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Self-confessed tech-geek in the making
Here are 8 words that don't describe me.

What? That wasn't descriptive enough?  Well, here are some words that might actually help: a self-confessed tech-geek in the making, I adore:-

  • The Internet
  • Google+  xD
  • Open Source
  • StackOverflow
  • All things geeky

in that order. Here are some other links that might help:-

Oh, and don't forget to check out my blog, The Rantosphere. The title is meant to be a portmanteau of Ranting and The Blogosphere.

But don't worry, most of my posts are actually interesting, if a bit on the incoherent rambling side. I blog about:-

  • Tech
  • Math
  • Me, occasionally
  • The internet

and anything else awesome enough to talk about.

You can also view my blog on WordPress, if you like. Both are updated at the same time, courtesy of IFTTT, but Blogger remains my favorite :)

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IQ of 99.9%tile; Topped world 8 times (ACER, ASSET); Mastered RipStik'ing;
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    High School, 2014 - present
  • FAIPS, Kuwait
    Middle School, 2010 - 2014
  • I.E.A.S, Kuwait
    Elementary school, 2003 - 2010
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Yatharth Agarwal

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"Don't get me started on the irony of shops whose workflow is interrupted when GitHub is down. Git is a distributed version control system, right?" #github   #git
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Yatharth Agarwal

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First ad I fully watched in a long time; mainly because I still have no freakin' idea of what it was for… #youtubeadvertising  
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Finally, a proof of what you always suspected was true since Kindergarten: 2 + 2 does equal 4.

The tongue-in-cheek Yale paper can be found here: <>.

If you like math enough to realize that it could be a serious question, there's a good discussion at #StackExchange : <>.
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Yatharth Agarwal

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Need to save a relationship? Or maybe an idea for a holiday gift for your beloved co-workers at the office? Presenting: PouPourri (yes, it's a real product).

Just spray before you go, and let it do its thing: remember, their business is to make it smell like your business never even happened.

Now comes with an unconditional stink-free guarantee and a higher Amazon rating than the iPhone 5.
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By far one of the most beautiful #webforms  I've seen; I hope there's a library for this.
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I don't remember where but I had seen a 3D form which I think was made using WebGL. It was amazing!
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Yatharth Agarwal

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It's good that they started releasing dev previews before the general launch this year: apps really need to rethink their UI to avoid the split-world phenomenon we saw with iOS 7.

Samsung is just going to leap over this, thought, and keep using TouchWiz obviously; but do you really think manufacturers will just forget about their need to add 'USPs'?

Which brings me to fragmentation: I was surprised not to see Android Silver, and Android One really doesn't seem to be aimed at the higher-end market; but perhaps this UI will kill 2 birds with one stone.

Also, what are your thoughts on the UI timelines of Android and iOS: is Android a year behind with their material design being reminiscent of iOS 6's skeumorphism; or have they leap-frogged over the #flatdesign 'fad'?
Is Google killing stock Android? - Planet Android | Kris Carlon This is exactly what Google wants: unadulterated Android on every device possible, and this is clearly what they’re wanting for stock too. By making stock Andro...
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+Yatharth Agarwal​ just saw a lollipop preview of a galaxy s5 today, and it appears that Samsung has not jumped over MD as you expected. Some things do get better over time. 
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The first and second derivatives matter.  #Android may still beat the crap out of  #iOS8 , but  #GoogleIO needs to take as big a leap as the #WWDC did...
The road to Google I/O 2014.  ( It’s kind of a Cinderella story.. )

Two years ago in January of 2012 my girlfriend (aka. my co-adventurer) +Andrea Mesterhazy and I moved to wonderful Mountain View, CA all the way from Omaha, Nebraska.  Already being super Google fans, when Google I/O 2012 came rolling around we couldn't help but go up to San Francisco and see if we could catch a glimpse of anything the night before during pre-registration.  We didn't have tickets but that didn't stop me from jumping in the door and snapping a few photos.  We remember talking about how great it would be to work at Google and how cool it would be to get to go to Google I/O someday.  A girl and guy can dream can't they!?!

Fast-forward one year later from these pictures...  Along comes Google I/O 2013 registration... I thought, YES! we live here, I can easily drive up and go.  Registration opens up, I jump instantly on the website, enter all my details, I was given so many minutes to enter my credit card information and pay, I hit submit and waited... and waited some more... and waited a little bit more... time was running out, I checked and my credit card even had the charge pending! I didn't take any chances, I hurried up and tried again.. But.. registration was then closed.. The original transaction never completed.. CRUSHED.. But all was not lost, I was able to attend the Google I/O Extended event in San Francisco.  I met some great people who I still follow here on G+ and I get to enjoy reading their technology thoughts and adventures daily.  If you're not attending I/O - I highly recommend attending one of these I/O Extended events! Get more info here:

Now on with our story...

