are hooked up to G+ on their phones and messeges my husband and I updates and pictures of his day. It's so handy to also ask each other questions about the baby, share information we forgot during the morning drop off rush, and coordinate pick up time in relation to his last nap time.

The best part is the pictures they share of the kiddo playing with his friends (usually involving them laying side by side and touching or pulling what ever parts of each other that comes into contact :).

I miss being with my baby boy at every moment but am enjoying being back at work working on making G+ mobile apps even better, and our Messenger thread with our teachers makes me feel so much more comfortable about leaving him in their wonderful care.

Next thing we talked about trying... Hangout session to see the kiddo in action real time :)
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