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Every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning...
I will miss you terribly my lovely Arizona ☼.
#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek.
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Lella H
Hi +Yasmin Simpson this is another wonderful macro of yours and as always accompanied by beautiful words. Yes you will miss Arizona knowing what a lovely place it is but you surely will learn to love also the new place you're going to stay. And you will always keep Arizona and the friends you got there in your heart. I wish you all the best for your new beginning :)
Very nice photo Yasmin! Are you moving?
That's a beautiful macro - I love the soft sepia tones.
Dear +Lella H thank you so very much, you are so sweet with your words and completely right... :), thank you, thank you.
Yepp +Scott Horwath, our move to Victoria, B.C., Canada was in my very very last place of things to do in life, but I guess the Big Boss decided that is the right place for my family.
I will deeply miss precious people and places and for sure the sun ☼ that I treasure with all my heart but is a new "wet" positive beginning and a lot of photo opportunities in B.C... :)
Sure I will miss all my AZ photographers but the good thing is that I will be able to continue seeing you here, at google+.
Thank you for asking and it was a real pleasure to meet you in real life and shoot with you.
Thank you dear +Louisa Catharine Forsyth, all your posts and lovely words have been arriving at the most perfect moment in my life. Nothing is a coincidence and I truly believe that God gave one of the most precious gifts, the power of healing souls.
As I said before Bless your heart... ❤
Big hugs my friend, you are very special and you know it means a lot to me to hear that from you. Much love to you always
So soft and lovely! Love the sepia tone and great composition!!
effervescent pretty and poetic stimulating ,so stunnning elegant and charming
Such a powerful and beautiful image +Yasmin Simpson. You will grow to love Victoria as we grew to love Scotland when we lived there. :)
Thank you so very much +William Rainey, my new hero in Mexico City :).
You are so sweet with your encouragement...
A new adventure to come, from a huge polluted place- Mexico City with 22 million people to a small wet-clean city- Victoria, B.C. with 344,615 people sure will be tons of excitement around, lol.
Sure +William Rainey I will spend my days at the Butchart Gardens, after all flowers are kids are my favs to photograph... :). Well I will be very wet but happy, thanks...
Yasmin, with the weather starting to warm up Canada doesn't sound too bad. Of course I didn't grow up in as hot a climate as you! There will be a lot to miss here but many opportunities in the new home, eh? (better start practicing now). Glad we got to meet in person :) I probably missed it in the comments but when are you moving?
So sorry +Scott Horwath we already started doing projects around the house and this is taking precious time of mine away from google+.

Thank you for your lovely and encouraging words, sure I will have tons of photo opportunities there but I will be missing deeply the sun shining every single day, palm trees, my friends and all my favorite places, love with all my heart and soul this place.
My husband will start working next week and I will be moving to BC around the 19th of June, I have a commitment with Scottsdale Bible Church for vacation bible for the first two weeks in June. I will be in charge of all the photography of 1,300 kids.

Well sometimes life comes in ways that we don't really like but we have to continue smiling and enjoying every single different adventure.
It was a real pleasure to meet you in person, you are such a kind, lovely and veryyyyyyy talented photographer.
Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me your gif presentation, that I will create one of these days :))))))).
See you around and thanks again.
We will stay on touch here and I will look forward to seeing your new landscape!
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