We now fast-forward two years later from these pictures...  This year I was very lucky to find one of those nice hidden codes and get the opportunity to purchase a ticket to Google I/O 2014.  Victory at last!  I'm very excited to finally be able to attend I/O this next week and meet up with all the great engineers, developers, and Google fans I've come to follow here on G+ over the years.

Now, at this point in the story you're probably wondering "How can he go without his co-adventurer, best friend, better-half, etc.?"  Well have no fear! See the other side of this story is that +Andrea Mesterhazy  has continued to work her tail off here in California, and is a Senior Community Manager responsible for ChromeOS at Google.  She will also be attending Google I/O this year, not as an attendee, but to help with the live #io14request events.  (Check out the details on that here: ) Needless to say I couldn't be more proud of her!

Two years ago when I'm standing outside in front of this Google Maps pin (Attached photo), like a kid staring and drooling over something through a toy store window, I would have never guessed this is where we would be just two years later.

So please! Don't stop dreaming, don't stop wishing, don't stop pushing for what you think you deserve.  Do whatever it takes to put yourself in places and situations where opportunities exist, even if they take you out of your comfort zone.  Before we moved to California I mentioned to +Andrea Mesterhazy , we both have a serious passion for everything tech, we need to go where those opportunities are the greatest. If we were actors, and wanted to be movie stars, we would move to Hollywood.. So lets move to Silicon Valley!  Throughout this entire process we've had nothing but love and support from family and friends.  To them we say thank you!  So support your family, friends, and even strangers in their dreams.  Encourage them, let them know there’s no limit to what they can accomplish if they just keep trying and moving forward.

Thank you for reading!  If you're going to I/O - We will see you there!  If not, check out the Google I/O Extended events (  If you can’t make it to these, don’t worry you can still watch it live and I'll take a lot of pictures for you!

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On one of the 3 devices in the world (semi-officially) running #Lollipop — loving my #MotoX2014  #Unlocked !
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How did it come 3 times 'ya ya ya'
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The fight to preserve net neutrality is ridiculously important (you know that).

But like us, you've probably found yourself trying to explain it — and WHY it's so important — to a friend or relative at some point... when suddenly you see that "I'm-listening-because-I-love-you-but-I-have-no-idea-what-you're-talking-about"  look in their eyes.

#DemandProgress  has a solution: THE INTERNET MUST GO — a hilarious and informative mockumentary film that will tell you (and your sisters and aunts and uncles and friends and landlords etc.) what you need to know WITHOUT boring you (or them) to tears!

At 30 minutes, the video is relatively short and informative in a way that most people will easily understand. It's a tongue-in-cheek mockumentary, and it's done splendidly. Hard to believe it's nearly a year old now.

In 2012, market researcher John Wooley was dispatched to help the big ISPs figure out how to sell their vision for a "faster," "cleaner" Internet.  Six months later he produced this report -- and shared it with the world.

"We owe John Wooley a debt of gratitude for leaking this market research.  Originally intended for internal purposes only, it has finally found its most important audience." --John Wooley's Mom
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#AGoogleADay comes to +Google Maps: "I’m a human GPS system! Without the annoying voice! I answered 12 questions on Smarty Pins. Can you beat me?"   #smartypins
Google Maps Smarty Pins
I got 12 and according to Smarty Pins, I’m a genius. Are you?
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Hey Google: sometimes your products might not be all you ever wanted them to be, but that doesn't mean that there aren't people invested in it; please don't kill it like with #GoogleReader
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I think Google+ is safe.
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After you pay the entrance fee (normally doubled on Weekends and Holidays, which are probably when you're visiting this place), you get access to a wide range of crappy rides that you probably got too tall for 5 years ago. That's not to say that all the rides are bad; there are some really wicked ones too. You do have to contend with more fees and arduously long lines (comparable to Disneyland's), though. Not much, as far entertainment parks go; but it's (a bit sadly, I suppose) by far the best one of its kind in Kuwait. Give it a shot...
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Used to be an epic school, but I left it. Too small and too much brain drain; but has the best system, principal and administrations eva!
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